Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in 2013

A great place to work is one where employees have faith in people they work for, like what they do and enjoy being with their colleagues. Striking a balance between your career and personal life is quite tough especially when your workplace is not as cooperative and good as you expect it to be. But, you are not alone! There are many people facing the same hurdle. The challenge becomes even more difficult when you’re expected to sit longer and work harder. Many of the corporations now tried to provide its employees with the best workplace and even offer perks so that their employee can maintain a happy and balanced life. Here is a list of ten companies that has the best workplace and is best to work for.


1. Google


If you want to watch a video, connect with a friend or are just plain curious- today you can easily resort to the one predominant answer to all of this- Google. Having begun operations in India in 2004, Google continues to gain momentum and has become a name that the present generation thrives on, even as other internet players enter the market. Their belief that ideas can come from anywhere, fuels the company’s efforts to maintain an entrepreneurial culture, where Googlers are encouraged to take risks, challenge the status quo and feel empowered to make decisions. The top three things that make Google a great place to work are communication and transparency, development agenda for all the employees and the innovative culture.


2. Intel Technology


Intel believes that employees are the company’s assets and thus, continuously introduce different programs which seek to help employees enhance their talent. The ‘India Strategic Leadership Program’ (ISLP) focuses on developing the leadership pipeline,and the ‘India Strategic Technology Program’ (ISTP) aims at developing the strategic thinking of their technical leaders. At the same time, the company also recognizes the importance of work-life balance and actively encourages the employees to meet their personal commitments, even as they focus on their professional lives. At Intel, leaders play a key role in setting the ‘tone at the top’ which is passed down to all levels of the organisation.


3. Make My Trip

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Make My Trip is an organisation which is ‘hungry for talent’ and always looking for people who have potential in them and are willing to take initiatives. The talent agenda at MakeMyTrip has enabled them to spot good talent, get them on board, keep them engaged in whatever they are doing and make them gel as a team. There is a lot of emphasis on hiring the right kind of people and also giving more latitude to the existing employees through giving more freedom and flexibility. Being recognized as a great place to work for is an acknowledgment of the organization’s contribution to its HR practices and ensuring that it creates a place where people have fun while working and contributing.


4. American Express

American Express

A global leader in corporate services selling corporate cards to a wide spectrum of corporations worldwide, American Express is ranked one of the best in employee care and work-life balance. Along with a holistic career and personal development, employees also experience a superior quality of work life that can be matched by few organizations. There is a great emphasis on ensuring employees are well taken care of as ‘happy employees make happy customers’! As an organisation, American Express promotes spontaneous and creative eCards, eButtons, and airThanks, which are social networking tools that create great work conversations. The three things that make American Express a great place to work are credibility, respecting employees and creating a friendly and fun place to make employees feel right at home.


5. Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels

For over eight decades, ‘People First’ has been and remains the guiding principle behind Marriott’s culture and achievement. As Marriott keeps on launching modern new brands, expands in emerging markets and owns a new level of a success story, thereby, setting its position as one of the best world class hospitality companies; the enduring belief that its employees are its greatest asset remains as true as it was 80 years ago. Cultural diversity training is also held twice a year to train all associates on being alert and sensitive to cultural differences. Marriott philosophy of ‘People First’ has contributed to the high retention rate at Marriott. The Marriott experience, including its accomplishments, and the inheritance of the brand, catch the attention of talent from across the globe making it a great workplace.


6. Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular

Idea has emerged as a strong organization with a high brand appeal, so people have a natural attraction to work with the company. From the time Aditya Birla Group (ABG) took control of the telecom business seven years ago, Idea cellular has seen tremendous growth through its sustained sprint capability building, taking the company from being a timid player, to emerge as the third largest mobile provider in India when measured in terms of revenue. They provide an environment that enables competency building, empowerment, participative approach, timely recognition, performance-linked compensation and experimentation without fear of failure. Being featured in the Great Place to Work Institute Study acts as a benchmark against the best-in-class people practices, and reinforces their belief to continue on the journey of organizational excellence.


7. Accenture


A global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing giant having over 2 Lakhs people serving clients across 120 countries, Accenture is known to rewards high performance. The environment that boosts everyone’s zeal to work better, including parameters like people development, which from a part of the employees score card, reflect their continuous strive to raise the bar of excellence. They help their employees to fight and achieve the best results not only in office but also in their respective lives, thus making it a workplace many aspire to work in.


8. HCL Infosystems

HCL Infosystemts

The one stop shop for all Information & Communication Technology requirements of an organisation, being pioneer in hardware and software sector, HCL Infosystems success lies on their interest in developing people at the entry level. ‘I Lead’ use and online 360 degree feedback tool which enables employees to evaluate and share feedback on their performances, strengths and weaknesses. Their special initiative enables a transparent mechanism to create a robust enterprise leadership pool that will fuel the growth of business size and diversity. Being recognized as a great place to work is an affirmation o their great work. Further, HCL Infosystems has now started to build up the required skills for these trends.


9. The Oberoi Group

The Oberoi Group

Founded in 1934, the Oberoi brand is known for providing the perfect mixture of service, luxury and quiet efficiency. Acknowledging the essence of good service for their business, each achievement of the employee is rewarded under the ‘Millionaire Program’, where at the end of each quarter top earner are rewarded with certificates and mementos by the General Manger. At the end of the year, the person redeeming the maximum points is awarded the “Millionaire of the Year”. The right blend of incentive, training and development, afforded to employees, ensure that the Oberoi Group continues to provide unparalleled five star hospitality.


10. Microsoft

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Microsoft is the classical example representing the shift of HR from a ‘personal administration’ function to one that assists business growth. Employees have played a decisive role in the growth of Microsoft over the years. The key to employee development at Microsoft lies in structuring available work to provide development opportunities. The remaining training takes place through coaching and regular feedback. To achieve an all-round development, Microsoft also organizes training for its employees to supplement other activities in the development plan, which involves a combination of various coaching, techniques and structures. Innovative training methods combined with inclusive HR make Microsoft a great workplace to learn, work and grow.

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