Top 10 Most Colorful Festivals in the World

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6. The Carnival of Venice

the carnival of venice

The Carnival of Venice is the most known festival of Venice, Italy. This carnival includes ball parties, musical concerts, dance performances with face masks and wear colorful costumes. People walk around in the streets wearing masks so they cannot be differentiated from each other. Street artists entertain people with their singing. Many entertaining performances are also done on the streets for the enjoyment. The Venice carnival is an adventurous festival.


7. La Tomatina

La Tomatina

La Tomatina festival is held in Bunol, Spain on the last week of August, where people through tomatoes at each other. It is huge scale tomato fight. Large amount of people gather around every year to have great fun. Trucks loaded with tomatoes starts throwing tomatoes on the crowd and then unload the tomatoes for the crowd to fight against each other. At the end of the battle, water tanks with their hoses wash down the crowd. The whole town gets covered with the red juice of tomatoes. Almost 150,000 tomatoes are used for the fight and thousands of people gather to enjoy this colorful festival.


8. Holi


Holi is the spring festival and is known as the festival of colors. It is celebrated on a very large scale in Delhi. People wander around with gulal and different colors, water filled balloons. Children with their pichkaris drench everybody in the town. The whole city is filled with colors everywhere. This festival marks the arrival of sring season and brings hope and joy all around. At this time of the year, flowers blooms, crops produce good harvest and the nature rejoices. People excitedly play with colors and express their love to each other. Shops and offices remain close this day and even adults play and go crazy with the colors. ‘Bhang’ is served on this day as it is tradition going on for years. People drink bhang and enhances the spirit of the festival. This festival is a symbol of happiness.


9. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro

the carnival of rio de janeiro

This carnival is one of the most colorful festivals in the world. It is celebrated between 13-16 February every year in Brazil. Millions of people gather on the streets to enjoy the dancing, music, Samba dances. This carnival marks the forty-day sacrifice period before the Easter. Hundreds of samba schools participate in the carnival and compete with each other. They present the most colorful fests and the whole crowd dances around in joy. This day is the national holiday in Brazil. This carnival is known as the ‘largest party’ in the world.


10. Saint Patrick’s Festival

Saint Patrick’s Festival

It is a religious holiday celebrated on 17th March. It is celebrated in the memory of patron saint Patrick of Ireland. It is an official Christian feast day as saint Patrick bought Christianity to Ireland. According to history, it is marked as the death of saint Patrick and is a republic holiday in Ireland. It is celebrated for 3-5 days and thousands of people gather for celebration. On this day, different people put up shows, concerts, theater performances and fireworks. People wear green or blue colored clothes as it is the color associated with saint Patrick. It is a traditional day for offering prayers to missionaries. People wear different costumes and wigs, walk in parades and listen to Irish songs.

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