Top 10 Reasons Why Children Are Afraid of Going to School

Childhood is that part of life that is considered to be the best. We were thought how to sit, how to stand up, how to walk, how to eat etc. The only two things that children knew when they were born was to cry and laugh. They cry without a reason and laugh whole heartedly for no reason. All these basic actions is what parents and family members teach children at home.

Until children reach 3 years of age, they are not so strong to face the outside world to grasp things . They are brought up with parents love and grandparents care. They are taken care of within the four walls of the house. Every step the child takes is continuously monitored and is corrected when wrong and appreciated when right in the way the child understands. When it is time for children to come out of their cocoon and enter a new place ‘the school’ ,it becomes their most scariest adventure. From the time of admissions itself parents keep telling their child beautiful things about school and what all the child gets to play there. The child initially will accept it and feel he/she would enjoy being there but when it is time for them to actually enter school on the first day, tears just flow down their soft cheeks. They themselves don’t realize why they are crying. But the need of a child getting the basic education is very important and that is what will be running in parents mind. So let us know the few top reasons that would make children scared of going to school as below.


1. Fear within them.

fear within them

Some children have this inferiority complex. They just don’t feel good when they are among friends who are more talented than them. They get this feeling of not being good in anything and they fear to face anyone. When asked a question they keep quiet even when they know the answer. Such behavior is mainly due to some kind of fear that they have within them that just cannot be told or expressed. At such time, they get this strong feeling of being just at home and away from school, in a place where they are held high up always.

Enjoy this childhood because it can be lived just once and parents be very sensitive to notice even the smallest changes in your child and correct them because its either now or never!


2. Over protective parents.

over protective parents

A mother is the first teacher to her child. She needs to correct her child on his/her mistake. Being protective is nature’s gift to parents but misusing this by being over protective deteriorates the child’s growth. If every step is taken by parents in order to keep the child safe, when will the child learn to take his/her own steps? And if this need continues even at school, in such a place where there are so many children to be taken care of, it’s so natural that the child feels ignored or left out when not given complete attention and there by loses interest in going to school.


3. Separation anxiety.

separation anxiety

It starts right from when the child enters the school gate and sees his/her mother waving a bye to them. This is when they try running back to their parents with a feeling that they would be leaving them forever. At that moment kids don’t realize that it’s just a matter of few hours and they will get back home soon. This separation may result in changes seen in the child’s behavior and the child wanting to be lonely and away from school.


4. Travelling means – overloaded vans!

travel means

Means to travel to school are many. Majority of school children travel in school vans or auto rickshaws to schools. A few of them have their father dropping them on their way to work and the remaining walk up to school. When speaking about this majority, it is one cruel scene to see so many children literally stuffed into one auto, all their bags hanging out and each one sitting on anothers lap. This maybe a ‘making money’ trick to auto drivers but the condition of children is pathetic. Their shoes are stamped and uniform gets crumpled. Which child would feel like going to school in such a bad condition early morning?


5. Scared of tests.

scared of tests

Many student suffer from ‘Testophobia’-fear of taking tests. It is not something new. Children are scared of tests maybe because they are scared of scoring low, being scolded from parents or teachers if they got a low score, fear of time while writing tests(for a slow writer), fear of friends neglecting them etc. All these are very common aspects we see in children as they grow up. This fear is very dangerous and children must be counseled before hand to make them feel better about tests. So, it’s obvious that they fall sick at such times and avoid school.


6. Incomplete Home works and assignments.

Incomplete Home works

Home work and assignments are one big part of all students school life. In fact, speaking in the view of students, it’s termed as one big headache. It is well known that in such small time a teacher cannot complete all the portions. So a practice part is what children are asked to do at home which saves their time. But this has become a burden to students. And when these homework and assignments are not completed, the only way children think of escaping from being scolded is not going to school itself!


7. Bullying classmates.

bullying classmates

The first people children get to communicate with as soon as they enter school are their classmates and more specifically the ones sitting around them in class. This is when the child takes first step in making friends in life. At this small age there is no necessity for thoughts to match to make friends but as children grow older they start being choosy. This is when thinking starts to come into picture and when these thoughts don’t match fight starts. Fights may start with abusing words and end up pulling each other holding hands and legs. They fear of complaining to teachers as well and when the teachers also take it lightly it becomes serious.


8. Teachers.


Teachers as the definition goes are the ones who induce knowledge. But when asked a student ,a teacher means some sort of a demon. The reason maybe the teacher itself or the student’s fear of facing the teacher. Teachers, in today’s world are not allowed in anyway to trouble the children physically. But it has come from ages that a teacher hits the students when he/she makes a mistake. There is nothing wrong in the teacher correcting her students but the way it is done is important. This is one reason why children fear to go to school. Of course this being a wrong notion.


9. Fear of many people around.

fear of many people around

Children are not exposed to many people and are well protected. Parents very well would have experienced their children crying when taken to a marriage or in birthday parties.They fear interacting with new people. But this feeling in the child must not last long. Seeing a huge crowd around them would make the child stick more closer to parents. They get this feeling of suffocation with so many people around. Hence, hesitation in going to school starts from here itself!


10. New World.

new world

Children feel it very difficult to face the new world around them. Initially, their world will be comprised of their family members and their home. But now it’s a whole bunch of new things. New surroundings make children feel insecure. They feel left uncared all of a sudden. All they want is their mother next to them. This feeling makes them cry and even fall sick and they tend to stay away from that place. This is one major reason why children fear of going to school.

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