Top 10 Fun Things To Do While Camping

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6. Play truth or dare

Play truth or dare

You all know that ‘Truth or dare’ is a party game where the players are given the choice between answering a question truthfully, or performing a ‘dare’ which are set by other players. It is a fun-filled and interesting activity. You can make them sing something embarrassing or else you can jump into asking some personal questions, but make sure you don’t cross the line. These kinds of sessions while camping will make every camper to involve and mingle with other campers.


7. Make a treasure map

Make a treasure map

One of the best ways to bring adventure and thrilling aspect into camping is to play treasure hunt. Make groups of 3-4 members of interested campers, hide something in the campsite and make a creative, elaborated treasure map on a sheet of paper. Every group will challenge each other and time consumption to complete the challenge can be considered for winning or losing of a group. Of course the ultimate aim of this is to have fun, lots and lots of FUN!!


8. Relax in the green

Relax in the green

While you are camping, it is very easy to unplug yourselves and enjoy the nature. One basic thing you should do while relaxing is to avoid all kinds of electronic gadgets. You can lie down on the green, get fresh air, take a nap under sun or set up your camp chairs or hammock and dive into any book which you are interested or float on the water, watch the trees blowing in the breeze, stargaze and try to relax yourself. Even the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind can help you relax your mind and connect with nature. You also might enjoy lounging by the creek. You are there for relaxing? Aren’t you?


9. Go fishing

Go fishing

Fishing is always a way to relax. It is a wonderful activity which helps children to learn good qualities like perseverance and patience. Some people like to go for fishing at sea or lake as they like to relax in peaceful & quiet places. Spending day fishing near a pond or lake helps to release us from our highly stressful & everyday environment. Being outside in nature and being active encourages a healthier way of leading life and sharing our fishing experience with family and friends will help strengthen relationships.


10. Play a guitar or any instrument

Play a guitar

Bob Marley says “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”

Music is not merely for entertainment, but it has also got various benefits. Any event will turn out dull, if there is no music around. Music has got that ability to get families together and turn occasions into full of joy. There are varieties of instruments you can play while you are camping. The best one of course is guitar. You can also go for mouth harp, bongos, fiddle, and harmonica etc. Also insist other campers to bring various instruments and have a musical day!!!

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