Top 10 Best Watch Brands in the World

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There was a time when people used to wear watches to keep a track of time, but in the modern world when it was expected that a machine like this would be rendered useless and would become a piece of history and only be seen in museums, watch manufacturers took different train of thought and took watches to whole new level, biggest aspect of which being associating the word “luxury” with the watches and today in the world of style, wrist watches have become a statement of fashion, wearing an expensive designer watch in the business world is highly associated with a sense of pride and in our common day to day life it has become something to show off and brag about. So let us take a look at the top 10 brand of watches around the globe.


1. Rolex, Starting: $500


Based in Switzerland famous for its performance and reliability, Rolex is the most famous and largest manufacturer of luxury watches in the world, a brand worn and bragged about by celebrities and top business man. Officially registered in 1915 the company delivers watches manufactured by hand with the cutting-edge features, quality material used and the precision you would expect in such an expensive branded watch to have. They sell models starting from low thousands, and go all the way up to the gold models with studded diamonds that cost up to high lakhs. The reason of being on no. 1 position is because no other brand in the list matches to the popularity that this luxury watch brand has achieved.


2. Swatch, Starting: $450


Marked by bold new styling, design and marketing launched in 1983 by Nicolas Hayek, swatch saw remarkable success as soon as it came to market and the rage and popularity has still not fallen a bit. Famous for its advanced technology, its outstanding quality, wide variety of styles suitable for every occasion and the price range which makes it affordable for everyone who is looking for a great brand makes this brand a must have item, especially for any top class businessmen.

The name “Swatch” is a short form of “Second Watch” because the brand’s new watches were introduced with a new concept of watches as casual, fun, and relatively disposable accessories.

The company now sells more than a dozen different types of watches, including the Irony series, the Scuba series, the Skin family and even an Internet-connected watch that can download stock quotes, news headlines, weather reports, and other data called the Paparazzi series.


3. Omega, Starting: $400


Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel, Switzerland founded in 1848 by 23-year-old Louis Brandt now owned by the Swatch Group which is famous for high quality watches, well-known for sponsoring sports like golf and tennis and has frequently been the official timekeeper for the Olympics. It was the official timekeeper for the 2006 Winter Olympics and 2008 Summer Olympics, and 2010 Winter Olympics.

Omega watches were the first choice of NASA and therefore was the first watch to be landed on the Moon, worn by Buzz Aldrin though Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on moon but he left his watch in the shuttle before stepping due to some reason.

Omega has been associated with James Bond movies since 1995 also Daniel Craig, the current James Bond wears the Omega Seamaster.


4. TAG heuer, Starting: $300

Tag Heuer

“Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860” founded by Edouard Heuer, TAG Heuer was the company to introduce the world’s first automatic chronograph (specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch). TAG Heuer’s current lines include Formula One, Aquaracer, Link, Carrera, Monaco and Grand Carrera and it also manufactures eye wear, fashion accessories and mobile phones.

In 1911, Heuer manufactured timepieces to be mounted on the dashboards of automobiles, aircraft and boat designed specifically for needs of racers and rallyists. Heuer also introduced timing devices for ski and motor racing events, including Formula One.

Wearers and brand endorsers of TAG watches range from Barack Obama to Chris king and from Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio to our very own bollywood star Shahrukh Khan.


5. Rado, Starting: $300


Swiss luxury manufacturer of watches, considered a pioneer in the field of using scratch-proof materials, producing about half a million watches a year, Rado’s watches are available in more than 150 countries. The price of Rado watches range from $300 to $28,000 and those studded with diamond range from $30,000 to $250,000. RADO has received more than 20 elite international design awards, from the RED DOT Award to the iF Design Award.

In 1962 the Rado Diastar, the world’s first scratch-proof watch was launched which has been in production ever since and now sold as DiaStar The Original.

In 2004 RADO created a ‘high-tech diamond’, by the transformation of carbon into a nanocrystalline diamond, naming the watch V10K which is the hardest watch on Earth, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.


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