Top 10 Life Hacks That Can Make Your Life Simpler

Life hacks are little tips and ways that make our daily lives easier. These tips and tricks are low on budget and help us in a variety of ways like preserving food, saving time, saving effort, organizing our stuff, saving space and saving money of course. Life hacks evolved because of the fact that sometimes the right way of doing a thing is not the fastest or most efficient way. Life hacks are simply alternate ways of doing our daily things within seconds without putting in much money. These are most important for students (as they are low on resources), housewives (as they need to keep everything organized) and busy men (life hacks are all about saving time after all). So, if you too want some quick and easy tips that will make your life easier, you’re lucky to be reading this, as given below are 10 life hacks which will surely help you:


1. Opening a knot:

opening a knot

Now this is something so common and so time consuming. I’m sure that some time or the other, all of you have frowned over a tight knot and have struggled in opening it. Here is a simple way of opening a knot, which will save both your time and effort. You don’t need to put use and crack your fingernails to open a difficult knot. Instead grab one of the two loose ends and start twisting it. Once you have twisted it, you can now push the loose end inwards. This way you can loosen any knot and save effort on your part.


2. Deal with your Pant Zipper problem:

pant zipper

A common problem with the zipper of our pants is that it refuses to stay up. Even if you have pulled it up, you may find that it slips down within minutes, especially if the pants are tight. This can lead to ugly and embarrassing situations. You can of course get it replaced, but here’s a temporary and effective way to deal with it. Take a key ring and slide it through the zipper slit. Pull the zipper up and put the key ring in the pants button. This will hold the zipper up in a simple manner. Later, put in the button and the key ring will not even be visible, that solves our problem. Another way could be using a rubber band instead of a key ring to hold the zipper up. It adds up to the flexibility.


3. Phone holder:

phone holder

There are numerous times when you need to have a phone holder by your side. It can be when you are out on beach, or you are wearing a dress with no pockets or when you want to keep your phone away from slipping. You can make your own phone holder with the help of cosmetic or lotion container. Or else, you can temporarily hold your phone using binder clip, cassette holder or toilet roll. You can even support your phone with the help of your sunglasses. Phone holders are convenient and easy to make.


4. Waterproof your shoes:

waterproof your shoes

So you are going out in rain and you are fearful of damaging your shoes, or you just do not like the feeling of wet feet. One simple tip for you in that case is make your shoes waterproof before stepping out. You can do this simply by rubbing bee wax over your shoes. Bee wax is easily available in market in packet form. So simply unpack your bee wax, rub it over your shoes and you are ready to go.


5. Lip balm wonders:

lip balm

You might be wondering how your old lip balm can suddenly acquire importance now. It surely can, because a lip balm finds application in a number of life hacking tips. Your old lip balm that you do not use now can be used to fix a stuck drawer, groom unruly eyebrows, shine your leather shoes, fix a sticky light socket, stop bloody shaving nicks, lubricate ridges, and solve zipper problems and to quiet squeaky shoes. If that is not enough, you can even use your old lip balm container to store emergency money. Lip balms are easy, convenient and cheap for all the above purposes.


6. Binder clip miracles:

binder clip

The binder clip is the favorite DIY miracle for life hackers. A binder clip is capable of doing so much, that you would just love to have them at your disposal. Binder clips are capable of keeping your cords from slipping away; they are perfect for storing beverages in fridge in a mounted fashion; they can form easy photo, phone or sponge stands; they can make your keyboard more ergonomic and can also store your cables without a mess. Binder clips are a must have if you want to save your time and they cost less than a dollar – so they make the deal quite economical.


7. Looking for something small?

something small

If you have kids at home or if you are careless enough to lose small things, then this is the tip for you. Often we need to search for small things at our homes, like earrings, nuts, beads or other such small items. Searching for them can be time consuming and tiring. So what you should do in such a case is – take a stocking and place it tight and flat on your vacuum pump mouth. Use your vacuum pump on suction mode and move it over the ground to get your tiny possessions back. They will stick onto the stocking and you can easily retrieve them without much effort.


8. Keep your cookies and biscuits away from moisture:

cookies and biscuits

This tip is particularly useful for housewives or kitchen keepers. Biscuits and cookies often become too soggy to eat if they are exposed to moisture. One obvious way is to store them in airtight containers. But what if there are no airtight containers available, like, if on a trip? In that case here is a simple way of storing your biscuits. Do not throw the wrapper; in fact keep your remaining biscuits in the wrapper. Cut out a plastic bottle top and fix it in the biscuit wrapper. Fold the wrapper outwards and put the bottle cap to create easy air tight storage for your biscuits or cookies.


9. Soda pop tab for your wardrobe:

soda pop tab

You will love this life hack if you have a wardrobe with limited space. I have seen people who need a bigger closet but do not have the money to get one. This is a cheap tip for them. And of course, all the ladies must know it as most of them have overflowing closets. Now we all drink sodas, beers and soft drinks from cans and throw them away. What you need to do is save those soda pop tabs, put them on your covered hanger and through the other slit just suspend another hook hanger. It saves you space, make more dresses vertically visible to you and of course saves more of your dresses from creases.


10. No need to waste time on cord tangles:

cord tangles

In this technology age, we have cords for everything, be it the USB cable, or earphones or chargers. And most of us have suffered through this – we have spent quite some time in getting rid of those cord tangles. So here are two effective ways which are easy and simple but most importantly they save your cords from getting tangled. The first one is using toilet paper rolls to store your individual cords. This will help you in keeping them separate, even if you plan to put them all in one box. They are easy to put in and easy to retrieve. What’s more? You can even write on the roll what the cord is meant for. Second effective way of keeping away your cords from tangles is using pen springs. Once your pen’s ink is finished, before throwing it away, take out the spring and put it in your cord, specially the charger cords. This will keep them straight and will protect them too.


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