Top 10 Foods To Prevent Cancer

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Cancer is the modern day synonym for a killing-machine that has been plaguing the world for a long time, but some of the best ways to evade this stone-cold killer turns out to be some of the easiest. Simple changes in the daily diet can turn out to be the lifesaver. Though the best recommended diet is a balanced nutritious diet, but after putting in a lot of research the scientists have come up with some food items that fight cancer. Here are 10 such foods that would keep cancer at bay:


1. The best of em’ all:


Garlic the finest among the crab fighters, garlic contains everything to fight cancer flavonoids and anti-oxidants to name few. Garlic is the foremost protector against cancer especially skin, colon and lungs.


2. That pleasant Lemonade:


A daily dose of citrus fruits may cut the risk of mouth, throat, and stomach cancers by half, researchers have found. Guess that the lemonade had one more trick up its sleeve.


3. The Seeds of life:


More specifically Flaxseeds which contain lignans, which can have an antioxidant effect and block or suppress cancerous changes. The omega-3 fatty acids can also help protect against colon cancer. That’s another seed to worry about.


4. The Elixir of Life:

Green tea

Green-tea contain the friendly flavonoids which been shown to slow or prevent the development of several types of cancer including colon, liver, breast, and prostate. Guess we always knew this about our favourite tea.


5. Go Green:


Dark-green leafy veggies are rich sources of antioxidants called carotenoids which scavenge dangerous free radicals from the body before they can promote cancer growth. Veggies are always good, no more need be said about it.


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