Top 10 Scariest Food of the World

The ice-creams with a rainbow of chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and a swirl of chocolate syrup and a hint of brownie with pieces of walnut ready on a transparent bowl with elegant spoon to complete the picture. Look closely and inside this bowl you find little caterpillars! They are just so shaped jelly beans designed down right to the black beady eyes. Will you eat with the same gusto you would have slurped the non-wormy treat? The world and creativity has gone beyond the imaginable boundaries to tingle human tongues in the strangest way possible. Did spiders ever tease your taste buds? How about a chocolate one? Few would really love it. Are you one of them? The answer may swing either way but I bet you can’t resist reading this article for some fascinating and creepy preparations.


1. Murophobia, yes i have it too.


Some of the world’s population don’t mind mice some squeal like mice on seeing one. But our daredevils surely won’t want to have one for dessert. The very idea of eating this black furry little creature, not eating it literally, but eating something just like is enough to give anyone creeps. A cat might get a kick out of it but hello, humans! No way. Party treats and jokes are different stories but this is the winner of our list and surely deserves to be. A mouse as a dessert! Well the sophisticated dinner party or the big fat Indian Wedding just got more interesting.


2. Not this kind of Aid

not this kind of aid

Jam cracker and cheese, the combination sounds like a childhood dream. The delicious generous scope of cheese on a salty cracker and a bit of jam to bring in the taste, when the order shape and sizes of these three ingredients are arranged in a specific order, well the result above is startling and disgusting to say the least. We have all peeped into our band aids to see the kind of stuff we oozed out. That particular memory comes screaming back when we see this picture. Putting that thing in our mouth is well yuck! So if you wish to tease your siblings of friends keep this platter handy.


3. Century Eggs

Century Eggs

Do not be confused, this is our real everyday chicken, ducks or quails egg. Some of the egg enthusiasts wish to taste the dinosaur eggs or the olden golden eggs. And this wish is fulfilled by the century old eggs. This egg is made by preserving normal eggs in ash, salt, rice-hulls and also quicklime for weeks to several months depending on the preparation method. In this process the yolk becomes green to grey. The outer healthy white becomes dark brown. The peculiarity here is the strong sulfur smell. A common story states that this century old eggs were prepared by soaking them in horse urine. This bit of anecdote doesn’t make it any more appealing now, does it?


4. Dexter Slides

Dexter Slides

One of the popular shows on TV today as those who know it has guessed it. For those who don’t know, it’s a tale of a serial murderer who doesn’t like human beings. He is trained by his father to divert his hate into ridding the society of its evils. The psycho killer amputees the other devils and keep a blood sample as a memento. Now you know where i am going with this. The above picture is the very memento but an edible one. Being a follower of the show i feel this to be a scary dish and for those non-Dexter lovers, would you like to eat a slide? We will assure that Dexter doesn’t loose his mind over you spoiling his collection.


5. Lungs.


The human lungs work as a filter. The coffee filter makes the coffee delicious, but you don’t consume the filter do you? The bread is a loved and one of the most eaten items of the world. The garlic bread, stuffed bread, cinnamon bread all make an appealing cuisine. However when the bread is baked in a certain way to look in a certain shape with a particular texture makes it tough to eat it. The freshly baked bread is among the most savored dishes but the bread mongers would be a little taken aback on seeing this particular piece of Art


6. WaterMelons


The art has to be applauded here. The lines, the feel is all perfect. The will to put it in your mouth is difficult. The human brain doesn’t promise to be delicious to say the least. This piece belongs in the Halloween parties. The redness is appreciable touch. Blood does make it scary. So are you sure you want this fruit in your salad, as a smoothie with your breakfast or just a fresh piece straight in your mouth?


7. Eye Eye ‘ I won’t ‘

eye cupcake

An eye for a cup cake? Or an eye cup-cake? The choice is tough one with horror on on side and pure disgust on the other. The picture above has the eye-ball eye-lids eye brows and the eye itself with a little skin around. So sink your teeth inside this not squirmy just creamy treat. People make some not so appetizing dishes and this is one of the list. We love our eyes and don’t like a little bit of stuff to get in. The idea to consume it is too weird. I do not want my eye looking at such stuff.


8. Brain Dose

Brain Dose

Walnut shaped like brain may not creep you out, it’s a natural. But here we have someone who is actually taking the trouble to design cup-cakes that look like the human brain. The feeling of actually picking one up and taking to your mouth is deadly for the brain inside you will rebel for sure. Imagine the taste sans the blood and veins and the color. It will be creamy, I promise. Just a little bite. Common! If you this you have my respect sir, Bravo!


9. Meaty


The meat when cooked to sheer perfectness and spices melt into the tenders to give it a stunning aroma makes an appealing dish. But one more factor that matters in the dish along with its taste and mouth-watering whiff is the way it looks. If one serves you the yummiest meat but in the shape of human hand right down to the nails, would you go for it? One won’t even pick the creep to slap you with it. The bet here is that the taste would be wonderful but only a blindfolded person can enjoy it objectively.


10. When your hand looks green!

When your hand looks green

The almonds are only thing that you will probably like to put in your mouth. This is actually a sweet dish! The halwa we so adore has just taken a turn for worse. The green color hand with the almonds for nails make it unnerving to think of nibbling on the tiny little fingers, the sweetness would be late to make an impact when the monster hand is in your face. So are you game? Maybe hulk would come along and smash you for eating his kin!


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