Top 10 Worst Things That Wives Do

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Wives are the most beautifully created gifts for men! There are enough lucky husbands out there who just love getting commented “you have a lovely wife”. The husbands have good wives, but it’s normal and obvious for most of them to believe wives as an annoying element. Wives, as women, do have the good qualities which is why men can’t live without them- like they are the best cook, they are just too good with balancing their home-world and the work-place, splendidly well with supporting, managing, protecting. But as soon as they become wives, it seems like witches possess them. They remain no more like the first night – wedding-shy, soft, speaking through silence and just smiling and after few days whatever they speak sounds like the witch casting evil spell!

The wife becomes the nightmare for the husband only when the man is born under destiny to suffer the wraths or destined to turn from man into a hen-pecked husband! Out of 99, here are the 10 worst things that wives do to their partners.


1. Over-demanding


Every woman, before marriage is demanding may be because they like “excess” of everything. But after marriage, they become over-demanding! When men find themselves trapped in a relationship where the wife’s demanding attitude is hard to be tolerated, they themselves find it difficult to think of a way out. Over demanding wives are a pain, they want their husbands to work overtime and buy all the riches of the world to her. Cases are there to show that over demanding and materialistic wives end up satiating their desires outside wedlock. An ideal wife shouldn’t be stingy or spendthrift, she should be conservative and allow her husband to breathe and not force him to work like an ox in the fields.


2. Disapproving


Dear husbands, you have this women in your life who doesn’t get tired of giving you the disapproving look for whatever you do or whatever you say. Because she can’t be ever wrong, she will make men a victim of criticism and simply will not happily agree with her man in most of the things. The reason why a wife disapproves of whatever her man does or says is that he is just not the way she wants him to be. So, she might start accepting you once she is successful in changing you. She doesn’t like your friends coming home and she doesn’t like you drinking up with them. Witchy wives please don’t snatch the right to life and liberty away from the innocent husbands!


3. Dragging


Wives are difficult (not all of them), they like to make things complicated and they have a love for pulling out situations and conversations. For them, it’s men who drive conversations into arguments, whereas the truth is that wives know less about themselves. They love making issues to prove their point or harass or simply to show their superiority. She will start with fights; will start with things up to make men string along with the argument. If it’s a last night’s fight, wives are easily not going to give it an end, the next morning is the continuation of her last night’s fight! It’s a good pastime for the horrible wives to drag an issue and then to drag the hell out of her man. Poor husband!


4. Stalking


Wives are like cats stalking their husband and for the husbands, they feel chained in insecurity. Stalking is one of the things that men hate; there is obviously a difference between spying and keeping an eye. Sometimes wives have no idea why they are being the stalker or over possessive or of suspicious nature. Not every man is a womaniser. Trust your man, allow him some privacy. All women may not stalk but all wives do stalk! By entering into the realm of harassment and doing this scary activity ‘spy game’, they invade a husband’s privacy. Some of the extreme lengths are checking cell phone records, hacking mail box, investigating and sabotaging other relationships of husband.


5. Dictatorship


Are you just forgetting being a wife or it’s an effort of being a mother to your husband? Yes, you really need to give it an end if you are dictating your spouse in every step he takes. Constantly pointing your partner to do or not to do things, to speak or not to, whether to move or not. It is men who can command and wives to obey them and they should not try to over power or control men to react or respond. Don’t impose on them; allow them to live their life the way they want. You surely don’t want to be dictated by anyone. Believe in equality of the gender. Don’t be the master of his wishes, remain a good wife, walk with him, don’t ask him to follow you.


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