Top 10 Reasons why 20th Century was Better

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The Y2K was a big event. The pomp the fun the banter and the celebration. All was made into a huge deal. A transformation into a new generation a faster life a development beyond imagination. We left behind the terrible wars, the riots the partition and into a freedom. We were made to believe that the 20th century was the ball and chain that held us down. We were doomed by every possible negative aspect of humanity. The dawn of 1st January 2000 was more meaningful to those who saw the terrible side of life. Today when we ask these people if 21st is just as good, they give you a look that is akin a child who traded his half pants for a full one and now misses the freedom. The development of 21st century can be used to negate any point mentioned here but the aesthetic value of any point is irrefutable. So a tour down the memory lane begins.


1. Mobile


The cellular phone needs an individual mention here as the life has changed by this mobile phone alone. The no time constraint mobile phone has an instinctive ability to buzz at the most unconventional times. The beeping’s from whatsapp, SMS phone call, blackberry messengers are the starters. Main course is temple run, angry bird’s fruit ninja. For dessert we have Facebook. Twitter and YouTube. This gadget has replaced family and friends. It is one thing that makes everyone say, God, why we had to have these damn cell phones! Life would be simpler when the family can communicate without mobile.

These are some of the reasons that make us wonder if 20th century was really better. The times we missed seem better always and maybe our future generation will look back to our time in this very way, wishing for a simpler time. Till then we look back to the time and say that our grandparents were indeed lucky!




The Indian culture is deemed to be the finest and most wholesome of all. This was the Golden Bird which we have now entered into a race. The when in Rome, do as the Romans philosophy is true however the Globalization does not demand us to lose the culture and tradition. Uniqueness is simplicity and enacting western culture is difficult for us. We never can be truly western. This painful transition is more pronounced in 21st century and the beauty of Indians had more gravity in 20th Century.


3. Pace


Parents are busy when the child is growing up. The fastness of life is too much when 7 year old returns to an empty home as his parents are working. The speed and pace of life today has made depression, stress and loneliness same as fever cough and cold. The acceptance of evils and taking life running is the funda of life when back pain and heart attacks have changed their timing from 60s to 30s. The soothing nature is not outside your door; take a break drive a couple 100kms to enjoy it. One of the most condemned evil of 21st century is the pace of life.


4. Social Network and virtual World

Social network

The real world was beautiful enough for our elders that the need of Farmville and city Ville was never felt. The need to live in this alternate reality is a part of 21st century. The couple lines chat which translated to communication today was once long heartfelt letters. The face to face talks are now Skype appointments. We have lost human touch while bringing human closer. The world has shrunken but we couldn’t be any further away from each-other. What’s the need when we can just Facebook?


5. Botox


Seven years before the turn of century the Botox was accepted as the ‘filter’. The market is expected to reach 2.9 Billion $ industry by 2018. The artificial face lift, lips and nose and boobs job and now a foot job is becoming a trend. The human being is on track to become the Barbie with perfect look sans any expression. The sheer fakeness of it feels repelling. The trend is here to stay but the beauty in my grandmothers wrinkled eyes can never be replaced by a perfected version. 20th century was much better in this case.


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