Top 10 Most Atrocious Ways to Kill a Person

Neither I am a professional killer, nor do I have an urge to kill someone. Still, here I am with an interesting topic to write about- The top 10 most atrocious ways to kill a person. Have you been trying to get rid of someone you don’t like, but have found that nothing works? Ever found your partner cheating on you or did someone take your share of beer without asking you? Want to punish somebody hard for his/her deeds? Then this is the perfect article for you. The idea might seem totally strange but there is a point in everybody’s life when one is frustratingly annoyed with a person and might have thought of killing him/her, although nobody actually has those guts to do it. There might also be the case where one wants to go for suicide ending up all the atrocities of their life. So here are some tips to execute the murder or the suicide in a different and difficult, still an easy manner with the extra ideas on how to get rid of the proofs as well, which would prevent your chances of getting caught.




1. Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction

Here is the most dangerous and the foolproof way of murder. Render the victim unconscious by any sort of drugging means like alcohol, narcotics, ether or any such means of a clean knock out. Put the unconscious victim in their bath tub and fill it to the brim with lye. Lye is a chemical which has potentially destructive effects on living tissues like skin, flesh etc. solutions containing it can cause chemical burns, permanent injuries, scarring and blindness immediately upon contact. As a result, within an hour the body will be reduced to a stew and completely impossible to gain any evidence from.


2. Lethal injection

Lethal injection

Another piece of idea that would require some chemical apparatus to be collected, use the not so famous “Lethal Injection” as a murder technique. Used by thirty three states, the three drug cocktail – sodium thiopental for sedation, pancuronium bromide for paralysis and potassium chloride for stopping the heart beat would be a perfect choice for proceeding with the murder. The overdose of the sedatives can be used to bring about the death instantly. The lethal injection technique may be somewhat more cruel and unusual. If you do not want to get into all this drug work, then go for other techniques.


3. Toss them away

Toss them away

An adventurous way to throw your victim in the hands of death – invite them to a private helicopter ride. Make sure you know and trust the pilot. Then fly over an alligator populated section of a forest at about 5000-7000 feet. Toss them out of the door like a used disposable thing, setting them free from their boring life and making your goal work.


4. Murder trap

Murder trap

This idea is season specific as you will have to wait till the fall. When the leaves begin to fall, use a blow gun to tranquilize him. Strip them naked and tie them up with a Duct Tape. Take them to a secluded area and place them in a fifty gallon drum, one whose top is sealed with a nut and bolt and not just a strap system. Dig a hole. Place the barrel into the hole and then cover it with leaf litter and other forest items available in the area. The person would surely get a slow, disastrous and a scary death when unable to breathe and placed in such a suffocated drum.


5. Sleep attack

Sleep attack

If you do not want to get into that fighting and self-defense stuff by the person, just attack them while they are asleep. Slit their throat when they are deep into a slumber or stab straight into the chest cavity and up. This would lead to the rupture of their ribs. Then skin them in the bathtub, and flush the flesh a little at a time so it doesn’t get stuck. Wash the bones clean, break into smaller pieces, and then wrap them up in newspaper. Over a period 2 -3 weeks, get rid of the bones in the trash. Wrap up the stained sheets into a small bag, and then dispose them off as well. Print out some pages of auctioned skulls from ebay if you decide to keep it as a trophy.


6. Pump it up

Pump it up

The height of innovation and that too for the objective of killing somebody is shown here with a new idea. You can use a basketball air pump in an innovative manner as well to accomplish the purpose. Hit the person hard and jab the pump into the person, pump it up making an air bubble in the blood that travels in the veins and goes right to the brain. It causes a typical stroke and leaves no mark. An air bubble in the brain is as dangerous for a person to make him suffer to death as it causes the serious damage to the brain.


7. Crush the body

Crush the body

Another method, a bit less dangerous but that would require a lot of effort is to set up a trap around the person when sleeping, causing a mountain of heavy weight objects, books, newspaper pile, metallic instruments etc. to fall on them and crush them to a silent death. You can use a bit of acid kept on the top, aimed to fall on the face of the person burning them ferociously.


8. Hit the neck

Hit the neck

You can enjoy the fear on the face of the victim, by doing it in the “Joker style”. Just take a knife, or any other sharp object and insert it in the victim’s mouth using one arm and with other arm hold his/her neck for the grip. Hold the victim tight to see and enjoy the fear on their face. Slowly narrating them how much you hate them, cut through their face and see them cry for mercy. Then give a powerful stab to the jugular vein of the neck with a sharp object. It is a quick technique in regards to suffering however, unless you plan to produce wine from the blood. But it will be a bit messy.


9. Cut and kill

Cut and kill

Inject the person with anesthesia so as to inactivate his brain and take them out into the middle of nowhere, preferably somewhere with a body of water and lots of animals nearby. Find as big as possible of a bush. Bust out their teeth so that no one can easily recognize the body, cut off the finger/ toes, use a sharp and a deadly weapon such as a saw to brutally murder them to death and then roll them down into the middle of bush. If you fear being caught, throw the fingers and toes in the lake. Take the teeth with you, dumping them down somewhere totally unrelated where one would ever think to investigate.


10. Combo technique

Combo technique

To start with, let me present a very simple idea that would need the person to use all his strength and wits in order to go ahead with the aim of the brutal killing of the victim (to be). Not that horrifying murder but still a good one, the person can be poisoned while having a meal or whenever the chance be, shot several times in the head particularly in the “temple”- a very susceptible vital spot, stabbed with a weapon which shall be safely disposed afterwards decreasing the risk of being caught and then thrown into a frozen river or a hot spring giving his body the third degree burns or blinding him to death.

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