Top 10 Uses of Internet

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Internet can be very fascinating and addictive once you start using it. It’s great success of technology developed by humans till today. You can say that only and only because of internet the world is too small and close to each other. Nothing is out of reach, it’s cheap according to the uses of it and the best part is that anyone can use it. Today I see even small children watching episodes of their favorite Cartoon serial on YouTube, like it’s one of their toy’s, the only thing is internet is the favorite and special one. But now I will list out things and cover almost everything that you can do using your internet connection and device. So checkout and do try them! Enjoy Surfing the net!


1. Searches


Internet can be your whole world. You can download, communicate, get knowledge, pay bills, etc. But everything depends upon what you type in your search box window of Google, yahoo, etc. All you have to do is fill your requirement in the box and press enter that is search and you would get thousands of sites regarding the subject. Not only this you can also find a job for yourself on internet, there are many jobs offered to work on line also, just try to understand which are safe and authentic to work with otherwise you may end up getting bad results. You can read E-books, if you are a book lover; find out recipes of the food you love from around the world, watch. You can learn different arts like painting, drawing playing different musical instruments like guitar, violin without going to those expensive classes and that too with your convenience, whenever you get time just sit in front of screen search watch, read and follow.


2. Career making

career making

Today, making our career and gaining more and more knowledge has become most essential part of our life. Also only knowledge won’t give you good job you should bear degrees and certificates so that your work is authentic. And it’s necessary at least for a common person to start earning at the age of 30; hence he can complete only 2 degrees and diplomas if any that too in hectic and pressure. But here comes the solution, internet provides you long distance education by reputed institutions all you have to do is pay fees on line, watch videos of teaching, and read books that are provided by post to you. And you can complete or pursue any degree while working without hectic or any attendance.


3. Knowledge


We all have heard internet can be helpful to gain knowledge but many few of us really strive gain it. And through internet it’s very deeper and understandable with associated pictures, videos, references. You can read articles like you are reading now and pass it on. Knowledge is shareable on internet. Sites like Wikipedia offer tones of subjects to get their information whether it may be science, food, personalities anything you get the treasure of knowledge by internet right on your screen. You can find out different unknown facts, about any subject that you are curious of. Make your school or college projects, assignments given while your exams, the internet will make your research done faster and easily, hence you can utilize your time in other activities too.


4. Social networks

social networks

Every single person knows what is “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Orkut”, “YouTube”, etc. All of them know they all are social networks… And yes it is so viral, especially among all the Teenagers. Hence, it’s famous at the peak point of our generation. The best part about social networking is that we can find out our old friends or make new friends from all around the world. Share with them your photos, videos, current status about life, work, etc. You can share whatever you like while surfing… For example, this article of mine 😀 And all this can be done with an internet connection on your device, instantly. Not only there are fun social networking, but also social networks like “LinkedIn” which gives professionals and students to come and communicate together on one platform. We get guidance, opportunities only about our field in real sense.


5. Money transfer

money transfer

People who live in foreign countries have relatives residing at their home land, especially their parents, brother, sister anyone might be. Sometimes there is need to provide money to their parents or relatives, then there is only one way that is transfer of money from our bank accounts and this all process is done through internet. Many different companies do their all work by internet transactions, which help them work faster.


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