Top 10 Ways Women Can Be Cruel To Men

As best friends or boyfriends, women tend to annoy boys a lot. Even though women complete their lives and make them happier, women sometimes overstep the line. It is the little things that women do for their own happiness that can turn out to be cruel for men. It is important for women to understand that at times, you have to think before you speak and/or act. We bring you a list of ways women can be cruel to their dear loving men. Advice before you go on: to men, speak up and say you don’t like it and to women, think logically!


1. Leading guys on

leading guys on

A lot of girls do this, sometimes without realizing it. Dropping cute hints, holding hands casually, talking to them day in and day out, flirty (seemingly harmless) text messages and what not. Well, girls, you are leading the man on. If you realize it, stop doing it right then. It is sucky to keep a man thinking ‘oh, she really likes me’ when actually ‘he’s just a friend’. Ladies, be nice and maintain the distance. Of course he is your best pal and you spend the best time in the world with him but keep it to that. Let him treat you like a girl who would never hit on him – unless you really have feelings for him. Otherwise, leave him in the real friends’ zone where friends remain friends and where there are no expectations. Breaking his heart when his heart wasn’t even there in the first place is not just cruel; it’s torture.


2. Messing with their computer settings

messing with their computer settings

Oh no no, this is a biggie. A wise idea would be to have your own computer, preferably separate from your guy’s. We have the habit of customizing whatever we have. Well, obviously, we like comfortable and relatable stuff. Same goes for the guys. However, we wouldn’t mind so much if someone changes our computer’s settings; but meddling with your guy’s precious computer settings – oh boy, that’s dangerous. It will break his heart, make him cringe and also make him angry. You might think it’s a regular high school locker that you are messing with but this is way beyond that. Your man’s computer settings are not to be touched. Period.


3. Getting them to talk

getting them to talk

Not stereotyping but generally, men find it hard to emote. If we go into the reasons of why men don’t cry, we will reach nothing. Honestly speaking, it is a personal choice. However, men, on a general basis can hardly be seen going all out with their emotions. They don’t like getting soft. According to various media texts, it’s only when they are inebriated that they can open up their minds. Even among friends, they keep themselves closed. Therefore, it is very difficult to get them to speak something about a thing they feel deeply about. Pestering them or asking them to speak will make things worse. They will hide their feeling in deeper and become harsh on the outside, killing (mentally) their own selves in the process. Give your man time to heal. You will know when he wants to come back to you.


4. Trying to clean their room

trying to clean their room

Women have a habit of cleaning things on the way and their guy’s room somehow always comes first. The room is a mess, that’s true. But any attempts at cleaning it can result in misplacing their things. It is a general habit of a lot of people. We scatter things around and find them easily, the minute they get organized, we are at a loss. All of us can be accused of screaming at our poor mothers who deal with our messy rooms. It’s the same with guys. They don’t like their stuff to be touched. Use it and keep it back where you found it. Arranging and organizing will make them lose things and making someone scout for something that they would’ve found easily otherwise is being quite harsh.


5. Keep them hanging for that answer

hanging for that answer

It’s simple – you either like that guy, or you don’t. Chances are if you didn’t even have the slightest hint that he liked you, you don’t like him. But if you did think of him as crush, go for it. Either way, if you keep dilly dallying, acting like a flower lady who cannot make up her mind for god knows what reasons, you will not only be cruel to the poor lovelorn chap, you will probably lose respect in his eyes. Keeping someone waiting for an answer is heartbreaking for anyone. You know how sad you get when you can’t get that reply confirming your girls’ night out? Keeping a guy hanging is ten times worse.


6. Expecting the present you really want

Expecting the present

Guys are not telepathic. If you want something, tell them more clearly than dropping hints. Of course you want to be surprised but don’t make it so bad the surprise really surprises you. Drop hints but make your choices clear and get your desired present! Better yet, go and shop with him. The idea is to make his pocket lighter so you might as well make it easier on him. Expecting him to know magically what you want, making cute faces when he asks you what you want and then making that crappy face when you receive the present – cruel, crueler and cruelest!


7. Switching off the TV during sports

switching off the tv

What is the deal with girls hating football, anyway? Not that I am a big fan myself, but would anyone want to be deprived of their favourite TV show? When our mom so much as switches it off for even a second, we create a ruckus for we missed that one moment which must’ve been oh-so-important. Exactly like that, the men don’t want to miss even a single moment of their favourite game. And to be quite honest, a moment in a live game is way more important than a moment in your sitcom. Let them enjoy their game and you enjoy doing something you love and see how well you both work out. Even better: join them in the game.


8. Not knowing the technical stuff

technical stuff

While they are more than happy being your technical advisers, it hurts them very much if you act simply clueless about everything technical. If nothing else, at least show a desire to learn when they work around with your computer. Bimbos are hot but smart girls are truly the ones a guy would want. Don’t act cute and try to not know anything. Knowing your way around earns you a lot of brownie points.


9. “Am I fat?”

am i fat

Girls! This is torture at best. Anyway your man answers this, he’ll be wrong. No points for guessing what will happen to him if he says yes. But if he says no, the girls will grill him some more. He couldn’t care less, although. If he’s someone you love as a friend or as a boyfriend, he is supposed to love you the way you are. There is no reason why you should be hanging on to him if he judges you too much by your weight. Listen to him when he says, “Well, you look beautiful!” but remember, there is no correct answer for ‘am I fat?’


10. Taking them shopping

shopping with a man

Women love shopping, that is a world-known fact but men couldn’t care less. Of course they worry about how they look but they can’t be wasting time shopping every chance they get. What’s worst, however, is when women take them shopping. Women take time and more time and some more time to decide exactly what they want, and then they will make another trip to change what they bought because the previous one was better, obviously buying some more on the second trip – you see, it’s a vicious circle. Your man will drop you or assist you in your travel but taking him there with you, getting him to decide with you, saying no to everything he likes and finally not letting him browse his favourite gadget shop: that’s cruel on so many levels that you should be surprised he hasn’t thrown a tantrum. Don’t take him on the pretext that you will shop for him. Try doing it once, you will be surprised how great solo shopping can be.

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  1. kurt

    Ironic that you stated for women to be “logical” in your introduction.
    That’s like asking red to be blue.
    These are rather mild instances. For the real story, Google MGTOW, and happy reading. Women are illogical, vain, self-absorbed, whiny bitches, every one. The only thing that matters to them is their own happiness, and that changes with whatever way the wind blows. A woman will use you for her own satisfaction until something better comes along. DO NOT FALL FOR THE FICKLENESS OF THE FEMALE! True, not all of them are like that, but the ones that aren’t are few and far between.


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