Top 10 Luxury Trains in the World

Do you think train journeys are hassle? Are you afraid of it? Here we are going to introduce some trains which will get you from the darkness of train journeys. Well, they are the luxury trains which run all around the world. The first luxury train was started in the year of 1864 by world renowned industrialist George Mortimer Pullman. The company named Pullman Car Company produced it. It was rightly named as Hotel Car. In the Hotel Car, dining and sleeping rooms were available. Hence the journey for the most pleasurable experience is started.

Today’s luxury trains include everything from bars, lounges, dining, spa, Wi-Fi internet access. Simply they would just get us through the memories of the past era. You may say that a customer could get all of those things in an airplane. Then why the consumer has to prefer luxury trains to airlines? While we are traveling by airplane, most of the journey would be monotonous except for a few instances where the cloud crosses. Whereas in case of luxury trains, the case would be different, the train gets us in to the by-gone era. No wonder it turns out to be a romantic experience. Now your question would be what is the cost of journey? The cheapest fare for a passenger would be $ 3500 (approximately INR 2,10,0000). Remember that these are the cars for the people who never minds about the cost of travel.

Currently there are a lot of luxury trains running all the over the world. A question aroused to me on what basis should I rank these most beautiful trains? There are several factors such as length of the journey, reviews given by the consumers or the cost of the journey. First two factors are not flexible and they differ from everyone’s perspective. Therefore I decided to rank these luxury trains on the basis of cost of journey.

Read ahead for the most luxurious trains in the world.


1. Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express:

Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express

En Route : Moscow to Vladivostok

Average fare for an adult : $ 14,000

If you have any doubt about this elegance of this express, please understand that currently in the world, you cannot find any other luxury train better than this. This Russian train starts its destination from Moscow to Vladivostok. The suites inside this express would be of 120 square feet bedroom which has large sized bed, dressing table and lounge area. You will be served with very high class food accompanied by impeccable hospitality. It is a 21 day journey. You can get through snowcapped mountains, sand dunes, thick vegetation and heritage centers. Any person on this Earth would admire the interiors of Siberian express. They were characterized by Victorian elegance.


2. Venice Simplon Orient Express:

Venice Simplon Orient Express

En Route : Paris to London

Average fare for an adult : $ 12,000

Another luxury train from the Orient groups is the Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE). This is one of the oldest luxury trains in the world. It offers journey to some of the locations of Europe. They are Paris, Istanbul, Venice and Bucharest. VSOE got famous through Agatha Christie novel it offers you a journey which would be etched in your memories permanently. Earlier this express was kept as the prototype of all the luxury trains and other trains were ranked based on this express. It offers you the finest travel with vintage cabin and fine cuisine.


3. Maharaja Express:

Maharaja Express

En Route : Mumbai to Delhi

Average fare for an adult : $ 9800

Best one in India. This luxury car is launched in the year of 2012 by Indian Rail Catering and Tourism Department. It offers 5 different journeys. Out of which one covers an eight day trip from Mumbai to Delhi. Another one offers Delhi to Delhi journey in which it passes through Ranthambore National Park. It passes through various monument sites, heritage centers and malls. It has its own spa, dining hall, gym and may other things which makes the car more beautiful. It also holds the record of costliest luxury fare in India.


4. Eastern and Oriental Express:

Eastern and Oriental Express

En Route : Singapore to Bangkok

Average fare for an adult : $ 8500

One of the luxury trains which runs for a longer distance. It runs from Singapore to Bangkok. They were produced by the Orient groups who are one of the first few producers of the luxury train of the world. It offers you lush and beautiful scenery. It passes through the thick vegetation forests, rolling mountains, lush fields and gardens. On its way to reach destination, it halts at Kuala Lumpur, Butter worth and Kanchanburi. The entire journey would last for 4 days. Not forget to mention that this is one of the most elegant trains in the Southeast Asia.


5. Royal Scotsman:

Royal Scotsman

En Route : Keith to Isle of Skye

Average fare for an adult : $ 8100

This Scotland train just mesmerizes you in your first journey itself. It covers a 4 day long journey. It has its own dining, lounges and bar. Each individual suite provides you with double bed, sofa, flat screed DVD and computer for your private use (provided with Wi-Fi). Just you can’t ignore yourself by not noticing its beautiful interior decorations. It offers you dazzling scenery. But note that this privileged offer is given only to 36 passengers.


6. Rovos Rail: Pride of Africa:

Rovos Rail_Pride of Africa

En Route : Pretoria to Swakopmund

Average fare for an adult : $ 7000

Unlike other trains it does not offer the journey throughout the year. The journey for a year starts at the end of April and ends by the mid of June. It would be a 9 day journey. You stand a chance to pass through the deserts of South Africa and Namibia. Passing through diamond mines, deserts and 19th century old German towns makes you more nostalgic and it would be a great enthusiastic treat for the real artists and photographers. The journey starts from Pretoria and ends in Swakopmund. Unlike other trains, it carries only 72 passengers for the journey.


7. The Palace on the Wheels India:

The Palace on the Wheels India

En Route : Delhi to Delhi Via Jaipur

Average fare for an adult : $ 5100

Firstly launched in India is the Palace on the Wheels. This is the luxury car that was used by the British, Nizam of Hyderabad, princes of Rajput and Gujarat. First day of the journey commences from Delhi and the second day would be at the Pink City Jaipur. Here you will have a chance to visit the palaces and road side merchants selling textiles, jewellery. Finally on the way to Delhi you would stand a chance to visit one of the wonders of the world, Taj Mahal. It is voted as one of the most luxurious train journeys in India.


8. Rocky Mountaineer:

Rocky Mountaineer

En Route : Vancouver to Whistler

Average fare for an adult : $ 4500

This Canadian train offers you a smooth luxurious journey through the most rugged path you had imagined. It offers you three different routes and different vacation packages. Initially it was from Vancouver to Whistler. Hence it is also known as Whistler train. It offers you the most splendid journey through the glaciers, waterfalls, snowcapped mountains and thick vegetation forest.


9. Hiram Bingham Express:

Hiram Bingham Express

En Route : Cusco to Machu Picchu

Average fare for an adult : $ 3800

This contestant is from South America. It offers the journey between Cusco and Machu Picchu. It is operational on all days expect Sunday. It is 3.5 hours journey. A question arises: Is it worthy? No doubt it gets you through the mountain valleys, spectacular landscapes and vegetation forests. We should mention that this is the luxury train which offers the shortest train journey.


10. Blue Train:

Blue Train

En Route : Cape Town to Pretoria

Average fare for an adult : $ 3500

This is the most luxurious train in Africa and it has won awards for the same consecutively for two years. It runs through South Africa. The marble floors, linen bed, lounges and dining cabins make a person to feel that it is more comfortable than a 5 star hotel. With a press of a button, you will get anything ranging from cigars, champagne and wines. The journey starts from Cape Town and the destination point is Pretoria. It offers the most impeccable hospitality. That makes you remember the journey forever.

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