Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Kid

All of us wish for a home where we can hear the wind chimes in the form of our kid’s voices. No matter whether they are biological or adopted but the fact is, we want to see ourselves surrounded with children irrespective of our ages provided we are able to sustain them, fulfill their requirements and give them a better future. When we get married the next thought which comes in our mind is to have children, when we are middle aged our main concern is our child’s future and when we are octogenarian then we rely on them and look up to them for their support and love. We love to see how children play different roles in different walks of life.

Different people may have different reasons for adopting a child. Some may want to adopt a child for emotional security or for providing company, some for giving a destitute child a better future, some for providing sibling company and some couples adopt a child for self satisfaction or self contentment

So here I present ten primary reasons why should we adopt a kid:


1. Every child deserves a family

Every child deserves a family

Can you imagine your life without a family? Certainly No.Similary a kid needs a family to complete himself and actualize, that when he is in an unfathomed problem or he is falling, he has a support pillar in the form of a family who will be there in all the circumstances. A kid requires a family to express his emotions, discuss his day to day activities, problems, interest and desire. Most of all he needs a family to have a staunch belief in his conscience that when he will turn back he will have someone to look up to. There will always be a hand on his shoulder where his parents encouraging, saying that son we are with you today, tomorrow and always. There will always be someone to pick him up whenever he falls.


2. Population Control

Population Control

As we all know India‘s population is increasing exponentially. Instead of having biological children if we go for the alternate option of adopting a kid then unquestionably we are working towards population control. Although, this is a very basic and micro step, as the famous phrase goes “Drop after drop is needed to make up the sea “.We are contributing our fraction towards our country and hence playing an important and crucial role in both ways, Firstly we are helping a kid in enlightening his vista and secondly putting our individual effort to safeguard our nation against the plague named population outburst.


3. Adopted kid would adopt another kid in future

adopted kid would adopt another kid in future

An adopted kid will be empathetic towards someone who has nobody and is alone. It is because he knows the meaning of “Being Destitute “and alone. We are often struck by awe when we encounter real life stories where a man adopts a kid and we later come to know that the same man was also adopted by someone. He will surely endow a hand of assistance because he knows the meaning of being loved and having someone around. So for sure, he will be the first one to help him and adopt him and make him realize how satisfactory and special it is to have someone to look after you.


4. Philanthropy


Many rich businessmen, industrialists, film personalities and other people are now adopting kids in the name of philanthropy and charity. The real life example can be taken from the famous Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who had adopted many kids under the name of philanthropy. Even the bollywood stars are following the same footsteps as can be seen by the example of Sushmita Sen. In this way they offer a part of their wealth for the betterment of that kid and provide him/her with a fruitful and bright future. They do this act more out of charity as for them sponsoring a kid will be a philanthropic work.


5. To give adopted kid a scintillating future

give adopted kid a scintillating future

Every child has a right to live a decent life. No matter whether he is living under penury or he is a destitute. Nobody can take this right away from the kid. What is his fault if he is born under-privileged? Should he be made to suffer like this always? If we adopt a kid we are actually working towards kid’s healthier and scintillating future. Thus we provide him a lifestyle where he can be nurtured efficaciously with appropriate values and efficient education. In this manner we will have a flower blooming and blossoming under our shade.


6. To fulfill emotional void

fulfill emotional void

In today’s fast moving and impassive lifestyle we are often incurred with emotional voids in our lives. We need someone on whom we can rely, with whom we can discuss our activities under the confidence that the person would never betray no matter what comes. So people today are finding such solace in kids and they are adopting them for the same reason. They know the kid doesn’t have a family therefore when he’ll attain that love from outside then undoubtedly he will be very loyal and caring towards his foster parents.


7. Self contentment

self contentment

We have conquered Everest, reached the moon and have built skyscrapers, still we encounter the feelings most of the time that we are not self complacent yet. No matter how much laurels we attain, how rich we become and countless goals we achieve still these heights do not lead to self satisfaction. What can be the reason behind this? Even after achieving countless goals in life we often find that something is missing out .This missing feeling is of self satisfaction or self contentment. Often adopting a child who is poor, destitute or whose parents have fallen on bad times gives us that feeling which no success in life can give. When we see such a child living and growing up in a comfortable environment and later succeeding in life and making a place for himself in society with our little help and support , this feeling gives us immense satisfaction .

8. In search for an heir

search for an heir

Gradually society is becoming liberal and supportive towards LGBT groups, as can be seen in the recent and much publicized lesbian marriage between Shannon and Seema in USA. However we are also aware of this actuality that they cannot reproduce and bear biological children. Many such couples across the globe are now adopting kids to continue with their legacy and have an heir. Also escalating infertility ratio amongst couples across the world, these couples have now started adopting kids to complete their family and become proud parents.


9. To compensate for a single child

compensate for a single child

What comes to your mind when you think of a perfect family? Husband, wife and for sure two kids. Is it not? However the case is not similar always. It might happen that we have only one child because of many unavoidable and inescapable circumstances or we may have children of the same sex and later on want a child of a different sex.In that case, we choose the alternate option of adopting a kid so that our single child can have a sibling or we may have both girls and boys in the family to complete a happy family.


10. For making the adopted child a responsible and good citizen


Is it not our responsibility to make every kid a responsible and a good citizen? Ask your inner conscience and you will get an answer in the affirmative. If we adopt a kid then we are providing that kid every means to inculcate within himself/herself values of being a responsible and dedicated citizen. Youths are the bright future of India, so when that kid will be amidst good education and values then only he will become a sensible youth and contribute towards the welfare and development of the country, which our ancestors like Gandhi, Nehru and many more had dreamt of. If we want to develop a good human resource content for a country then it is necessary that every child that is born is healthy and properly educated. He should also have proper skills to succeed in life. Adoption can go a long way in providing every child with these skills and help in the all round development of the country.


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    The way you used Kid is called an idiom. The correct terms would be child or baby. Kid is actually a baby goat. Some do class kid as an informal way of describing a child.


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