Top 10 Absolutely Bizarre News

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For all those of us who regularly read the newspapers, there is always some news that is curiously eccentric, not only by the sheer fact that it happened but that it actually makes for news! These bizarre news articles range from kooky to peculiar and are highly entertaining. Get ready to tickle your funny bone as here is a list of the top 10 bizarre news reported not just by the incredulous local media channels but even involved a few channels from the global news network.


1. Man auctions life, but disappointed at bid price

man auctions life

As this guy proved, you really can sell anything! Reported by USA Today on the 30th of June 2008, a British immigrant to Australia Ian usher decided to auction his life on eBay which included everything he owned as well as his job and introduction to his friends. He said he decided to do it following a painful breakup with his wife post which he wanted to have a fresh start and apparently a brand new life! The final bid closed at $384000 which Usher said was a disappointment since he had expected at least $480000, but also added and I quote, “But I am committed to selling and moving on and making a fresh start.” I guess human life isn’t so precious after all.


2. Hungary bans homelessness

Hungary bans homelessness

Before the people could blame the government for inadequate funding and assistance for the poor driven to the streets, this intelligent ruling conservative party of Hungary banned homelessness on the grounds that that Budapest was finding itself helpless in coping with the large number of homeless people which is estimated to be about 10,000. This news was reported by BBC On 11th December 2011 that homelessness in Hungary is an offence punishable by a fine of $600 or prison. Initially a warning is to be given to the people living on the streets and if found again they would be charged. So for all of those living on the streets, they might just find shelter in prison after all.


3. Cat has been mayor of Alaska town for 15 years

cat has been mayor of alaska town for 15 years

Making the feline family proud, Stubbs the cat has been serving as the mayor of Talkeeta, Alaska for the past fifteen years. The residents who didn’t like the then candidates running for the post of mayor encouraged enough people to elect Stubbs instead and since then he has been serving as a honourary mayor doing what he does best-nothing. What started out as a joke 15 years ago became one of the best decisions the town has ever taken by making it a popular tourist destination all thanks to Stubbs, who is nothing short of a celebrity with maximum tourists requesting to visit him, and receiving gifts and letters in his honour. Wonder if there is a law prohibiting dogs from chasing cats in talkeeta?


4. Train passenger arrested for a 16-hour loud cell phone conversation

train passenger

Published on 19th may 2011 by the daily mail reporter, Lakeysha Beard of Tiggard, Oregon was arrested by the police on the charges of disorderly conduct after complaints from fellow passengers. The 39 year old Lakeysha is said to have talked on the phone for 16 hours during the journey from Oakland, California to Salem, Oregon and refused to put the phone down even after repeated requests by the passengers as well as announcements by the staff to stop using cell phones. The train then made a stop about two miles from Salem station for twenty minutes where Lakeysha was arrested. When she gets her one phone call from prison, for the sake of the police I hope it isn’t as long as this one.


5. Egyptian man named daughter Facebook

Egyptian man named daughter Facebook

An exceptional way to celebrate the 2011 Egyptian revolution, an Egyptian father Gamal Ibrahim named his daughter ‘Facebook’ to commemorate the role facebook played in ushering about the uprising in Egypt and leading to the ouster of the 30 year old Mubarak regime. Reported by Al- Ahram, one of the most popular newspapers of Egypt, Gamal is said to have given the name to and I quote, “express his joy at the achievements made by the January 25 youth.” So the next time you wish your parents had given you a better name, think of facebook. She may not ‘like’ adolescence much!


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