Top 10 Dos and Donts when in an Interview

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Interview is one of the most important events in once life. It’s one of the events that make you anxious and excited both at once .You study through 3-4 years of your digress courses in the hope of landing a fine job one day, but even though of scoring merits in academics it doesn’t ensure you that you will get through an interview successfully. Handling an interview is kind of an art and there many people who hold expertise in cracking them successfully with their confidence, but there are few things that if you manage to take care in your interview you can make it through successfully. In an interview it’s not only about how you present verbally it’s also matters a lot how presentable you are in your own self. Everything from being confident to well dressed up matters while going through an interview. It’s once in a life time kind of experience when you go through the one in your life and it’s better to be prepared for what might be coming on while you go through this process. Below are few do’s and don’ts for an interview that will help you to get an idea of how you need to act while in the room with your interviewer and through the process of interview.



1.Your personal presentation:

personal presentation

Dress up in formals even though if it’s not mandatory, no matter what profile you are applying for, a well-dressed person delivers an impression that he/she has a respect for professionalism not only in terms of their attitude but too in their own presentation. It reflects out that you are in for the job with all perspectives.


2. Know About yourself:

know about yourself

Always know your strength and weakness before entering an interview room, it’s generally the first question on interviewer’s head. If you can’t be quick and clear in expressing about your strengths and weakness it shows off that you are not even on the first step of your career development.


3. Eye Contact:

eye contact

Keep a regular eye contact with your interviewer, it helps in creating a comfortable environment in interview plus indicates that you know what you are talking about. A constant eye contact with the interviewer while your responding to their questions defines that you are self-confident and knows where you are leading them with conversation.


4. Think before you speak:

think before you speak

Understand the question before you start with your answer, make sure that you know what points you want to highlight about yourself, it’s better to take your time in analyzing all different expects of question rather than just shooting whatever comes to your head on to interviewer. Don’t just pick one key point in the question and start speaking endlessly about that, try referring and answering to all possible aspects to questions being asked.


5. Body Language:

body language

Body Language in an interview is one of the things that you should be conscious about, your body language tells a lot about your personality so for start up keep yourself on a vertical plane to ground, make sure that you are making almost a 180 degree angle with the interviewer sitting in front of you and your legs making a 90 degree to the ground. Try to be comfortable with yourself and the people in the room.


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