Top 10 Best Book Series

Books are like alcohol. Once you get addicted to it, you cannot stop reading it. It is actually a good way of addiction and none wants to get rid of it in a good way. Life without book is like life without oxygen. But, off late there are good books which are actually really addictive especially trilogies and can’t get rid of it. Here are the list of the following:


1. Lord of Rings:

Lord of rings

The ‘Lord of Rings’ series is a universal and all embracing tale of fantasy, myth. It is a book which is bridled by the world of magic. Tolkien- the writer very descriptively narrates beautifully depicting Middle-Earth and the journey that the fellowships take and not only the book is full of magic and fantasy but also the dead language used by the author itself carries the readers to the far away land to feel it’s “Avatar’’. It has also the subtle message portrayed by the author that how the power of Magic was replaced by human dominance. Tolkien makes this “Lord of Rings’’ a universal and all-embracing tale and a magnificent efficient by him to incorporate- an epic tale of love, friendship, heroism- a just celebrated classic of all genres.


2. Harry Potter Series:

Harry Potter Series

Harry potter book series became phenomenon among every children read list universally. It has held a different place in the hearts of all the children since its very inception. The character added by J.K Rowling is almost the same to any other ordinary human being and has given a realistic look and features and can be pictured very well how Harry looked like. J.K Rowling’s brilliance of such combinations like magic, love, pain, revenge, friendship, loss of loved ones and also sacrifice. Nothing falls short of in this Potter series. The writer has very well weaved every detail such that it suits the mystically created wizardly land at its best. The moral lessons are even more subtly cloaked with magic and with mystery enough to instill in the hearts and minds of the young readers.


3. The World of Hunger Games Trilogy:

The world of hunger games triology

A book with a dystopian picture of love, poverty, kindness…a book which strikes a chord of emotions, as if you are on a ride. The Hunger games series is the main attraction among young readers. The ambience created by this book so well created as if one is literally dwelling in the world of fantasy. Katiness a strong protagonist in this trilogy shows how she solves her one problem and takes charge of her own life, struggling with her emotions between two boys. Katiness as a strong protagonist which no reader will want to forget. She herself is in this game- as a hunter. Each year, the twelve districts sends two representatives, a girl and a boy to participate in this hunger game until the loved one will be chosen until each district will be left with the sacrifice of another. This book has a subtle line to imply: Nothing better comes without a sacrifice.


4. Game of Thrones:

Game of thrones

It is fantasy series and the characters in this fantasy literature may be a little bit baffling. All set in the world very akin to medieval history. The complete story is a complete mix and match of horror- because ‘Death’ is the commonplace in this book. The story has and can be seen from much perspective and each character in the book keeps changing giving a different taste- a taste that will keep on lingering on reader’s mind. ‘Game of Throne’ writer has very wittingly made the book full of fantasy and realistic nothing short of mind and numbingly beautiful.


5. Chronicles of Narnia:

Chronicles of Narnia

A book which reflects the struggle between good and evil. The book full of fantasy, fun, imaginary characters like the lion talking and is the main centre of attention. The author carries us to world of evil and bad and it is a book which every children wants to read in his/her childhood days.


6. The Shiva Trilogy:


It is a history that goes down to Indian literature which is of course a trend-changer. Amish- the author took tales and wrote it mostly about most Indians grown with, giving his tales earthly, logical twist added with some well researched myths of Indian Gods and goddess and make us believe that Siva – the god also lived a life like the mortals. While portraying the character Siva in his book, he completely ripped off the god part and gave Him ‘flesh and blood’ to make to the readers alive. It is a story of battles between power of beliefs in Neelkanth versus the belief in Meluha’s systematic governance – a battle between god and evils. However, Siva like Harry Potter has not gained global popularity which could not be a comparative factor. This series has a complete different taste of the characters. They have their own place.


7. Malgudi Days:

Malgudi days

A book which portrays on dull and daily humdrum of usual lives into extraordinary lives. This book might not sound like ‘fast food’ type of book. But it’s a book which takes back to lives when the Indian society was typically weaved by joint family system, social taboos, customs and each story so full of humanity that it will invoke in within you those days which you have forgotten in this deplorable rat-chase called life. These series of books takes us back to old transforming India – a talk of real life, real daily challenges, and real human actions but yes the plot is imaginary.


8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid:

Diary of a wimpy kid

Well it’s a high school kid named Greg and his diary which is a journal to him. His journal talks of high school encounters with bullies, sitting in the basketball ground and of course last but not the least “the cheese touch” theory. His journal talks of Halloween parties, his pranks which at times embarrassed his friends and family. The only crux of the book is to portray that life in middle school is tough, especially for ‘scraggy’ kids like Greg, who are stuck in the middle of parent’s expectation, school-play chase and his own recognition as an individual. It’s a hilarious comedy trilogy which one must read especially for young kids . But it s a book even adults will love to read.


9. The Twilight Saga Series:

twilight saga

Even the forbidden fruits sometimes taste sweet. This was what was depicted by Stephanie Meyer in her twilight saga series that even vampire or evils cannot always do harm to you. The story is full of romance between a normal mortal girl named Bella and an immortal blood-sucker vampire Edward Cullen. The story with its first book attracted a lot number of readers but gradually with the ‘Breaking Dawn’, things got stretchy. It revolves around the same humdrum: love, getting married, having a baby but the only difference is that it’s a union between a vampire and a human. Apart from that everything seems the same. Although it’s a book for teenagers below 17 but later when you grow up it will lose its charm gradually.


10. His Dark Materials


It is a trilogy of dark fantasy tales, of which comprises ‘The Golden Compass’’, “The Sublet Knife” and the “Amber Spyglass”. The opening of the tale is coming-of-age of two children, Lyra, Belacqua and Will Parry. This tale takes the reader to the backdrop of epic events through a series of parallel universes. The story involves mostly of armoured bears, witches, physics, philosophy theology and spirituality.

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