Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Drop Out of an Abusive Relationship ASAP

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Relationships are meant to fill our life with love and care. They provide support and happiness that lets us enjoy the fragrance of a good life. But when a person gets involved in an abusive relationship, all the happiness and goodness of life vanishes and gives us pain and suffering.

Staying in an abusive relationship is not worth enduring. We all have a right to live a happy and good life so dropping out of such relationship will give us better life than staying in it.

Here are the top 10 reasons why one should drop out of an abusive relationship:


1. Self Respect

self respect

Self respect is the most important thing in one’s life. Self respect should never be compromised for continuation of any relationship. It’s better to stay alone than to hold on to an abusive relationship. The sooner we get rid of it, better would be one’s life.

Everyone has a right to be treated with respect and care. The ones who are in an abusive relationship should try to recognize this fact that a relationship which is devoid of respect can never stay strong for long and it will only hurt them at every step of their life.

Nothing can take place of self respect. Disrespect is a kind of emotional abuse that hampers you mentally and humiliates you. It gives you more pain than physical abuse. A relationship that has no place for your respect should be left as soon as possible.


2. Sexual Abuse

sexual abuse

Sexual Abuse is an action that forces someone to do something sexually that they don’t want to do like kissing, touching, rape, etc. This not only hurts them but hampers their dignity and self respect. Sexual abuse should never be endured. The person enduring such an abuse is a bigger criminal than the abuser.

One should set examples in our society by protesting against sexual abuse in a relationship and teach the abusers a worthy lesson. We all have a right to live a happy and dignified life that has no place for sexual abuse.

If a relationship hurts you physically then such a relationship should be abandoned as soon as possible. A true relationship has no space for abuses. One who doesn’t know how to behave doesn’t deserve to be in your life. They are like those rotten apples that make our life awful and devoid of any tranquility.


3. Domestic Violence

domestic violence

This is psychological as well as physical abuse that hurts a person mentally also. It occurs in case of intimate relationship such as marriage where your spouse tries to dominate you and leaves no chance to humiliate or torture you. They always try to put you down.

No one should ever feel afraid of a person they love so recognizing such abuse in a relationship is the first step to abandon it. Such a relationship only hurts your self-esteem and you don’t deserve to be in a relationship that returns you only tears.

This is one of the reasons to move on in life leaving behind a relationship that only hurts and disrespects you.


4. Trust


Trust is a precious thing that needs to be taken care of immensely throughout our life. In an abusive relationship, we often lose trust over our partner with the safety of our life. Often people abuse their partner’s trust by lying to them and cheating on them.

Such an abusive relationship where there is no trust shouldn’t be taken forward in life and opt out of it as soon as possible. Trust is like that scrambled paper which never regains its perfect clean texture however we try. So you should throw the relationship and begin a new chapter in your life because life each day is a new beginning like sun rises every morning.


5. Financial Abuse

financial abuse

When we are in a relationship, we are often showered with gifts but many times our partner make us feel guilty or express that they have done a lot for us, then it becomes an abusive relationship and his/her gifts no longer remain worthy for us.

Many times married women are told to leave their jobs and totally depend on them. They want that their spouse remain dependent on them for each and every thing. When they take all the decisions without her contribution and make her feel unimportant, then this kind of an abusive relationship should be broken before it breaks your self esteem and dignity completely.


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