Top 10 Things That Add Meaning to Human Survival

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6. Power


Human beings cannot survive in darkness. However, man needs power to keep his day and his work going, for example solar energy, wind , water ,wood over which men are very much dependent. You need water to make hydro electricity, you need wind to run wind mills, wood to cook food and of course now we have the sustainable form of energy which is solar panels and solar cookers. Earlier men were dependent on these but these are essentials of any human life without which you cannot think of a life.


7. Medicines


Medicines are the ones which cures us and it may be in the form of herbs or chemically synchronised for better and faster effect. Even primitive men are also dependent on some kind of herbs or plant medicines which cures the injury or any other ailment. Because without health there is no wealth.


8. Partner


Every one needs a partner , a partner who will be there till the time you are alive. Because as said man is a social animal, and he needs some kind of support to keep him going in his life. Things get hard, when one cannot show his/her expression to his near and dear ones, he feels frustrated and lonely in his life. We live in a society where we happen to stay in groups , interact, share ideas, thoughts, emotions without which this world would have become beastly or just ‘Zombies’.


9. Security


In the words of Helen Keller: “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” So which will it be for you? Have you chosen the daring adventure, or have you chosen the nothing?

As an individual we have our own rights and there is always fear of infringement of our rights and there is always the possibility of our rights to get infringed and that is why we need personal security which has altogether become a social security. That is why there always a need for such institutions like police, bureaucracy for need of protecting ourselves from such consequences. Man is a social animal, but every man has his own rights which must be protected by someone or by some institutions established by man himself. Because today’s scenario, if go to some place and when you return back from any place and you find a intruder in your house can be a frightening experience and might harm you in return if you try not to let him escape. That is how we go for self-actualization and self motivation , so I think the theory of Hellen Keller does really work here.


10. Survival psychology: Mental attitude

survival psychology

We live in a ‘fast food’ life , it is a natural human tendency to ‘either fight or flight’ the situation and without which no man can be called the “ survival of the fittest” , no matter what how hard the conditions may be , it is the basic instinct within the man’s mind to face any obstacle. Research has shown that toll of stress can be reversed by positive mental attitude and not only that but also positive thinking , emotions are the factors which increases the chances of survival. There are many ways by which people attain the positive mental attitude , some by virtue of religious performance, others by watching funny movies or eating too much in a day. No matter what, man always finds a way for himself to fight any situation that comes in its way.

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