Top 10 Destinations for Dream Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is the oldest all-male ritual that is known to have been practiced since ancient Greece, where they would toast drinks a night before the wedding of a fellow warrior. These days some bachelor parties are often all week affairs that involve strippers, dancing and yes alcohol. The to-be-groom along with his male friends, who are also at his wedding party afterwards, go away for awhile doing things guys like most. It is supposed to be his “last day of freedom” before he weds. Some parties need elaborate planning and while girls may dream of the wedding, most guys dream of this crazy day. Many places celebrate it in different ways but a bachelor party is supposed to be a must. This is supposed to be a night he and his friends will never forget for a lifetime. Bachelor parties are places where dreams are supposed to come true, which is a good thing because it’s always good to take a little break from reality. Oh and whatever you do, always make sure you have enough money to cover bail! Here is a list of the 10 best destinations to have your dream bachelor party.


1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Need I say more? There is a reason it’s nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the world and Sin City. As the stories say Vegas is the ultimate place to be. This is the place to offer you the most memorable bachelor party, you’ve never dared to even dream about. If women doing acrobatics on wires above dance floors is the kind of action you crave then there is a place called Rum Jungle dance club that you will love. Vegas is known for its strip clubs and casinos. The Hard Rock Hotel is the best place to see all the action with beautiful women and amazing atmosphere, it is everything you could dream of. This will definitely be the time of your life never ever to be forgotten. Though you better make sure; what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


2. Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada

An exceptional mixture of trendy nightclubs, old world charm, splendid women and strip clubs all at half the price, only means one thing, Montreal! The city has multiple nightlife places and a twist of various entertainments to offer. It is unarguably one of the best bachelor destinations in the world. To start your night right one should check out the Tokyo Bar and then head to many other bars. There are a variety of strip clubs to pick from and all of them are filled with the hottest women in the world. Right spot for a bachelor party I’d say.


3. South Beach, Florida

South Beach, Florida

This place has the perfect vibe and the best way to spend your bachelor time. There are plenty of possibilities from beaches to golf and gambling in the trendiest clubs. Steaming weather and spectacular beaches could only mean one thing, girls in bikinis, no wonder it is referred as one of the sexiest places on the planet. It is difficult to pick a place to party till the wee hours in the morning because there are so many. Clevelander is the place to go for a bachelor bash. The colorful and unique atmosphere of South Beach will blast your senses and sweep your mind! If you have nothing planned then head to Florida. This is the ultimate place for you and your peeps.


4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

If you pick Bangkok then you are in for a great treat and entertainment. This place has it all from food variety to exotic hotels. They have long standing nightlife, various festivals, a wonderful assortment of high class restaurants that serve literally everything from American fast food to exotic Thai food. There are a variety of clubs too, some of which are closely modeled after Western and European nightclubs, are popular tourist hang outs and also the perfect place to meet other travelers. When it comes to bachelor parties there is no shortage of options. There are about 100 strip clubs with exotic pole dancers dressed spectacularly and massage parlors where you can take the time to relax. So in all Bangkok is perfect for a bachelor party and to spend a whole night partying.


5. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain

If you like loud club music, all night dancing, partying at vivid and crowded places with lots of wild people around and long recovering on the beach all day then this is the place for you. One of the highlights of the island is Space, with its enormous outdoor dance floor and loud music. Or another place which is the largest club in the world called Privilege. You can also go para-sailing or take a boat and enjoy the beautiful countryside. If you choose to go there then be ready to face and experience your bravest dreams. Whatever you choose to do you will go back with some really good memories.


6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m sure whenever anyone says Amsterdam the first thing that comes to mind is Red Light District! But that isn’t the only reason why one should have a bachelor party here. Amsterdam has it all; nightclubs, cafes, museums, cinema and plenty of historic locations, restaurants and various other tourist locations. In some places you will surely find jugglers, fire eaters, street musicians and tattoo artists, how much more exciting could it get. Of course if you are looking for some adult fun” and memorable emotions nothing can beat the red light district. It is lined with shops and museums, and the most commonly found things there are brothels. One can also see pretty young girls standing through the windows inviting you in. What better way to spend your last night of freedom?!?!


7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is not only known for their huge Christ Redeemer that stands 38 meters high, but it is also known for its exciting nightlife, tanned girls and breath taking sights. If you’re looking for a place where the party won’t stop and young girls dancing on the streets all day long and loud music everywhere, then this is the place for you. The best time to go is during the world famous carnival which last 4 days. That means 4 long days of street parties, wild dances, balls, colorful costumes and amazing parades. This is an ideal place for nature lovers with its rain forests, spectacular hiking trails, beaches and surfing are among the many things you can enjoy doing.


8. Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada

This is a destination for winter and snow lovers. Snow, drinks and girls who ski, who wouldn’t like the site of that? Whistler is what the place is called, and it has some killer slopes for skiing. So during the day one can enjoy skiing along all the slopes and trying out different stunts if they like. However if you aren’t used to the cold, you should avoid going to snow places, unless you want to spend your bachelor party in bed with a bad cold. There is a place called Buffalo Bill and according to the locals it is a guaranteed place to give you a hangover the next morning. An upbeat crowd and really fun music guarantee a wild night for any bachelor party. Some other places there are Mallard Lounge and Terrace in the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.


9. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona

This is known for its vibrant nightlife and over 200 golf courses, yes you heard right! It is a perfect place for a bachelor party and for golf lovers. You might also have a chance to see world famous people who take frequent trips here. There is also a club called SIX that has an ice bar almost as big as the dance floor which is definitely a place you must visit while there. Some other famous clubs are discovery lounge, myst, Axis/Radius etc. It is beautiful with its nightlife and unique scenery and a perfect place to have a bachelor party for golf lovers. You can play all day and party all night!


10. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas has evolved in a popular holiday destination. Over the years it has transformed and has phenomenal beaches, golf courses and world class diving spots. This has also made it a famous holiday spot, attracting many people with its mystical charm. There are many famous places to party, one of them being El Squid Roe which is very popular and it is the ultimate place to party when it comes to Cabo. Although make sure to go after midnight because that’s when the real fun starts. Some of the other highlights are some other clubs: Mandala, Gigglin Marlin, kitty nightclub etc. There are many activities one can do, sunbathing, snorkeling in the beautiful waters or fishing; you will definitely not be disappointed that’s for sure.

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