Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Parties and Social Gatherings

Parties and social gatherings are for the purpose of socializing, conversation and recreation. They are a synonym to celebration. It may be someone’s birthday, marriage, dinner party or any festive party; they just give you another excuse to have fun or least lets you cope up with boredom. There is no reason you should miss one, but if your thoughts don’t match mine, then I have come up with 10 good reasons why you should attend one! Have a look!


1. Single and ready to mingle!

Single and ready to mingle

What could be a better place to look for ‘her’ in the world! Or may be ‘he’ is somewhere out there waiting for you! Chances are high that you bump into that someone special at today’s party that you thought of skipping as your laziness seeped in. Where people are high and moods are up, where everyone is in their carefree, jolly spirits and tend to forget the usual social constraints just to follow their heart, you can make your best out of it. Friends are made, numbers get exchanged, dates are fixed and rest is known to all. Finally the facebook status is changed from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’. My friend was in a similar boat when we both went partying during our fresher’s party. She met a guy, had a little chit-chat, they danced together, had few drinks together and now they go to similar parties with a couple entry pass! So if you are single and ready to mingle then don’t miss a chance to grab the opportunity!


2. Party on my Mind!

party on my mind

You are an exultant, an extrovert. You like meeting new people and celebrating! There are so many people around, sitting and stalking you but you don’t give a damn and jump onto the dance floor! All in all if you are a ball of energy and full of excitement, then you have every reason to say yes to a party. So wear you party shoes and let your body loose, do have a little booze because parties on your mind! Make your presence a remembrance! Leave your essence so that next time there is a party you are the first one to get invited and you never miss the chance to groove into all the fun again!


3. Vacuum your heavy head

Vacuum your heavy head

It has been a messed up week, 5 different tortures in past 5 days. Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you. You lost your money. You got into a big fight with a neighborhood guy. You lost your grades or had a backlog. You had a quarrel with your parents or your spouse. It might be the project you have been banging your head upon, or the assignments that are taking more than just time out of you. The weekend is arriving, and you are just freaked out of your life! It’s a bad idea to just sit and succumb to your thoughts and deeds. So have some time off from life, divert your mind, may be not to a drink and dance party but some serene gathering. Be busy, interact with people, smile, laugh a little, and release the payload of stress from your head. A break can always help think more clearly. Before you stand at the epicenter of your problems, glance at them from a distance. They won’t appear that freaking I assure you. Being off the track for some time and getting social will clear off your head, only to help you think better and sort your way out.


4. Chit-Chat and Chaat


Chit-Chat! Isn’t that what you just love doing? Belonging to the class possessed with non-stop speaking talent proves to be pretty rewarding once you are at a party because that is what you are expected to do more, get into the groove and talk! Then waiting for what? Get into the party, gather your bunch, have your favorite chat from the stalls, occupy the center table and speak out what you have been holding inside for almost 10 minutes now! Get something spicy and spice up your talks as well! Satiate your taste buds and your tongue too! That my friend will bring out a great combo of chit-chat and chaat, adding your own essence to the party!


5. Gear up your thoughts

gear up your thoughts

Some of you may not a party person. Instead of being a part of all the pomp and show you prefer to sit at home, read or maybe write something then here is what you need to know. Parties and social gatherings are a feed to your thoughts! Comfort yourself at some corner, away from the crowd and observe each person and every face that passes by. Going to parties is quite similar to watching a show, if you tend to keep your eyes open. Notice the behavior and dressing sense of people; observe the giggling girls, the glittering aunties and the trying-to-be-smart guys. It’s rather amusing! It’s like feeding your brain by observing and absorbing.

If you have got your own perspectives and out of the box thoughts and you are quite an analyst, an observant or into writing, you are at the right place!


6. Show Off!

show off

That gaudy dress that you bought to wear in college fest, remember? Or that new branded attire you bought just because you loved it, but never got a chance to wear it. Now that it has rested for quite some time in your wardrobe, this is the time to fulfill the purpose it was bought for. So get into your diva avatar or wear your gorgeous guru look, and head straight to the party! Make the eyes balls go gaga over your outfit!


7. F5, F5, F5…


Yes!! That’s exactly what you are thinking. REFRESH! Parties give you a break from the oh-so-monotonous life. Do something different from usual and hear your heart say ‘wow! That was refreshing!’ Instead of having to see same faces, every morning you get to see old faces after long time and some new ones as well. You will become active and lively, when you get back to work. The last night’s party leaves certain energy and ecstasy in and around you. Besides that there are so many memories you gather and lots of goodies to tell your pal or colleagues about.


8. Behold my Family!

behold my family

You have got a big family. You just love being with your cousins. Meeting them is like reviving the good old childhood days. Doing stuff together you would do as kids like pissing off elders, playing pranks on people, exploring new places together, all this makes u feel like a child again. Now that it is fun with family time, make it to the fullest!

Also at family gatherings there is good chance to meet relatives, especially the ones who just appear once a while and then disappear. Plunge into the gather, greet the new arrivals and spare not a single grown soul, of fun and frolic, remember old times, pose for family photo, sing, dance, enjoy your day with your near and dear ones. Make connections, create memories and strengthen your family bonding.


9. Free Food

free food

Yeah! You don’t like your boastful uncles and talkative aunties. You maintain a good distance from them so you don’t attend their parties and family functions .That is all okay provided you are willing to miss varieties of delicious, mouth watering food , that too when you don’t have to spill even a single penny from your own pocket. Here is your chance again! Go for the parties and treat yourself to the feast for free! So gulp down your favorite rasgulla, nevertheless keep your safe distance also.


10. I am bored!


You are home alone. Your friends are a little occupied. You have got no work to do, basically you are bored. A little invitation arrives for a party like your girlfriend wants you to come along with her to her friend’s birthday party. It may be a stranger’s party, full of unknown faces but it is far better than getting stuck at home. Why think twice then? Give a break to boredom and go for it. Plus! don’t upset your girlfriend!

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