Top 10 Healthy Changes You Could Do To Your Routine

Changes are important aspect of our life. When changes are positive, they take our life towards progress and development but when changes are negative, they take us towards a regretted life. The change that we bring to our present brings a blissful change in our tomorrow.

We should all try to bring some healthy changes in our routine to make our life lively and interesting. When there is change in our life, we are able to bring positive change in others life also. Changes can be motivating as well as inspirational.

Let us see top 10 healthy changes that we can bring to our routine:


1. Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

When we bring positive thinking in our routine, we invite goodness of life and wisdom of God in our living. Positive thinking is very important to live a contended life. One who is positive is never afraid of failures in life because they know when one door of opportunity closes; we must search for another one before it closes. They never look back to regret their mistakes but try to learn from them and never repeat it again.

We should start our day with the fresh air of positivity. Look around and try to notice the beauty of nature in the form of chirping of birds, in the silence of flowers, in the warmth of sunrise and in the calmness of sunset.

Include positive thinking in your routine as a major change if you are always surrounded with negative feelings about yourself and others. Feelings like anger, jealousy, sadness, and many other negative feelings which do no good to us. This should be changed to positive thinking.

Changes are necessary part of our life. We should always make some changes to our routine to make our life cheerful and lively. Changes improve our personality if changes are positive otherwise they take our life nearer to the grave of disappointment.


2. Meditation


Meditation is mental exercise and method to calm our soul and mind. It relieves us from our depressions and negative thinking. Meditation helps to become peaceful at heart. Healthy mind enlightens healthy thinking. So meditation should be included in our routine.

Meditation can be performed for twenty minutes daily in the morning or evening to unburden our heavy mind and soul. If you suffer from mental pressures, confusions and depression, then you can begin meditation and bring about a new change in your life by following it in your daily routine.

When you think positive, your life feels good. So meditation can be a very worthy change to be brought in your routine if you want to make your life better and peaceful.

3. Exercise


Exercise should be included in our routine because it makes us fit and keeps us healthy. Many people don’t include exercise in their life but it should be taken seriously. When body is healthy, then only we will be able to do our daily work properly.

Exercise should be done daily for fifteen to twenty minutes. Some can go to gym and others who don’t go to gym can do yoga. You can take a morning walk or do some push-ups. Exercise improves overall health. By exercising every day, give a refreshing and active start to your day and you should regularly practise exercise to produce benefits.


4. Healthy eating

Healthy eating

Healthy eating should be included in your routine if you are not paying much attention to your eating habits. Your body needs healthy food items to remain healthy. Think before you eat and avoid eating junk food. Most of the people drink less water. It is said that we should drink at least two litres of water every day to keep ourselves away from diseases.

You should bring about a change in your eating habits in your routine to remain healthy and fit for the rest of your life. There’s a proverb saying that “Health is Wealth” which is absolutely true. So to be wealthy, you first need to healthy.

We should avoid tobacco and drinking strictly. We should include fruits, yogurt and milk in our daily routine. It is said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” So consume an apple everyday and other fruits too to get high amount of vitamins and minerals. Keep your eating habits healthy to stay healthy.


5. Reading


Reading can be one of the most positive changes that can be brought in your life if you don’t read much. Reading any kind of novel, newspaper or other books imparts knowledge and improves your overall personality and communication skills.

Reading removes boredom and adds valuable information to your brain every day and this way you remain updated about whatever is happening around. So reading can be a wise option that can be brought in your life’s routine as a valuable change.


6. Praying


If you don’t pray or don’t get time to pray, then start doing so. Praying is very important for everyone. When you pray, you connect yourself to God and enter into a blissful environment full of positive energy.

It’s an important change that everyone should bring into their life and routine. We should include prayer in our life as a part of our routine so that we follow it religiously. When we indulge ourselves in everyday prayers, we become disciplined in our life.

Praying makes us feel better and as we all believe that God knows everything and he will always be there to help us so we get the strength of faith in our bad times which is possible through prayers.


7. Optimum Sleeping Schedule

Optimum Sleeping Schedule

As we grow up, the number of hours we should sleep decreases but only to a certain level. Taking required hours of sleep is also an important change that you can bring in your routine if you don’t give much priority to sleep. In today’s busy and tiring schedule, it is very important that we give proper rest to our body also.

Adults should take 6-10 hours of sleep everyday to remain healthy and mentally fit. But those who sleep more should lessen it. Our body needs rest after a stressful day and we should get optimum hours of sleep to be healthy.


8. Try to be honest

be honest

Most of us tell a lie everyday either to escape something or our friends. So speaking truth and less of lying is a very difficult yet morally important change that should be brought in our routine.

In today’s world, people give excuses to save their job or students lie to save themselves from their teachers. Rather than lying, we should have the courage to handle the uncertainties that follow our truth or never get into a situation that makes us lie.

It is said that “Honesty is the best policy.” We should take it very seriously because if you are not honest, you are not to be trusted and once you lose trust, you lose it forever. Including honesty in our routine will keep our morals healthy.


9. Be Organized

Be organized

To be organized means keeping your things at the right place. Most of us forget where we keep our important belongings. If you have been disorganized, then including an organized living is very mandatory in your routine. You can become organized only when you follow it like a routine in your daily life.

Properly examine your room and work place to make it more organized and make it an important change in your routine to keep everything organized and in a proper order so that your room and work place doesn’t look like a collection of trash and looks ethical.

Becoming organized will make your life easier and you will be admired for that. So soon bring about a quick and positive change in your routine by keeping everything organized.


10. Enjoy your Hobby

Enjoy your hobby

Only work and no time for personal desires can be depressing. Allow yourself to indulge in your favourite past time and do something that you like. Take out sometime and involve yourself in your hobby. By doing so, you will include refreshment to your routine and your work will not become a pressurized boredom.

Leisure for personal development can be well included as a beautiful change in your routine. When you will enjoy doing your hobby like cycling, listening to music, gardening, etc, you will be happy and sometimes being happy is all we want from our life.

Sometimes enjoy your cup of tea and look around to see the beauty of nature which you hardly notice due to work pressures. Including some time for leisure in your routine will allow you to fly the wings of your desire high.

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