Top 10 Not So Good Changes a Pet Can Bring to Your Life

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You know, after spending the whole day working there is just one person waiting for you at home. And when you reach the door, unlock it and enter, your pet comes running to give you the warm welcome and licks you with excitement, starts jumping and rolls down on your feet. When the children have just finished off their homeworks, they rush to their pet who give them a feeling of relaxation. Pet happily agrees to shower all the love. They can’t speak but they can understand you the best and listen to you more patiently.

A pet is not considered as an animal or someone unlike human species, when it comes to your home, they capture the special place in your life. They do not just become part of the family but they become the “family” you would never want to live without. Animal lovers and pet owners can’t disagree with the changes a pet can bring or have already brought to their life. The change is a constant “Growing and learning” for the pet owners as well as for the pets. They offer unconditional love to you, are selfless, and they are the life’s greatest pleasures. Though dogs and cats are the most loved ones, there are other pets too, like birds, rabbit, guinea pigs, fishes, hamsters, turtles, horses. From a childless mother to the one who is friendless, from older people to a sick patient, a pet is always there to bring changes in one’s life. They can be rewarding and wonderful experience.


1. Carefree


There is a past to regret, present to deal with and future to set up and prepare ourselves- that is how we can’t be carefree or careless, we have to think of everything around us, missing out one thing will throw us out of the track. But did you see a pet who hardly cares what is going around , you shout at or hit them in anger, they will be angry for 10 seconds and then will forget about it. They are carefree all the time, are more bothered about the kisses you give to them and the more time you spend with them.When the world is running around to make more money and love is losing its essence,having a pet can make us enjoy things which actually soothes our heart and makes life a joy ride!


2. Active


A pet keeps you active and healthy, makes you play with them, run with them – this is not only with the four-legged pets you have, even fishes, birds or any other pets can be playful and friendly and approachable. They make you say good-bye to your old lazy schedule which has no healthy activities or getting indulged into some good pastimes. You make one move and they will certainly respond to you and the smile they bring on your face makes you mentally active and physically agile.When next time your pet makes you run,don’t forget to thank your pet for helping you shed off your baby fat!


3. Loyalty


Get a little bit closer to your pet and you can realise your pet is making you learn some life lessons which may change you and your life forever. Your pet is your most loyal friend , who is never going to change, will keep being a protective and unconditional. It’s a pet’s devotion towards their master which is motivational too. In fact, a pet has more sense of loyalty towards human species than what is between human-human. They will never disclose any of your secrets or demand anything in return. It’s your pet’s innate virtue of loyalty that brings changes to your life and lets you value the virtue of commitments and fidelity.


4. Emotional development

emotional development

This human-animal bonding is the purest one which has a great impact in your life. They make you grow emotionally, make you sensitive and nurture you from within. Simply touching your pet or cuddling, or stroking, holding has a great power over your feelings and emotions. That is how exactly they slowly come to your life and start dominating! They make you more compassionate and a tender-hearted person. Not only a pet owner starts working on self acceptance and understanding, but also they become selfless. Interacting with pets can actually help to lessen down the feeling of hatred or violence between siblings.


5. Boost up

boost up

A pet gives you company, to De-stress and reduce your anxiety. Their playful nature makes your forget all your worries and offers you the comfort you need. They wag their tail, purr to get your attention, curl up in your lap, start humping only to make you play with them, chirp in a soothing way, and act as an energy giver. They make you more lively and also make you overcome your physical and mental challenges like stress situations, depression, isolation, diseased. They bring you immense contentment, and also boost your optimism and morale, providing a sense of self-worth.


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