Top 10 Powers That You Had But You Never Realized

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Hey that’s a bird! No that’s a plane! Well, you got that wrong!! It’s your neighbourhood kid in a cape and superman costume acting the superhero part on a lousy Sunday afternoon. We have witnessed numerous super-hero movies, comics, fan-fiction creations and series on television. Remember calling yourself a Batman or a Shaktimaan? We bet you do!! Inherently, we all try to believe that destiny will put us on the super-hero pedestal and we’ll have a story just like them. Be it the mutant powers (X-men), radiation powers (Hulk) or almighty powers (Justice League), we inspire to excel and be superbly humane and powerful. But, didn’t you ever notice the power you contain yourself within the boundaries of daily life? No joking fellows, I am damn serious. It won’t be on the lines of transforming into an ’Ironman’ et la Tony Stark or striking your enemies with three harping metal blades like Logan (Wolverine). It’s pretty simple and quite intriguing too and you could add your own thing to the list.


1. To dream


‘A dream in run is worth a thousand dispassionate souls”.

As long as you live, you have the power to ideate and create a better world. So, why wait? Go get your dancing shoes, painting brush or that corporate dream out. Time is now, as this commodity will not re-invent itself. Once, lost then forever gone. So, If you have a dream worth living for, go for it. Things manifest when you take the first step. Hence, this power is the numero uno power that you should harness.


2. To handle that person you hate.


We’re humans and loving or hating someone is part of the journey. Sometimes, it’s just random and sometimes you got a mortified reason. But, haven’t we all faced a crisis where we had to put up our best behaviour for sake of humanity towards someone who did not care for it? A lot of ‘YES’ will come out of this question. But, feel proud and be a do-gooder. For, that requires super-human strength to hide your indifferences and be the better human. A better choice can spruce up your day and well-being any day.

PS. This power was possessed by both Rogue and Nightcrawler from X-Men who had to maintain calm composure towards their mother who had abandoned them. Also, some human species also possess this power.


3. To remain sane.


It takes courage and the ability to make difficult choices. Life is and was never meant to be easy. The chaos in your head over issues makes you wonder about the whimsical land you could disappear to! But, take a bow! You have survived the thoughts, compartmentalized them and created a clear persona of yourself. The riding went tough but you did not succumb and that’s where your glory lies. Hence, this power to remain sane inspite of the surrounding chaos makes for a winner. Don’t remain insipid, accept that things go murky and keep a positive outlook.

PS. Bruce Banner A.K.A. Hulk and Jean Grey from X-men possess this power. It’s a magnanimous feeling to have control over your inner persona.


4. To learn the nuances of technology/Fashion faster than others.

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So, you wonder whether god gave you extra grey cells to pick up finer nuances of that hyper expensive tablet or the gizmo that has hit the market. She predicts fashion like an astrologer predicting your fortune? Worry not, for this power is extremely savvy and heralds the age old beliefs of ‘Super-humans’. This species either becomes the tech-reviewer and fashion blogger or takes up other evolution related cases. How do you notice them? Drop an expensive cell phone or a bag and pat comes the reply with details about the product. Don’t mix them with the snobby kinds because these are genuine tech/ fashion lovers and not some gawky show-offs.


5. Multi-tasking soul.


The prime example of a multi-tasking soul is a woman, as per standard advertisements. That holds true on so many levels, but I fail to understand why is the focus gender based? There are men out there who are more multifarious than women and some women ace up all the departments. The point is, irrespective of gender, you are either born a multi-tasker or not. These powerful people possess the power to carry on three to four tasks at a time without stifling a yawn. It was apparently noted that they could have been successors of alien species that landed on Earth some trillion years ago but scientists refuted entire claims. (Just a joke). So, if you are a multi-tasker: Congratulations on handling your burden so well. Others will reach there soon.

PS. Batman shows multi-tasking skills at a different level altogether. Bruce Wayne is a different story altogether.


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