Top 10 Drinks To Reduce Body Weight

Check out 10 awesome ways to reduce your body weight and body fat, while sipping on your drink like a boss! There could be various reasons why you want to shed those extra pounds, maybe you want that perfect summer body back which you once used to have. Worrying is not the way to go about it, that is only going to help you gain weight. Relax a little. Grab a glass and see the wonderful ways of getting your body back by just enjoying your drink. Yes, that really is possible. Give it a shot and see, these drinks might just surprise you. So, here is giving you ten ways to quench your thirst without the guilt trip.


1. Dark Chocolate Shake

Dark Chocolate Shake

Chocolate, yes chocolate can help you actually reduce weight! That’s some fantastic news for you chocolate lovers, is it not? Well against what most people say, chocolate does actually help you lose weight, not put on, well you can’t expect yourself to lose weight by munching on chocolates all the time, that’s a little unfair to chocolate, don’t you think? Well, the chocolate that helps one lose weight is the dark kind, so now you know which chocolate to grab when you are at the grocery store next time. Don’t go bingeing on chocolate just because it helps lose weight. Take it in moderate quantities for best results. So well chocolate lovers, now is your chance, grab a glass and drink away without a worry in the world!


2. Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie

As long as these are made without the extra addition of sweeteners such as sherbets, sugars, etc., smoothies are a good way to go about losing weight, it not only helps in that but, even helps one stay cool on a hot summer day. How about trying a watermelon smoothie? It’s something different no? Watermelon already has a lot of water content in it which will automatically help you in losing weight. Also, watermelon is a fantastic, low calories smoothie base. It’s not only a natural way of hydrating oneself but it is also loaded with nutrients some of which are lycopene, which are cancer fighting nutrients as well as arginine which most of us know is an amino acid, studies show that arginine helps in reducing body fat and increase lean muscle mass and well guess what is also a metabolism booster, so let’s start sipping away on our smoothie glasses!


3. Honey & Lemon Juice

Honey & Lemon Juice

Most of us might actually be aware of this one, however, if you aren’t, take a look. Honey & lemon juice is an effective and efficient method to lose weight, all that one has to do is add honey and lemon in a glass of water and have it once in the morning (as soon as you step down from your bed) and right before you put the blanket on your face to hit the sack. How this works is that, honey being a natural sweetener doesn’t cling onto one’s body, it’s actually known to dissolve fats by acting like a drying agent on oily fats, yes, honey is pretty cool. Also, lemon, lemon is a detoxifier, it helps in increasing ones metabolism rates, keeps gasses caused by bacteria at a safe distance and also, helps the body in using the body fluids spread in a better manner. Well, try it, what’s the harm, even if you don’t land up losing weight these two natural ingredients will definitely help your body in flushing out unnecessary toxins and will keep you healthier as well!


4. Iced Peppermint Tea

Iced Peppermint Tea

This is one of the ‘coolest’ ways in which one can lose their body weight as well as body fat. All that one has to do is have this summer cooler, it’s as simple as that. It’s a minty thirst quencher which is super refreshing, simultaneously its works wonders for a flat belly. Don’t believe it? Let me tell you how. The peppermint helps in processing the fat, any kind of fat, even your steaks and burgers get digested quickly by just having this yummy drink. You are running to try it out already, aren’t you? If not, what are you waiting for?


5. Pineapple Frappe

Pineapple Frappe

The name is already tempting you to try it, right? I don’t blame you, a pineapple frappe is nothing but, a blending of a tablespoon of flaxseeds with normal pineapple juice, you will feel like you are on a vacation at the beach whilst enjoying the benefits of losing weight side by side.


6. Skimmed Milk

Skimmed Milk

Milk is an awesome way to keep ones bones strong, source of Vitamin D and also loose weight. However, normal milk has a lot of fat content that one really cannot avoid, switch to skimmed milk, you will not regret it. Just opt for skimmed milk for all the vitamins, minus the fat. It’s a win-win situation for you. Did you know that a serving of skimmed milk has about twice the amount of calcium one would find in a serving of 2 percent milk. Also because skimmed milk has no place for fat, it leaves more room for other nutrients to find place in it. See, more reasons to switch right away!


7. Black Coffee

Black Coffee

For all those coffee lovers who just cannot even stand the smell of tea, this one is for you guys. A glass of black coffee can do wonders to your body simply because caffeine reduces hunger and also heats up your body, only to boost your metabolism, pretty cool haan? All that you need to be careful about is what you add in your cup of coffee, try and avoid any kind of sugar, however, if you must, add very little honey to it and strictly only skim milk if you want any milk in your coffee.


8. Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Juice

Well, we all know that vegetables are good for health and all that jazz. But, we don’t like to eat them, so what does one do, drink them. That’s right, take all the vegetables you hate, it may be beetroot, carrot, pumpkin and what not, just add them all into your mixer, add water and make yourself a nice vegetable juice an just gulp it up (you can close your nose and have it like medicine also!) , it will work wonders not only on reducing your body fat but, will add a fantastic glow even to your body. Don’t underestimate the power of what veggies can do for your body. Try and have at least one glass of vegetable juice in the day, try and take it with breakfast if possible, it’s a good way to start the day.


9. Unsweetened Tea

Unsweetened Tea

Antioxidants, that’s what this little cup contains. It will act like a boon to you. You can have any kind of unsweetened tea and it shall help you in losing weight. Try having green tea, oolong tea or even black tea! It could be hot or cold, whichever you would prefer. What having unsweetened tea does to you is that, it helps your body get rid of unwanted toxins which in return helps in reducing fat which is what we want right? So, have tea, it’s as simple as that. Add a few drops of lemon in your tea if you are finding the drink too dry and bland for your liking.


10. Water


So, everyone knows that water is the one thing that has zero calories, water also keeps one hydrated, that basically means keeps one healthy. It could be still or sparkling, that’s totally up to you, whatever floats your boat. Just to make it more refreshing try adding cucumber slices, lemon slices or even tomato slices, just to add a little zing of flavour without the calories! Also, drinking water keeps you full and helps you eat very little snacks that have high calories in the process. Consuming water, means consuming lesser calories which results in weight loss. Most of us don’t drink enough water, it is important to make sure that you have at least 7-8 glasses of water per day to keep your body clean. Try drinking a glass of water before every meal as that helps in reducing the intake of calories, rather helps one from overeating.

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