Top 10 Ways to Have a Grand Birthday Celebration

A grand birthday celebration is not about a swanky new hotel banquet or the china’s you bring out, but it is about the innovation. We have all come across the very classy birthday parties, or the very whacky ones too and we are bored! Yes, we get it, it’s your birthday, you have gotten a cake, made beautiful decorations, prepared nice foods but what’s new? Now, don’t wreck your brains to think about some party that one has never seen before, simply mix the two cultures. For instance, who says that a party can’t be classy and whacky at the same time? You simply have to arrange it that way, and here are some tips to make it completely amazing, a party, that no one will ever forget:


1. Chuck the party, simply buy a car!

chuck the party

Well, think again and think hard. What will you get by throwing a party? Happiness, bring others the joy of being happy, a night of completely craziness and may be getting drunk and regretting the next day. All of this can be achieved in another way. Simple! Buy a damn car. You will not only be happy, but can drive to the bar to get drunk and give a ride to your friend in your new swanky car and all of that is achieved, also you will not regret at all for spending so much, because you are receiving a benefit in return.


2. It is a musical world

musical world

The music is what makes a party simply amazing. Make a record that has the crazy numbers; mix it will old and new party songs. And here is a tip, if you dont have much knowledge or maybe are confused about what all to play for the party. Simply search for the recent party songs over the internet and you will get so many options. If you get a DJ, they may charge you a lot, then why not simply make a record of your own and rock the party. The dub-step versions of the songs rule the dance floor at all times and the merged songs are easily available as well, go hit the net and you will have a party to remember for a lifetime.


3. 1…2…3…4…10,000…15,000… oh god!


The more the number of people, the better it is. Because, assume that you are throwing a party and there are about hundreds of people, the person whose birthday it is will be overjoyed to see the number of people who had turned up just to light up his day and make him special. And moreover it feels great when there are numerous people and praising you for your skills in being a perfect host.


4. All planning and one good deed

good deed

Well, yes, get your dream birthday party but it is also of great importance that you do one good deed. Throwing people a birthday party and making them enjoy themselves, is in a way a very good deed, I agree. But there is nothing like making someone in need happy. For example, start with your family, visit your grandparents; their smile is the greatest gift. Make sure that you visit an orphanage and give those poor kids a share of your joy or do the same in an old-age home. This happiness and the blessings will add to the grandeur of the party.


5. Egg…Sugar…Flour… Bling!


If diamonds are the biggest thing and the best thing you can give to your girlfriend on the anniversary, the cake is the best thing for the birthdays. The birthday is all about the celebrating someone’s ageing and the cake is the replacement of the ice cream, that he/she would have had curled to at the middle of the night, when it will hit that person about the very hard fact that he is no more his favorite age. So when celebrating a birthday get a themed cake or even better get a cake that represents the person’s choice or something that he/she loves.


6. You got me gifts, I give you surprise

You got me gifts

It is not like you have to get the surprise from the other party just because it’s your birthday. How about you surprise them instead? This will earn you great respect and people will look forward to coming to your parties and that is the ultimate goal. For instance, you in a park, with the people you have invited and you have stacks of gifts right there and then you unveil something, right behind your back is the theme park, booked just for the day and for the people, that just lit up. You can hear the gasps of excitement of the people from miles away. Or may be a swimming pool for people to simply splash water, chill or even better get to throw their friends in the water. Simply go crazy with ideas and it will be an amazing night.


7. All about the birthday

all about the birthday

The whole point of having this party is to celebrate someone’s or your birthday. Some people do the mistake of overdoing the whole thing and the very motif of celebration is compromised. The major target or the final achievement of the party planner is to make the birthday girl’s/boy’s day special. So getting things that can overpower the whole thing is not much great. Arrange it in such a way that people is reminded of the fact that it is not about the food or the drinks or the fun events but about the person. It is all for that person that you guys are here in the first place. This will make him/her feel special and who does not like that? For one day you are the center of attraction.


8. Anticipation and the announcement


The announcement of the birthday party should be as much exciting as the party you are planning. Here is a funny way of announcing your birthday. If you can get all the people in one place, you can plan a flash mob with some of your friends and making an announcement at the end of the whole act. Or maybe just do a jig record it and send it to all. Make a website, with some freaky name and add the people you want to invite because then they can RSVP for the event. If you want to make an invitation by a card, give them a sneak peak of the theme and make it on edible papers. They are crazy cool. How would like to open and invitation card and then eat up the card? Cool eh!


9. The venue, the attraction


A great party is not about the people you invite and the fun drinks you order, but it is mostly about the venue. The better the place is, the better it is likely for the people to enjoy more. For instance, let’s just take a breezy night sky and all you have are your friends enjoying themselves, enjoying their time with the Bluetooth headsets, so that the neighbors don’t even complain. The best thing to do, when you are having a grand party is to invite all, well if not all, many of the neighbors to attend your part, even if you don’t like them. The funny thing is that when they will be a part of the party, they will not call the cops or act bothered.

Everyone wants to be a part of something grand, and when they can’t they try and stop it. About celebrating the birthday, not in the regular way, is to rent a place out of your town. This will add to the excitement in the minds of the people as they will all be visiting this place for the very first time. The more rustic the place is the better party it will be. Prep the place as per your taste andd most of the work is done, now all you have to wait for, are the guests.


10. Splurge


To celebrate a grand party, the only thing you need is money other than having an imagination. If you want things to go as per plan and in such a way that no one goes home being unhappy, money plays a great role. But before you go on spending big bucks and buying things, you have got to make a plan on how you want your party to be arranged. Once you have the plan done, the next thing is to fix a budget, then try and make it within the budget. See, yes, we want a grand celebration and going bankrupt for that is not really the ideal situation. Simply make sure that you plan in an efficient way and make, as well try to keep all the work within the budget limit. It is although true that the more you spend, the more fun it will be, but that does not mean that buying expensive stuff and throwing them around the venue will earn you the tag of ‘best party ever’. So, as I have mentioned earlier, you simply need a plan and an imagination.

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