Top 10 Sure Shot Ways to Make People Laugh

Laughter is a medicine. As babies, it was not something thought to us. As kids, we just laugh for no reason and as adults we try laughing for a reason. Laughter is unique to each person. It is different how a small kid understands things and laughs for it and it’s very much different how grown up’s react to the same situation.

There are few who can’t stop laughing once triggered and few who just don’t know to laugh. In this variety of people seen among us, where can we find that laughing medicine? Or do we need one to laugh? Maybe it’s just there in us and we don’t make an effort to find it. In this busy world tell me how many of us just laugh once a day? Stop thinking because you may not find even one instance. This is such a pathetic condition where people need to make time to even laugh. The best way to laugh is to catch hold of all the funny things that happen around you and enjoy it. Stop taking everything in life so seriously and relax. Don’t get into the details of stuffs because that never lets you laugh. Be a little more patient to listen when someone is tellin something. Be a little more humorous or if you are not atleast encourage such kind of people around you. Laughter is one free thing available (though priceless!). Make the best out of it and keep laughing in life. Maybe you can use the following tips to make people laugh because it’s sure going to help!


1. Just laugh—it’s contagious

just laugh

The above mentioned ways of making people laugh involves actions or thoughts that are shared. But the best and foremost way to make someone laugh is to just laugh yourself. Just start laughing(people might think you are mad, never mind!) and see around, you will automatically see everyone laughing for no reason. It’s really the best feeling for you to be a reason for another person’s laughter. As the saying goes,’ A man isn’t poor if he can still laugh’ and the most wasted of all days is the days without laughter. So laugh as much as you breathe and stay healthy!


2. Falling in front of a large crowd.

falling in front of a large crowd

This act is not the one that is performed to make someone laugh but when it happens accidentally, people watching you just can’t stop laughing. The first thing when a person falls is to check if he/she is hurt but if someone has seen them fall so awkwardly then it just becomes difficult to restrain self from laughing. It’s not nice manners to laugh in that situation but frankly speaking and through my own experience it’s just uncontrollable.


3. Facial expression is a big part.

facial expression

The entire thoughts running in one’s mind can be read through facial expressions. As they say, we can read one’s mind by just seeing the face. Then, even making people laugh through this is a nice way and is what Mr.Bean, The Mask etc have adopted. They pass on their complete thought with just an expression on face which is just uncontrollable to stop laughing. That perkiness and depth in expression can get the crowd on feet. It’s such a beauty to watch them perform. I am sure most of us have friends or people around us who have made us laugh with such expressions on face that is a fabulous act. Just observe a clown in a circus to get a glimpse a true facial expressions that makes the crowd gathered enjoy laughing.


4. Laughing Club-Just stop and watch.

laughing club

A visit to a neighborhood park is enough to bring in an uncontrollable laugh on your face. These parks have these so called laughing clubs where a group of people(majority of them being grandparents) just stand together in groups and burst out laughing for no reason. You need not join it but just stand there to watch them for a while and I bet it you can’t stop yourself from laughing. Laughter is like a tranquilizer with no side effects. It is the best medicine that can be shared and enjoyed together.


5. Pets being naughty-a complete laughing gas!

pets being naughty

Pets are truly stress busters. They are the ones you would love to be with when you are back home from a hectic day. Just cuddling them can burn down all your worries. They are seen licking, pulling out the cushions of your sofa, waiting to jump on you when you are back home, trying to lick you everywhere, trying to reach something on the table and acting so very innocent etc. All these are just a few to pen down but time spent with your pets and watching them do all naughty stuffs and act so innocent is the best ever laughter you can have.


6. Tickling- Laughter just bursts out.


Tickling means to touch (the body) lightly so as to cause laughter or twitching movements. This action can cause anyone laugh at any instant. It is the easiest means of making anyone laugh. Just a touch can trigger laughter. Some people are so sensitive to tickling that even a smallest intuition of being tickled they run away. Some people not only laugh but it’s also accompanied by dance which makes people watching them also laugh aloud. If you haven’t tickled anyone till date then it’s worth giving it a try to anyone sitting adjacent to you.


7. Babies Dancing-Treat to eyes

babies dancing

Babies are one of the cutest parts of this world. Their innocence, naughtiness, smile ,laughter, anger, tears everything in them will make us laugh at how beautiful they are. Just observe a small kid trying to take something that is on top of a table which by mistake falls down. The kid will just walk away from that place if it’s naughty or sit there till someone pampers it and says it’s okay. In this process just sit away and watch the kid’s expressions . You can’t stop laughing and you will definitely go on to share that experience with all your family members. It is a great joy to having a chance to laugh at the child’s naughtiness. Those weird steps and moves shaking every part of their body is truly too much of fun.


8. Silly Mistakes of your own!

silly mistakes

Just spill something while you are holding, drinking something etc and try hiding it, without you realizing, someone observing your actions will automatically burst out laughing seeing you cover it up silently. A mistake in office where you don’t know something and you still try acting as though you know it and your boss knows you are acting ,will automatically result in your boss laughing at you. There are many such situations where you don’t realize that you are the reason for someone’s laughter.


9. Farting -Neither the action nor the laughter can be controlled.


Farting is basically the release of gas accumulated in a person’s body and is done to keep the body healthy and clean. But being in a crowd and doing this uncontrollable action making it sound aloud is really too funny. Even producing that kind of sound for fun sake brings an infectious laugh. People of all age are prone to this. Though it is not good laughing at it, it’s just not easy to control.


10. Reading out comics.

reading out comics

It’s a great joy to spend sometime reading comics. There are jokes available to cherish even in the daily newspaper and magzines. When this is read and recorded, it feels good to share them in a crowd and make people laugh. Like it’s said books are the best companion to a person, many jokes can be registered in our minds and can be a greatest asset in making the people around us laugh. The Supandi tales from Tinkle is the book for all ages and generations to make one laugh. It’s filled with humor. Many such books are available and are the best for book lovers.

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