Top 10 New iOS 7 Features

Right from the invention of wheel to the latest touch-screen technology where a single flick of your finger can do many wonders we are evolving day by day to lead a comfortable life. Electronics plays a crucial role in the field of technology. Apple Inc. is one of the most significant developers of electronic gadgets in the history of technology evolution. It is the top grade manufacturer of phones, laptops, MP3 players and other accessories. It has its own world of software setups and unique operating system for its gadgets. iOS 7, the latest launched version of its operating systems can be installed in its gadgets which has lot of upgrades than its ancestral versions. Here are the top 10 features of the new release iOS 7.


1. Auto update of apps & App center:

Auto update of apps

Apple has added a feature that lets you search for apps based on new criteria. For example, you can now search for apps based on an age range, such as ages 6 to 9, or apps that are popular based on your location. One of the more nagging features of iOS has been updating your apps. You have to keep on checking your app store for updates, getting frustrated. Though it just takes a few minutes you need to stop everything you are doing and allow the interface to update. This is no longer the case in iOS 7. The apps are automatically updated in the background while you work.


2. Activation lock:

Activation lock

This is for the users who have had their iPhones stolen. Unless a thief knows your iCloud password, s/he will be unable access your phone. Even attempting to even turn off the Find My iPhone function immediately shuts the device up and it won’t reactivate again until you enter the correct iCloud password.


3. Siri & iOS in Automobiles:


Siri is an intellectual virtual personal assistant better at understanding natural language requests, and can interact with more applications on the iPhone or iPad. You can also tell the virtual assistant to turn on Bluetooth, play back voicemails, read SMS messages, changing brightness settings and much more. The new Siri in iOS 7 was integrated with Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Wikipedia. Siri also gets a new voice, both male and female that supports both French and German. You can also ask Siri what your friends are up to on Twitter.

iOS 7’s car functions also depend on Siri and can integrate with your car’s onscreen computer. A wide range of automobile manufacturers are going to introduce iOS 7 in the cars by 2014, allowing you to get step by step directions in map , play music etc directly in your car. Hence there is no need of an adapter or a Bluetooth pairing of your iPhone with car’s stereo system. Apple has partnered with a variety of automobile manufacturers like Chevrolet, Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai and Nissan.


4. iTunes Radio:

iTunes radio

The biggest new feature is support for iTunes Radio which allows you to create and listen to a radio station among the tons of curetted radio stations based on genres. Apple has created hundreds of its own radio stations, but also lets users share their own. Simply click a star on the desired station and you’ll get more similar music on the radio. If you like a song and want to preview or purchase it in the iTunes store, you can immediately access the iTunes store from the Radio function. Ad-free listening is available for free for iTunes Match subscribers.


5. Air Drop:

Air Drop

Apple has introduced a new peer-to-peer Wi-Fi sharing service known as AirDrop. Airdrop is the answer to Near Field Communication (NFC) that Apple has been lacking with each successive iPhone update. However you just have to tap on the name of the file and it will be sent. A smarter way for data sharing through Wi-Fi.


6. Multi Tasking:

Multi tasking

iOS 7 is programmed in such a way that it learns when you like to use your apps and can update your content before you launch them. If you tend to check your facebook page everyday at a particular time your feed will be ready and waiting for you. It knows what you want to do before you do. A better companion provided by Apple. As in the previous versions, the multitasking app switcher can be triggered by double tapping the iPhone’s Home Button. Rather than older versions the new iOS 7 now includes a full-screen snapshot-based system. The three most recently used apps are displayed with the one that was previously accessed in the center. You can still scroll through a carousel of apps in the order they were last used with snapshots of where you left off in them.

To dismiss an app, simply swipe up and away on the snapshot. By this way up to three apps can be removed from the switcher instantly on iPhones and iPods. The app switcher can be accessed in both orientations. Apple says that iOS 7 multitasking will be battery efficient, and that new related software features will help preserve battery life, including updating during power-efficient times and based on a learned schedule.


7. Notification Center:

Notification Center

The new iOS 7 provides a good personal assistant for businessmen: the notification center. First introduced in iOS 5, Notification Center has received a rather significant overhaul. The notification window appears on swiping down from any screen. One glance at your iPhone, you can get the schedule for next 24 hours. You can get notified by any missed calls, birthday notes, memos and new mails. The ‘today’ view allows you to see all the stuff that you need to know on that day .The ‘missed’ views displays all the alerts and notifies you with the activities that you did not address for the past 24 hours. The “all” view shows the list of notifications received, similar to the notification feature in previous iOS. iOS 7’s settings panel offers granular controls for Notification Center. You can have a choice of what information is to be viewed when Notification Center is accessed from the Lock Screen.


8. Control center:

Control center

What do you think a single swipe up over the touch screen can do? The new iOS 7 had empowered a lot of features for a single swipe. One can access to any tools or apps instantly in a single swipe. Just swipe up from any screen even from the lock screen and you will find a lot of tools and apps that you want to change immediately like turning on/off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Changing profile modes and control over music player. You can also quickly access your calculator, camera, flashlight and timer.


9. Safari


The main highlight in the new iOS 7 is its web browser. Now Safari is more enhancive with its tabs. It supports more than eight open tabs at a time and lets you reorder and close the tabs with the flick of a finger. Tabs themselves can now be managed in a carousel, letting you flip through one tab after another with ease. To close a tab, simply swipe it off to the side. Integration of iCloud tabs with on device tabs makes your browsing seamless and provides frustration free environment.

The new cards view helps you to organize and manage open tabs more quickly than you ever could do in any previous version of mobile Safari. Swiping in from the edge of the display will navigate backwards. There is also a new tab view that stacks each open webpage on top of one another similar to the stock Android browser. You can also rearrange these tabs by tapping, holding and dragging them around the screen.


10. Camera


The new iPhone camera app includes a wide range of filters that have been provided to give your image a bit more endurance. But the highlight of the iOS 7 is its new way of organizing photos. The new Moments feature stores the details of where you took your photos and you can also view your album by years. You can tap and scrub to find what you are looking for even from a huge collection of thumbnail images. iCloud can be used to share photos which also supports video sharing.

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