Top 10 Reasons Why Exams Are Good

“I hate exams!” This sentence in wrong on so many levels. Why hate the inevitable? Exams from ages have been an enemy to people of all ages. The moment the word exams come up the only things that pops up in all our heads is tension, planning, time shortage, lack of strength to face them etc etc. But why don’t we feel even once that it’s not that difficult too? Why don’t we feel how easy we can make it than condemning its bad? Why don’t we understand its importance than cribbing about how difficult it is? Most important is why don’t we ask these questions to ourselves? It is very simple that we have a pre-notion that it is something very difficult and bad. Let’s first eliminate this feeling from our mind to make everything so simple.

Examinations are a part and parcel of our education. They are here to test what we know. While the criterion of ‘judging’ a student in itself is a defected idea, exams are here to stay. Comparing our situation to what our parents and grandparents faced, we have it easy. The steps to our growth is continuously examining ourselves in all aspects.


1. Answers to ‘What’s next??’

what's next

The basic question that arises in everybody’s mind is ‘what’s next?’. It means what you want to do next in life. What is your kind and what you would want to take up as profession. All these questions are easily answered through this commonly hated term ‘exams’. From our schooling our choices are completely based on where and which subject we score good. Our entire life till what we stand today is based on this scores. So we automatically can conclude why exams are so important in framing our future! As told by Bill Gates, ” I failed my exams in some subjects and my friend passed. Now he is an Engineer at Microsoft and I am its owner”. The major reason for mentioning what was said by that great man was that exams are important in life but it’s not life itself. It helps to know who you are and what you want and that has it all!


2. Exams don’t fry your brain, they stimulate it!

stimulate your brain

Every time your brain is stimulated, your life improves by 32%. Clearly, if you were an employer and were hiring staff, you would be wise to select the individual/s who were best qualified to do the work you want and this is done through examining all of them through exams or tests. Concentration is what is lacking in this generation. Exams doesn’t mean one has to sit for long to study but a complete concentration in what one is studying is what is needed. This exams are needed to keep one’s brains active and occupied. The relaxation you get after an exam is something that is a must to experience.


3. We spend less money.

spend less money

Because we are busy thinking how to pass the exams, we avoid hanging out, going out for shopping, dinner. Boyfriend doesn’t call his girlfriend for long hours, thus saving money. On normal days, if they talk for 2-3 hours, during exams few minutes. Not going for dinner, no movies, no concerts “= saving money. Saving money is what the world wants to become rich. We there by stop eating much of outside food and thereby will be more healthy eating oxygenated food from home. Health and money both are with you. Is there anything else a man wants in today’s world? I don’t think so!


4. Time-Management.

time management

On normal days we all waste time here and there face booking, tweeting , hanging out unnecessarily. During exams, we plan our schedule and divide our time. For ex: for someone his plan would look like .. At 2pm I have to start chapter 2 , At 4 I need to revise midterm , etc etc. For some it would be like ,Today I have to complete 4 chapters , tomorrow I will do 5 and 6. Planning a schedule and executing it is a different thing , for example during exams I plan to do this and every time I plan I fail to do it ! but the thing is, at least we plan during exams.


5. Exams serve as a feedback mechanism for the teacher.

teacher feedback

Another reason to give exams to students is that teachers need an objective basis for determining whether or not they have taught a specific section of the material properly. Since the only way to do this is to test the students’ mastery of the material, exams can provide teachers with valuable information as to whether or not they need to change their teaching styles or the way that they presented the material. If most students do poorly on questions from a specific unit, for example, teachers will be able to correct their styles and aid students in mastering the proper material.


6. We sleep less.

sleep less

On average humans need 6-8 hours of sleep. But because we are ‘very hardworking’, ‘weak’ and ‘active’, and because we are special than rest of the human beings, we sleep more than 9 hours a day. Some consider it as their hobby, for some it’s the best thing in the world and for some this is what they have been doing all their life ! But during exams, the same person who loves to be in the hibernation mode, loves sleeping for long hours , sleeps less. He sleep late at night and wake up early in the morning to study. Thus utilizing their time and increasing productivity. That small amount of laziness in us is reduced which is the first step for growth.


7. Our attention towards everything increases.


Our thoughts do not always stay to us. We feel like sharing what we feel with the people close to us. It’s not easy for us human beings to concentrate and pay attention for anything for long. But can we believe that exams can do this work?? It’s amazing and surprising that the only thing we blame so much in life can do so much for us. Once our mind is focused we tend to maintain it for long but too long is not possible as well. So a continuous examining process can keep our mind’s attention focused for long and refreshed continuously.


8. Sense of accomplishment.

sense of accomplishment

It’s a great feeling to have achieved what we desire. To reach to heights that no one have ever reached before. To love ourselves more than anyone else. It’s so obvious that the basis of all the above answers is comparison and the only way of comparison is through exams. It is not easy to be accomplished in life but taking up exams we know where we stand and where we have to reach. The efforts that we need to put also is very clear in front of us .Thus speaks its need!


9. Test your calibre

test your calibre

It’s not an easy task to know one’s calibre. Exams make it very simple and easy for us. You may not be worried as to where your positions in life are. The art of examining yourself itself is a very good exam . It tests your calibre and your strengths and lets you know what to take up next that gives more space for your own thoughts and takes you to great heights.


10. The feel of being productive.

feel of being productive

Productive is being useful. It’s about how good we are at what we do. It’s about judging ourselves and playing with our own capabilities and this is why exams are present. Exams gives us the feeling of how useful we are in a comparative that makes us feel our stand in the society. This is very essential in all around development and thus exams are necessary.

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