Top 10 Things Why Student’s Life Is Best Life

We have heard people say “Student life is golden life”. Every one in this world is a student in some or the other way. From childhood to old age, the best enjoyed phase in one’s life is student life, especially college days. People who have passed that stage would cherish those memories for a life time. It’s the stage where a person takes a giant leap from innocence to maturity.


Students don’t have to care for anything other than studies. It’s the stage where they do everything for the first time. It is the time they start their own life. They have the right to make their own decisions. It’s the phase where an individual starts thinking from his or her own point of view. For the first time they start preparing for the difficulties that come their way. It is a very important phase in life because it is here that a student learns to prepare himself to deal with the real world. Student life is a care-free life. It is a life of joy. It’s a character-building phase. They acquire many interpersonal skills and become loving and truthful.


Basically, a student life is all about learning and experimenting. They start participating in tournaments, competitions and other educational contests. A student life is not only about these things but also about punctuality and discipline. They have to gain more knowledge and learn new stuff, instead of wasting time and gossiping. Time once gone is gone. It never waits for anyone. A child can be old but a man cannot be a child again. And that is why we should make best use of student life. Undoubtedly, it is the time of one’s life!

Here are few things why we find student life to be the best, compared to work life or retirement life. I hope all the students and even others, who were once students enjoy reading this article!


1. Student life redefines Fun!


No one can imagine and relive childhood life. Best part of childhood is the unlimited fun. We would have played so many games, had so many friends, and would have done so many mischievous activities. It gives so much happiness if you just try to remember those moments. No person in this world would forget those beautiful memories of their childhood. No one would stop a kid from playing. Holidays are only meant for playing. Even now if we turn pages of our childhood life, we will remember all those happy memories .All these are the reasons why this the first point in my article. After reading this, I hope no one denies the fact the student life is just amazing and priceless.


2. No heavy deadlines-mental pressure.


We often see working people tensed and worried. Sometimes they won’t even have their food properly. They will have deadlines to finish their projects for which they have to work 24*7. They start facing mental and physical pressure, stress, frustration, anxiety etc. No such difficulties are ever seen in a student life. All the working people would surely agree that student life was definitely free of such stress. Student life is easy going.


3. No responsibilities.

no responsibilities

Student life is a carefree life without any worldly concerns. It’s a period of pure fun and enjoyment in life. They only have to be little bothered about academics and grades, whereas, the elders have to maintain personal issues, financial issues and societal issues. They should take care of the demands and desires of every single member of the family. All these responsibilities sound easy, but in reality they are tough. Student life is crafted in such a way that they don’t have to be bothered about any such responsibilities.


4. Vacation time.

vacation time

In student life, we get summer vacation to enjoy. Students go their native places, spend time with cousins, grandparents etc.We will never get these kind of holidays in any other stage of life. Vacation is one period every student would wait for. They will have summer school, which helps them build extracurricular skills. We see working people struggle to take a day off from their work. Some times in this fast paced world they will have to work even when they are unwell. So vacation time is a great privilege in a student’s life to make it even more beautiful.


5. Good sleep unlike working professionals!


Sleeping is a major part of everybody’s routine. It is the time when a kid grows physically. We find our elders struggling to sleep because of some tension or uneasiness in their minds. One great advantage of being a student is that you get good sleep without any tension in your mind. A person gets so frustrated if he hasn’t had a good sleep. He/she loses interest in every activity of the day. I don’t think anyone would mind accepting student life the best, at least for this sake!


6. Learn something everyday…


We know a student life unlocks so many new things in life every day. They get to learn so many things in their life. It leads to great character formation. Life is challenging, every day. Whatever you learn will be of use, some or the other day in your life. This phase of life takes you from what you are now to what you want to be in future. Student life is like clay; it should be molded with great values and morale. Every day is a new beginning and a learning step for a great character.


7. Pampered by everyone.


If a child does some mistake, it’s always forgiven. It’s a learning stage and so everybody treats a mistake as a stepping stone and accepts it with a smile. Kids are always pampered, no matter what the mistake is. Maybe at some point of time, elders may be strict but not always. They will take care of them, protect them, think of their likes dislikes, etc.Parents are ones who always understand and buy what a kid asks for. It’s a great feeling to be pampered by everyone.


8. No finance issues.

finance issues

We see students getting their pocket money and becoming happy with the amount they get. Their demands and expenses are automatically taken care of by the family. Children and especially teenagers need money only to eat and hang out with friends. They don’t have to be bothered about household expenses. It’s only in student life that you are given money to just spend and enjoy. In later stages of life, though you have money, you will have no time to enjoy and spend. And family wealth makes no difference to children’s happiness.


9. Exposed to variety of emotions.


Working professionals and elders are always busy with some or the other thing in their lives. They have to maintain a family, undergo office pressure, bother about society etc.No such tension exists in a student life. It is the phase of life where one is exposed to situations of different types such as making new friends, having a crush on someone and gaining the ability to handle relationships. It is a fun roller-coaster ride of emotions! It is the stage where a child learns discipline, punctuality and others moral values of life. No one would wish to forget this phase of their life. This is what makes this life a golden life.


10. Stress free life.

stress free life

Usually we see working professionals stressed and tensed. They have so much work pressure and responsibilities on their heads. If we compare student life to working life, one great advantage is that students don’t have to bother about anything other than studies. As the elders say, students should study whatever has been taught on a day, that day itself. If students follow that, then they don’t have to worry about doing well in studies too. Basically student life is an easy life with no stress or tension. Anybody would wish for such a happy life. So, my thought on this is, student life rocks, no matter what!

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