Top 10 Things Switzerland is Famous for

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Located in the Heart of Europe, Switzerland is a destination Nature Lovers should not make the mistake of not visiting. Switzerland is a small and steep country. Lakes, rivers, mountains, plateaus and the serene aesthetic beauty are the chief factors for Switzerland’s magnificence! It is ironically said that Swiss nationals hate fighting so they hire people to do it for them while they ski and gobble up chocolates. This beautiful country is an amazing journey filled with sheer joy and it is definitely not just about skiing and treating your taste buds to delicious milk chocolates! Comforting your mind, relaxing your body and compelling you to fall in love with Mother Nature as you lie in her lap is what Switzerland does best. The only country in the world with four national languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh.), Switzerland is uniquely eminent for countless things. Here are the top 10 of them.


1. Chocolates


And last but not the least, it’s the mouth watering, delicious to the core, Swiss Chocolates. Believe me when I tell you that they are the best milk chocolates in the world! Once you try really good Swiss chocolate, it’s hard to resist. This is where milk chocolate was invented (you can thank the cows for that), and chocolate-making is an art. Switzerland’s chocolates have earned an international reputation for high quality with many famous international brands. The more I say for them, the less it is. It is popularly said, “Every nine out of ten people like Swiss chocolate. The tenth is lying.”


2. Skiing


Switzerland is the birthplace of skiing. There aren’t many places in the world where you can travel to in any season and have a great time. In Switzerland, winter is equally a high season as summer is. Few places in Europe have as good skiing as in Switzerland. Many of the ski-fields are huge. They often unify with each other. You can ski over to another ski resort. It’s the experience that drives many people who go skiing in Switzerland. Sitting in the sun 2000 meters high up on the mountain, overlooking the mountain summits with a nice hot chocolate is thrilling experience in itself. A colourful addition to lake and mountain vistas is changing foliage. Be it summers or winters, skiing is always popular in Switzerland.


3. Cheese


Cheese equals Switzerland. But it’s cheese of the best quality you can get! A fancy treat is to just melt it all down in a pot (fondue) and dip bread in it. One thing the regions have in common when it comes to food is that you’ll hardly find food not covered by cheese. The best is in Fribourg, where Gruyere and Vacherin Fribourgeois cheeses are melted together with white wine, garlic, and kirsch (cherry brandy). So when you are in Switzerland, stuff your tummy with cheese. It’s truly worth it!


4. Trains


With 46 railway companies, more than 5,000 km (3,100 mi) of track, and a transportation system that’s rarely delayed, the best way to get around Switzerland is surely by taking a train. Views from most trains will force you to reach for your camera, but for even better stunning scenes try one of the dedicated picturesque routes,such as the Glacier Express or Bernina Express, which usually have panoramic windows and travel at slower speeds to let you take in the highlights.


5. Zurich


The city founded by Romans, lies in the north central part of the beautiful country. A leading global city and home to a large number of financial institutions and banking giants, Zurich is also one of the largest financial centres of the world. Being the most popular city in Switzerland, the Zurich airport and railway station, are the largest and busiest of the country. According to several reliable surveys, Zurich has enjoyed the pride of being quite justifiably named as the city with the best quality of life in the world and the wealthiest city in Europe. The churches, various parks and the scenic beauty are all a balm to the aching heart and the stressed brain. So, the next time you include Switzerland in your travel plans, be sure to buy a map of Zurich!


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