Top 10 Movies That Were Inspired by True Incidents

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6. Goldfinger: The dry Tuxedo under the wet suit


The opening scene of the movie shows that Bond comes out wet from water, knocks down a guard and leaves a compound to explode. He removes the wet suit, takes out a perfectly dry Tuxedo and lights the cigarette in style. The scene was an icon in itself and needs no explanations.

Peter Tazelaar, a Dutch agent working for MI6 during the World War II, performed the same thing during his mission of retrieving two of his men from a Nazi occupied casino. Historians say that he was a womanizer and interested in missions involving casinos just like James Bond. There is a possibility that the screenwriters of Goldfinger, a former agent, who would have known Tazelaar, could have intentionally included this scene in the movie reciprocating him.


7. Sweeney Todd: The human pie

Sweeney Todd

This movie has a cold hearted weird scenario where a barber and a baker run business partnership. The barber kills people and the baker turns their flesh into meat pies and serves the customers without them knowing it. In the film the barber and the baker are played by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Now you must be waiting to know about the real incident that happened. Yes, it did happen.

In the later 30s of the 20th century, an Italian housewife, Leonarda Cianciulli, killed three women, sliced the dead bodies and turned them into tea cakes. How cold hearted she must have been! She waited for the blood in the basin to coagulate, dried it in oven, grounded and mixed it with flour, sugar, margarine and chocolate and made them into delicious tea cakes which she fed to her friends and family.


8. The Da Vinci Code: Dying man writes in his own blood

The Da Vinci Code

In the movie we have seen that the victim after suffering from severe gut stab writes out a complex code in his own blood that could eventually lead to the killer. Not only in The Da Vinci Code but we have seen this kind of scenarios in TV soaps and other movies as well. However this incident has also happened in reality in England. A student, after being stabbed 86 times had the least strength to write down a complex code: “DAV”, on his computer not with the keyboard but with his own blood scrawling on the screen that led to the killer, David Heiss.

This wasn’t the only incident of the kind. A man, also in England, was attacked by a man which left his mouth swollen that he was unable to speak. After interrogation by the police he wrote the name of the attacker in blood.


9. Mission Impossible: hanging from the ceiling

Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise plays one of the finest stunts in his Mission Impossible series but the scene from the first installment of the series left a mark in the minds of some smart men. The scene was when Ethan Hunt hangs from the ceiling of the extremely sensitive and secured room and copies the files in a floppy.

It could not be thought to imitate in reality until in 2010, a group of thieves robbed a “Best buy” store in New Jersey. They implemented the same method from the film to steal around 20 Mac Books priced at $26,000. They smartly hung from the ceiling when the act was on. The store employees came to know until the next day.


10. Face/off: Crashing of the plane in the warehouse

Face off

In this movie John Travolta plays an FBI agent and Nicholas Cage plays a terrorist. There is a scene where Cage tries to escape in a plane and John prevents him by forcing him to crash into a warehouse full of fireworks. Now we would think that how an FBI agent would try out a stunt like this? But it has happened really in Brazil in the year 2009 where a cop stops a group of men escaping in a plane full of smuggled goods. The car he was in crashed the wing breaking its windshield. After knocking down the plane in the runway, the cop arrested the smugglers and retrieved about $200,000 worth of goods which they were planning to take off. Surprisingly, it included a bicycle as well.

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