Top 10 Hottest and Most Handsome Footballers in the World

Football or Soccer is a game played and enjoyed worldwide today and being one of the most popular sports , it has a lot more in it other than just the rush, fans ,leagues and well known world cup. Football is now known for centuries now and being a national sports for almost more than 10 countries its still holding its rank in the list for one of the popular sports of all the times. Football is played in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and in both of the Americas so along with a real adrenaline pumping game football do includes a wide variety of races and faces from all around the world. These men’s with all athletes build which fits in like heaven are not only easy on eyes but are fun to watch as they do kick, pass, block and score some goals. And well over the top trying to pick a list of 10 hottest footballers is kind of a real challenge. For say there are many factors at play, their thunder thigh to bank statement ratio always trips us up. So rather than using usual lengthy algorithm that take pitch prowess, chin dimples and astrology into consideration, we are going old school to select ten players that truly make the best game in the world the most beautiful one. So here we go for the 10 hottest footballers to watch for:


1. Yoann Gourcuff: Yoann Gourcuff

This beautiful French 27 year old man is the first pick for the hottest soccer star in the world. He is an attacking midfielder of club Olympique Lyonnais. He is being playing since he was 10 and with his deep, piercing eyes and brown curly locks, his hotness factor is always taken quite seriously. In 2009, he was named French Player of the Year which happened only a year after he joined the national team. Many eyes were on this player even at the early days of his career. With a UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship to add to his honors, this young and budding French man is sure to go places. And to be true no one can beats this beautiful french man from his spot.   2. David Beckham:David Beckham  Striking at second spot of list is one of the most famous soccer players of all time, David Beckham. The 37 years old English footballer has been with Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy, Paris Saint-German and the England National Team for which he holds the appearance record for an outfield player. He made his debut to football in 1992 at the tender age of 17 and has been playing since then. He has been known to be on many people’s list of hottest soccer players of all times. Being famous with his quote of “Bend it like Beckham” he is married to posh spice Victoria Beckham from spice girl and has a family of four kids but apart from being oldest in the list what makes him worthy of his spot is his killing English accent, with so perfect hair and beautiful hazel eyes, and well with speechless athletic body full of tattoos, come on who don’t love that.   3. Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo 28 year’s old Spanish footballer holds his unique spot in the list. The player who started football at the age of 8 with Portugal was considered one of the most expensive players in the history of football when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, which cost about £80 million. He joins the likes of Lionel Messi and David Beckham as he is regarded as one of the greatest players in soccer history. And much can be said about his looks, too. His beautifully structured face and deep, piercing eyes are enough to leave any woman speechless and keeping him at third spot in the list.   4. Gerard Pique: Gerard Pique Gerard Piqué i Bernabeu, 26 years old Spanish footballer is striking at number four position in our list. He plays as central defender for FC Barcelona. A product of Barça’s Cantera, he initially left the club for Manchester United in 2004, where he remained for four years, before returning to Barça under Pep Guardiola’s leadership, helping the club become the first ever to complete a Sextuple. Piqué is one of four players to have won the UEFA Champions League two years in a row with different teams. This Barcelona man has always been one of the sexiest footballers of the decade, and with his stunning cheek bones, blue eyes and well curved physique this hottie is a brand new dad too, all more adding to his charisma.   5. Ricardo Kaka: Ricardo Kaka Ricardo Kaka is a smoldering hot Brazilian attacking midfielder who plays for Real Madrid. At the age of 19, he played for Sao Paulo and showcased his tremendous talents and skills. He scored 30 goals in his first two seasons which sent the European teams to Brazil in hopes to recruit the young gun. But it was AC Milan who was able to convince him to join their team. It did not take long until Real Madrid came into the picture and signed him for £65 million which is the second most expensive transfer in soccer history. He is 31 and still hot as hell, he is one of the most model looking footballers of all the time too.   6. Mario Gomez: Mario Gomez Mario Gómez García, 28 years old German footballer is holding on to sixth spot in the list. He plays as a striker for Fiorentina in the series A and German National team. Gómez joined Fiorentina after spending four seasons with Bayern Munich, which he joined after six years playing for VfB Stuttgart. Not only is Gomez a commendable soccer player, he is also very outspoken about social issues. In 2012, he openly spoke about homosexuality in soccer to encourage gay players to come out so that they could feel more liberated when they play. It isn’t just his good looks or his beautiful blue eyes that make him hot but also his spirit.   7. Iker Casillas: Iker Casillas 32 years old Spanish Football goalkeeper is at number seven in our list. He plays for and captain both Real Madrid and Spanish National team, making Spanish national team to won their first European championship in 2008 in 44 years plus leading the Spanish team that went on to win Spain’s first World Cup and the 2012 European Championship.In the world of soccer, goalies are credited for the wins and Iker Casillas is one such goalie who does his job well. A testament to this goalie’s greatness is he is one of the very few players who has won all the major club and national championship titles.   8. Lionel Messi: Lionel Messi Reaching for eight spot in the list is the 27 years old Argentine footballer, along with playing forward for La Liga club FC Barcelona and the Argentina National team, he serves as the captain of his countries national team and is considered as one of FC Barcelona’s prized possessions of all times. He is also considered to be one of the best soccer players of his generation. Some critics even compare him to the notorious Diego Maradona of Argentina. He became an all-time top scorer of Barcelona by the tender age of 24 beating the record set by Cesar Rodriguez of 232 goals. Along with winning the World Player of the Year awards from 2009 until 2012 there’s a lot about him making to this list and with everything from his dark brown eyes to brown hairs he’s worthy enough to be on the hottest list.   9. Niko Kranjcar: Niko Kranjcar This 29 years old Croatian footballer has scored ninth spot in the list. This midfielder plays for Dynamo Kyiv and Croatian national team. Apart from being with around five different clubs already, Niko’s tall physique is worthy of keeping him in his spot.   10. Tim Cahill: Tim Cahill This 33 year old Australian footballer is making his mark at tenth spot in the list. This forward/Attacking midfielder plays for New York Red Bulls of major league soccer and the Australian national football team. Scoring the first ever goal by an Australian footballer, he do hold the record for most goals scored by an Aussie player in world cup. Once an evertonian this Australian hottie has a body to match his personality, and his sexy left arm tattoo is definitely something to keep him up in the list of hottest footballers.

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