Top 10 Acts of Kindness One Can Do

Kindness is an honourable quality present in human beings which refers to the act of being good to others. The charitable behavior which makes us concerned about the comforts of others is the outcome of an emotion called kindness. It describes the act of always lending a helping hand to every known and unknown being without expecting anything in return. Kind hearted people are always ready to share the pain of others. They are not scared of going into the darkness just to pull someone out in bright light. These people are genuinely interested in the welfare of the commoner. The good behavior of these golden hearted people not only gives immense pleasure to the receiver but also to the person performing the act of kindness. In all it soothes their hearts and relax their minds.


1. Set a good example

set a good example

One should always work to set a good example in the society such that others can get inspiration from him. The works of kindness can bring a great change even in the heart of a stone hearted man. When we see others doing good and helping others, we too do the same. Here is one example of a orphan boy of India who stayed with his sister. Due to earthquake once a family lost their house and also their complete savings. At such a time, a young boy came up and supported them. He gave them his full savings which he managed to save from his pocket money and even took up a job of selling lemonade in a stall just to support that family. This shows how kind hearted he was. After few years when the sister of that boy fell ill, that family helped him by spending for the entire checkup. And they also built a park in their neighborhood in her remembrance when she died.


2. Donation of Physical labour

donation of physical labour

Working physically is not what everyone wants to do. Most of the rich people are associated with one or the other charitable trust and NGOs. They donate money. Do they have an idea how divine it feels when you press an old man’s head when he suffers from headache? Working or donating your physical effort would not only earn you blessings but also develop you as a kind person. You will feel relaxed and mental satisfaction will be like never before. A small resolution from your side can change a lot in the times to come. Cleaning up the environment you live in, serving an old age home or an orphanage, anything you wish to but donate physically.


3. Sharing


Sharing is always a good habit. It makes our behavior towards other people more sociable and also links us with other beings. A person should share everything good in his life freely with everyone. He must not be concerned only about his own well being but must work for the upliftment of the common people. Sharing can be done in many ways. It can be performed in our day to day life just by sharing a book with our friend or our tiffin in the whole class. It creates a very positive impact on the mind of both the giver and receiver and it also leads to a mutual understanding between them. Watching someone being benefitted because of us also makes us happy and gives a warm feeling.


4. Sacrifices


The people who make sacrifices are the noblest beings. They may not lead a very luxurious life but the compromises made by them make then rise in the eyes of the commoner. These noble hearted people always put the needs and desires of other’s before their own. Sacrificing one’s own desires just to make another’s dream come true is every tough job to do. Preliminary we may not feel good or feel injustice. But the smile seen on the other person’s face brought due to the small compromises made by us means a lot. It gives a mental satisfaction and also relieves us from the outer world stress and tension.


5. To love unconditionally

to love unconditionally

Loving someone without expecting anything in return is called the unconditional love. This love has no boundaries, that even if someone hurts us so badly but still we feel for them. We still wish their good and are always ready to help them in their need. In the unconditional love, quarrels may occur, we may fight for some reasons or stay angry with them. But all are temporary. As soon as the other person comes and says sorry, we can do nothing but forgive them. Such a strong bondage is present in unconditional love that no matter how badly they hurt us or how big mistake they do but we still love them. Accept them the way they are. Such a selfless love is showered by the parents onto their children. The parents love us, care for us, support us in every way but never expect anything in return of their service. This is truly the unconditional love.


6. Be fair and honest

be fair and honest

Honesty is a great virtue which is adored all over the world. An honest person is identified by their nature and morality. They are trusted by the people and also expected for their moral behavior. A person who makes a fair judgement is honored by everyone and is also allowed to keep their head high in the society. Through their warm behavior they can win the hearts of many. An honest person moves in the society freely, spreading their goodness in all directions. Therefore it is said that honesty is the best policy. One who remains honest is accepted by everyone for their goodwill and modest attitude.


7. Treat others the way you would like to be treated

treat others the way you would like to be treated

Everybody expects a warm hospitality from others and sharing is the best policy. If someone does not share his or her belongings with others, then others will also do the same. If a person does not care about anybody else and is only concerned about their own well being then slowly people will also stop caring for them. Kids learn to share only when they watch their elder brothers and sisters doing the same. When the other children share their toys and chocolates, they too learn the act of sharing and meanwhile a healthy habit develops. And thus from the beginning only we learn to treat others the way we want to be treated.


8. Speak gently

speak gently

Words have a direct influence on the heart of the listener. The words when spoken sweetly and nurtured with good behavior create a very good impression on the minds of the listener. The gentle words have the capability of healing the wounds of the person in great pain. It creates a positive atmosphere around them and also provides enthusiasm to the listener to move on in life. A patient listener can differentiate the burden of pain and sorrows in another’s mind almost in seconds and lift them to be optimistic in life.


9. Forgiveness


Forgiveness is associated with mental peace. The people who forgive others easily and quickly are the one who lead a much happier life. As long as people contain grudge against anybody or anything, they suffer from mental agony, depression and also brood over his failures. So the masters say that the best method of acquiring peace is forgiveness. The kind people always overlook other’s mistakes and have great patience with imperfections. They always accept the people the way they are and if anyone is genuinely sorry for their deed and truly wants to change then these noble people always gives them a second chance which has the power to turn the heart of a very evil person also in to a golden one.


10. Helping others

helping others

Helping is a great quality and the people who are always ready to help others without any second thought in their mind are called the genuine kind hearted people. Kindness do not expect anything in return even the person practicing the act of helping are always ready to share other’s pain and sorrows. Help can be done in many ways. Giving some food to a poor hungry man or donating some blood or showing way to some blind person or giving lift to anyone in need. All comes under the act of kindness. Even by lending a pen to any friend who is in need of that can make them remember us always as a good hearted person and also it uplifts our personality in the society.

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