Top 10 Dangerous Terrorist Who Are Still Alive

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6. Abu Zubaydh:

Abu Zubaydh

He was the main operative chief behind the 9/11 attacks. After the attack he was arrested in Pakistan and later shifted to U.S. prison. He was the first of kind of terrorist to be tortured while interrogation. It was reported that he was the lieutenant of Osama Bin Laden and carried out the task of recruiting and training the candidates for bombing attacks. Then in 2006, he was transferred from Dark prison to Gauntanamo bay prison. In September 2009, U.S. government admitted that Abu Zubaydh was never a part of Al-Qaeda which was in contradiction with the statement issued by 9/11 commission report in the same month of 2002.


7. Riduan Isamudin:

Riduan Isamudin

Also known as Hambali, he was born in Indonesia. As a teenager, he joined the terrorist group of Indonesia, Jemaah Islamiah and he went to Afghanistan to fight against the invasion of Soviet Union in ’87. He was reportedly said to carry out the operations of Al-Qaeda group in south-east Asia. Hence he was also known as Osama Bin Laden of South East Asia. Other reports mention that he was also an independent peer. His vision was to create a Muslim state and to rule it. But the fact that he is the link between Al-Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiah group is well established. He was arrested in the year of 2009 by the Indonesian government but later he found his way.


8. Walid Bin Attash:

Walid Bin Attash

A resident of Pakistan, he served as the body guard of Osama Bin Laden. He is considered as the master mind of 9/11 attacks and he has been arrested by FBI after the attack. He had also attacked US embassy in East Africa in 1988. Besides these, he had also trained the 9-11 hijackers for Twin tower attack. In the year of 2006, he was transferred from the dark prison to Guantanamo Bay Detention camp along with 13 other High Level detainees.


9. Ramzi Binal Al Shibh:

Ramzi Binal Al Shibh

His native is Yemen. Like any other child, he had his normal schooling life. In 1997, he applied for the German visa and he got it. Staying there for two years, he got links with Al-Qaeda through his roommate Mohammad Atta. Then in the year of `99, he received the Al-Qaeda training and he had been one of the persons who were selected for carrying out 26/11 attack. After the attack, FBI recognized him as one of the 20 terrorist who carried out the operation and he was detained on September 20, 2002. Since 2002, he was in the custody.


10. Majid Khan:

Majid Khan

Among the top 10 terrorists, he was the only legal resident of United States. Before joining the terrorist group, he served as the administrator in Maryland Government Office. It was said that his mother’s death and his visit to Pakistan after her death turned him in to a religious scholar. Then he involved himself actively in Islamic tradition groups. He and his family were arrested in the year of 2003 by Pakistan Security agents for spying, murder attempts and murder. After few days all of his family members were released expect him. It was reported that he was transferred from secret FBI prison to Guantanamo Bay Detention camp in the year of 2006. Now he is in military custody.

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