Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Lose Hope

Having hope is what ends your fear that`s in your heart. Hope is something we all have within us when times get tough and rough. It is something we need to focus on, and when we do, the bad things become better, until hope makes them disappear or seem bearable. Sometimes we lose sight of hope and something shows it to us again. A person can only sustain or maintain certain pain for so long after that they will lose it mentally or physically. With hope, all things are possible. Another word for Hope to me is love and with hope and love, all things will be made possible.


1. Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

It is a common practice that people are not aware of his/her own strengths. Identify your strengths and enhance them so that you can overcome your weaknesses. Remember there is nothing Impossible if you believe you could accomplish it. Always remember the quote “TRY TRY AGAIN,TILL YOU SUCCEED”. Believing in yourself is the key to success in life. When you feel that you are not able to achieve your goals, when everything seems to be a hindrance in your path towards success, you may wonder about the key to accomplishing all your tasks and finding happiness. The key is truly intrinsic – within you. The key to all the problems is your attitude itself; your mind-set of believing in yourself. The mere lack of your belief in yourself, the cause of many failures, results in lack of confidence or self esteem.


2. Identify reasons for failure


Everyone fails to achieve some goal, but if you learn from the failure, you will be more likely to succeed in the future. “SUCCESS” And “FAILURE” are the most important part of life and each and everyone all around have faced them. So when it’s your turn ,don’t loose Hope and face them with courage and dignity. Do remember “NO ONE IS PERFECT”. Face your fears and don’t take the easy way out by giving up. People don’t usually recover from a large failure overnight. It takes time for the emotions to heal. That doesn’t mean you’re entitled to mope though. This time is better spent going over how to do it better next time and building up your resilience. Not only will any very obvious failure soon be yesterday’s news, but if you think other people are judging you (and maybe they are, maybe they aren’t), it won’t be long before they’re too busy worrying about their own failures.


3. Be in a positive environment


Be surrounded by people you admire. It will be very easy for you to start believing in yourself when you are surrounded by people who have set their goals and achieved it. This is a nice way to bring out ideas about how to accomplish your goal. Walk around with a smile, and make eye contact with those you pass in the hallways. Be friendly, pleasant and nice. Talk with kindness, encouragement, civility, and respect. Ask questions before making assumptions. Be fun to work with. Listen to others with interest; and finally, don’t complain, whine or gossip.


4. Never give up

never give up

Indulge in those tasks you think you cannot achieve. Since you have a tendency of not believing in yourself, this process may take some time and many efforts. Give your best at any and every opportunity that you come across. Pledge to yourself that you won’t give up trying, no matter what the outcome is. Remember, any effort to improve yourself, in order to accomplish your tasks, will not be a mere waste of time. It would be a Learning Process ,you will be putting your best efforts and enhancing yourself to accomplish the task. The only valid excuse you have to give up is if you are dead. As long as you are alive (and healthy and free) you have the choice to keep trying until you finally succeed. You are stronger than you think. One little setback is not enough to stop you from achieving your goals. Neither are 10 or 100 or 1000 setbacks. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have success. Keep that mindset and never give up until you reach your destination!


5. Be patient and persistent


Goals are set by each and every single individual but only those could accomplish them who remains persistent and have patience. This path I’m taking may be slow and it’s certainly frustrating at times, but it’s a career path that has brought me more joy than any other I’ve taken. I know I’m facing in the right direction and I’d rather move slowly along this path than quickly down the wrong path. Nothing great is ever accomplished without persistence and patience because, in order to be successful, your dreams must translate into work. The people who succeed in life are the people who are willing to do what they don’t feel like doing. They are not mastered by their moods, they are mastered by the Master, and they establish their goals and plans according to God’s will.


6. Introspection


Every single individual is aware of the word “Introspection”, But only few practice it. Introspection is the observation of one’s own mental and emotional process. Introspection helps in clearing your thoughts, building self confidence and identifying weaknesses. Introspection may also refer to examination of soul. If you believe and practice positive things there is nothing in life that will stop you from accomplishing your goals or targets. While using experimental method to study the mental activities, a laboratory and scientific instruments are required. But for the use of introspection method, no laboratory or test materials are required. So introspection method can be used at any time and at any place.


7. Time


You must have heard a famous quote “Time heals all wounds, and hope is a balm”. If you feel that something bad has happened than you must not panic or blame yourself for everything. As the time passes you will understand that It was a part of life and you are capable enough to handle such situations in the future. “NEVER LOOSE HOPE” instead believe something better is waiting for you ahead. Also you must not deny the fact that dedication and hard work leads to success. Always remember the quote “WORK HARD FOR A BETTER TOMORROW”. It’s important for you to learn this lesson because any goal that’s worth achieving is going to have obstacles in the way. You need to have a long-term view so, when difficulties come, you can persevere knowing that you are going to get past it.


8. Focus on your strengths


Focus on your strengths, rather than on your weaknesses. Concentrate on the areas where you have proved your capability. However, you should also keep a check on your weaknesses and work on them. In this process, the focus, however, should be still on your strengths. Focusing on what we don’t do well only weakens our confidence, enthusiasm, creativity and overall performance. Worse still, we don’t get that much better for all the effort. Thus, the term “weakness”! Instead, our attention should focus on expanding upon strengths and working around weaknesses


9. Acknowledge your success


Congratulate yourself for all your successes, whether small or big. This will, in turn, increase your motivation and help you work on your strengths. You can also look to your past and acknowledge yourself for past achievements. “But that’s the past,” you might argue. It doesn’t matter; you can use anything, past or present, to make yourself feel successful. I suggest that you reflect upon your life and make yourself an acknowledging list—ten or fifteen attributes that make you feel successful. Spend five minutes every day reading this list over and acknowledging your positive traits, feeling successful. Let these elements seep into your consciousness. When you achieve whatever you set out to achieve you can use your success to make a difference to the world or other people’s lives.


10. Discuss with parents

discuss with parents

Whenever you feel it’s a low day or you are just not feeling well as you always do. A parent certainly can be one’s best friends. This is applicable for all stages of life. This is best for both parents and their wards. This would enhance the bond between them. Parents know their children more than anybody else and vice-verse in normal situations. Discussion with parents will certainly help you to overcome stress and pressure. Children/Students will have a great guide and parents will not fall into what is called empty nest syndrome.

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  1. Solly

    What about a slowly terminal disease?
    What about an organs failure.
    What about another organ’s failure?
    What about a disease that removes up to 20 years from a lifespan.
    What about no money.
    What about false criminal charges. (even tho, untrue and no evidence). and police believe it true (Sarcastic: but they just cant seem to find evidence but still believe it true??).
    What about civil legal action unfair but not truly opposable?
    These things cannot be changed.
    Where is the hope when things cannot be changed.?
    You really have to be able to analyse before a statement can be made by you that will completely recognize a true situation.

    • Matt

      The whole reason in hope is to make yourself at peace with yourself. Even if you can’t change something, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hope. Enjoy the little things in life. Hope that maybe today will be a good day. Even if day after day it is a bad one. Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel and if you have to chase it, chase it. Enjoy a walk down the road, breathing in the fresh air and just being at peace. Do whatever it is that makes you happy. There is no such thing as hopeless. There is always hope for something, one way or another. And sometimes, freak things happen. Terminal illnesses have gone away for no reason. People win the lottery. I know the odds are against you, but the person who just won the lottery doesn’t know that. Hope is what keeps humans going and if you didn’t have any, you would die.


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