Top 10 Useless Things People Spend

When you have the money you can get every solution for every little problem, but one has to know that what is the money sucking problem on the first place, right? Does spending money makes us feel good? Even it does, but we tend to spend too much out of impulse….which is termed as impulsive buying. We often confuse on what we “want” and what we “need” and how much we “need”. This the little difference that must be realized before we pull the money out of our pockets.

Here is the list on which we definitely spend our money on.


1. Shopping


It’s topical question which is needed to be debated again and again. Some people feel that it is worthwhile to spend money on and some others feel that it is useless to spend money on shopping especially branded clothes and shoes. So, it’s quite debateable whether you spend the money for the ‘’want’’ or for ‘’need’’. With the increase in social status by virtue of how much money you have. It’s a fashion fiesta kind of things people are conscious about ! It is the dress which determines one’s personality which at times are very petty because then one must look at Sonia Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi, they don’t wear hot dresses, so do people distaste or treat them as social isolates. Maybe it’s because of the peer pressure that people go around buying expensive clothes which you can buy at cheap prices from ‘’Bangkok street’’.


2. Take away food stuffs

take away food stuffs

You go to Mc Donalds and you end paying 200 bucks just for a burger and plus pay services tax . Burgers are not hard to make in your home. Or you are spending at around INR 1500 for a chicken curry or some Indian dishes which are expensive and one cannot complain again and again for such overspent. And when one really wants to have normal food it’s better to have cheap foods from normal restaurants. Nonetheless it’s a huge expenditure to eat in a bigger restuarant.


3. Travelling and booking expensive hotels

travelling and booking expensive hotels

Travelling adds a lot of hassle at present. And the airlines have even hiked the prices of their ticket especially of the cheap airlines which once used to be airlines. People specially show their status that they travel a lot for business trips and as a result you spend your money impulsively at costly hotels to put up yourself, or having food and buying home decoration stuffs. If one has not really seen a Taj mahal , because it already exists in youtubes, or images. There it really doesn’t make much of difference. What makes the expenses more is that you put up yourself in an expensive hotels and paying bills. There is nothing comfortable than your home or go out for a 1 day night halt in a nearby local tourist spot if you really want to take a break instead to going to happening tourist spots which adds up nothing rather than adding your money in your bills.


4. Gadgets


Earlier people used to carry a pager or a simple ‘’beetle type phone” for necessity. Nowadays people have become gadget freak the day when nokia started launching OS phones and later then touchscreens. Touch screens are like next generation phone. Now, buying a phone has become a daily dose of life and smart people want smart phones to flaunt them before your collegues , friends. But, more the number of apps downloaded in your phone, the lesser are the chances to use them all. It is nothing but it’s a waste of time and money because ultimately phone is of one purpose , one – receive a call and second- texting.


5. Wedding and parties

wedding and parties

Big fat weddings , shows how much lavishly one spends money to get to hearts of person together. It seems as ‘ it’s quite a show’ huh? Moreover, spending money in social weddings and parties are like flesh-scouring pain on your skin, the moment you start paying cheques after cheques to book band-bajas, caterars, wedding planners . you might become the latest gossip among the people in your wedding if you don’t come up to your expectations and that it distracts us a lot, because we cannot bear criticism. After wedding parties, you order for latest wines and expensive alcohol, as if it’s a club and that the sacred part of the marriage has now quite been mordernised . You celebrate the union of two people by virtue of drinking and dancing. It is a complete waste of time, money and subjected to mental agony. At the end of the wedding, the food goes to complete waste, which cannot be taken back, but half of our India’s population is still under poverty and people cannot get food , the only reason being rich people have them all (they don;t mind if it goes to waste) and later talk about India’s line of poverty.


6. Movies


If you haven’t watched 3D movies in big multiplexes then it’s a huge loss for you and if you don’t watch it, you might become a bad example among your peers. Because you haven’t spent 500 bucks for the movie tickets and for the specs 100 plus beverages you order in between the interval which will cost you around another 100 bucks. This is the stereotype notion the young generation have, but so long as you don’t realize that actually like suction pressure created by these multiplexes which vacuums your pocket instantly. These multiplexes are very much clever to fool you and make you pay huge amount of money. Let’s say with these money you can travel by A/C rail to Delhi, with which you are actually spending money. Now, technology is such that you have home theatres if you are really a movie freak. But, if you are not go to a nearby hall and watch it normal screen, earlier there was no such 3D halls, it’s ok to watch it in normal screens rather than spending arbitrarily.


7. Education


The education system nowadays has become another huge expenditure. People have a very sceptic belief that teaching his or her child in a very dashing pushing universities or colleges are the one’s which produces dashing pushing next generation employees. But, no one realizes that good education cannot be bought with money. But, this very concept has been scrapped long ago and moreover, you actually cannot in present scenario afford to get good education unless you pay good fees. We cannot overcome that. But, yes we have to overcome those expenditures where even if your studying in Private college, the cost and expenditures is more than lakhs and what gurantees does it provide that every candidate is going to get a placement even after paying huge sums of money. Education system today has become a barter system and it’s quite hapless to state that good education comes with good teachers and not with how much good fees you pay to feed these mushrooming private colleges/universities.


8. Jewellery and accesories

Jewellery and accessories

It is quite mandatory that when one goes out to a party you need to deck up yourself perfectly. Everytime you go to party you buy another set of jewellery because you kind of hate repeating. But, ultimately you can wear these heavy costly jewelleries in parties only and not in public places, so why spend so much money on these frivolous stuffs? Today, the generation has changed because now gold has lost its charm and diamond and platinum are in demand, but economically diamond is of no use, since it leads to depreciation but gold is always a good way to serve two purposes : one, you can wear them in occasions or get them designed well ; second, even if you don’t wear them you it’s a good way of future investment and go for gold loans if in future when such situation arises.


9. Household furnishes

household furnitures

Sometimes we overdo in furnishing our houses when it comes to furnishing. The well to do people have the habit of buying such stuffs which are quite expensive and later it becomes useless like making a separate bar at one corner and get drunk whenever one wants, but ultimately it’s of no use and moreover at times we overspend buying crystal lights which are very hard to maintain and it is seen that usually they keep separate maids to clean them which results in extra spending of funds, and we might tend to over think when our salary gets half of what we get. It’s quite impulsive to install such stuffs which are of no use or hardly of any use.


10. Newspaper and magazines

newspaper and magazines

The newspaper subscription is complete waste of time and pages and inks, now we are living in a sustainable form of society where our main priority is to stop cutting down trees. Ultimately, it leads to pollution and lot of waste at one corner of your room to get it accumulated and later throw them or sell them. But, now technology has got the world in before our eyes to see what’s happening around you. You can do so by online reading newspaper or magazines. People have kindle or notebook or tabs to browse and reach any corner of news paper. Because in this present and fast changing globalization there is need to change our pace as well as make ourselves to be a part of this sustainable form of society and let’s not, let the ice melt by doing so.

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