Top 10 Very Deadly Poisons in the World

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6. Cyanide


CYANIDE is also one of the most notorious deadly poison. It is also considered to be very lethal as its acting speed is very fast. Just a teaspoon of pure cyanide dissolve in water can kill a human being in a few seconds approximately near about 20 seconds of consumption through asphyxiation. This poison reacts in body by blocking one of the enzyme of the electro transfer chain, this causes problem in respiration thus essentially one can face death from suffocation. Also, it is very painful. And as soon as to pass out fairly rapidly then cause death as person’s heart muscle has no energy to beat. In addition to pesticide and insecticide, cyanide is contained in tobacco smoke, smoke from building fires and some foods, like almonds, apricot kernel, apple seeds, and cassava .This poisoning is really uncommon, so it should be recognized as soon as possible in a person who consumed this solution to ensure prompt and proper administration should be taken place for life-saving treatment.


7. Beaked sea snake venos

Beaked sea snake venos

One of the deadly poison drop in the whole world is of beaked sea snake venom. This creature is widely spread in waters. It is responsible for nine out of every ten deaths from sea snake bites. This snake is large in size, ranging 1.2 meters for the male and 1.5 meters for the female. The major symptoms and causes after its bite- a person experiences headache, vomiting, sweating, a thick-feeling and a thirst. As the poison remain injected in a body for 30 minutes or long, it will lead to tenderness of muscles, stiffness and aching all over the whole body.


8. Strychhine


Another poison is Strychnine which is highly toxic, colorless bitter crystalline alkaloid used as a pesticide particularly for killing small vertebrates such as birds and rodents. It has been discovered that this poison is obtained from the seeds of nux vomica tree and related plants of the genus strychnos. Strychnine is transported by plasma and erythrocytes. Within a few minutes of its ingestion, it can be detected in urine. It causes increased reflex excitability in a spinal cord that results in a loss of the normal inhibition of spread of motor cell stimulation, so that all the muscles can contract simultaneously. In terms of its taste if we discuss about so, it is the most bitter substance ever existing.


9. Brazilian wandering spider venom


One of the basic deadly poison in the world is Brazilian Wandering Spider Venom. It is produced by BANANA SPIDERS. They contain eight scientifically known species. Their body length ranges from 17 to 48 mm. They are mainly found in tropical South America. These spiders are known to be highly aggressive in the world. They mostly found wandering on the floors of the forest at night. Also, they hide themselves in the light of day in a sheltered area like inside termite wounds under rocks, areas such as in cars and in banana plants. It was introduced in Guinness book of world records in 2007. It has resulted in killing of the number of people in a short term. But it’s difficult for them to bite humans as their fangs are meant to attack a large prey. It is a deadly poison containing potentially fatal neurotoxin, which leads to respiratory illness. Its causes- loss of muscles, resulting in paralysis and the bite cause intense pain and inflammation and eventually die. The inflammation kills the muscle, skin and bone cells in the tissue around the bit, so as to form a rotten flesh. The immediate surrounding bit area generally manifests redness, swelling and immobility. This poison also causes an erection that remains for hours or permanently. The life of the bitten individual can be saved only by the quick administration of the antidote. The symptoms of Brazilian Wandering are really something to get scared.


10. Amatoxin


Amatoxin is a poison to be found in such things that we may consider as food, like mushroom. Amatoxin is a poison which is known for its hardiness. It does not lose potency due to heat and dying. Its main target is to affect the liver. Then, it encroaches another organ, i.e., kidney. And the next affect is on central nervous system and it results in respiratory diseases such as diarrhea that includes blood and even coma. The only way to avoid such type of poisoning is to avoid eating wild mushrooms. Because its component cannot be destroyed even if dried as it cannot be dissolve in water and is heat-stable. Its treatment involves high dose penicillin as well as supportive care in cases of hepatic and renal injury and a potential antidote is to be provided to Amatoxin poisoning.

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