Top 10 Dangerous Terrorist Who Are Still Alive

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The biggest threat to any country can be terrorists. Many instances such as 9/11 attacks, 26/11 Mumbai attacks, suicide bombings, car bombings and so on prove the former statement. Besides these they involve in takeover of the property of the people and hostage taking. Most of these terrorist groups are located in Pakistan, Afghanistan and borders of Iran and Iraq. Because of these much adverse effects, government takes steps to curb these issues in earlier stages itself. Despite their efforts, some of terrorists still continue and possess a threat to the humanity and the world.

Most of the people believe that after the death of Osama Bin Laden (He was the World’s largest terrorist till his death) terrorism has come to an end. But this is disproved by the bombing and blasting attacks all over the world continued even after his death. Most recent suicide car bombing held at Afghanistan and Kabul on June 25, 2013.

Here I am going to present you the most dangerous terrorist who are still alive.


1. Ayman-Al-Zawahiri:


He was a great scholar and from a family of doctors. He was born in Egypt and had done his graduation at Cairo University. He is a strong believer of Islamic ideas and theology. He met Osama Bin Laden in 1986 during his visit to Peshawar. Later he joined the Islamic Jihad community of Egypt and he handled various bombing attacks at Asia, Africa and Middle East. It was believed that he was the successor of Osama Bin Laden after the latter’s death. Now he handles the Al-Qaeda terrorist operations all over the world. He turned 62 on June 19. It was reported that he carries out all terror attacks from the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. If you are going to give any information leading to location of Ayman-Al-Zawahiri, U.S. government would award you with $ 25 Million dollars, the highest amount of reward.


2. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad

He was born in Kuwait city and a member of Al-Qaeda terrorist group. Before the 9/11 attack, he smuggled explosives and bursted gas stations and ridges. He was one of the master mind of the 9/11 attack. He was captured after the attack. One of the interrogators of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad in the prison said that the terrorist was tight lipped during the interrogation. CIA officials employed various means such as water boarding (nearly 183 times), making him to feel shameful before other officials and other physical handling methods. None of which made him to spell a word. At last CIA officials got him to awake for 180 hours (5 ½ days). This made him to spill the information about the future terror attacks planned on U.S.


3. Dawood Ibrahim:

Dawood Ibrahim

He is the only Indian to feature in this list of dangerous terrorists. He was born in Maharashtra in 1955 and interestingly he was the son of a police constable. He started a company for doing organized crimes such as smuggling, illegal trading and named it as D-Company. He manages it from United Emirates. He also has his control on the Hawala system which is used for transferring the money illegally in to the country. He was responsible for the Mumbai attacks in 1993 and it was also speculated that he was behind 26/11 attacks. Now it seems that the ‘Don’ had shifted his goals to illegal bookmaking through bookies. It was reported that he would place his bet only if he is sure of the outcome of the match.


4. Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nashiri:

Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nashiri

He is a Saudi Arabian citizen and he is one of the 16 high value detainees. He joined Al-Qaeda in 1988 and rose to the leader position to carry out the group’s task in Persian and Gulf states. He was considered to be the master mind of the USS cole attack in 2000 and he was convicted for it. He was arrested by the Saudi Arabian government in 2002.Central Intelligence Agency publicly announced that he was one of the three prisoners to be water boarded during the interrogation.


5. Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani:

Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani

He was one of the most important operators of 9/11. He was born in Tanzania in 1974 and he served as a traveling preacher and through this profession, he entered Pakistan. He was responsible for the embassy attacks in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998. Then in the twin tower attack, he was one of the conspirators. He was arrested by U.S. government in Pakistan after the attack. He maintained his stand that he was innocent and CIA authorities tortured him. But his argument was not accepted and he was accused of all the charges. He was ordered to serve for a life term in prison. Later in the year of 2009, was transferred from Gauntanamo Prison to New York City prison.


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