Top 10 Atrocities That Were Influenced by Ideologies

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Everybody is entitled to formulate their opinions but what counts the most is on what basis one forms an opinion. Be it the practices or the superstitions; one should always realize his purpose behind his practices. As quoted by one of the greatest authors, one has to start his day and end it by only asking WHY? Ideologies vary from person to person, community to community, region to region and nation to nation but the roots and the concept remains the same no matter where they are practiced or followed. Be it the ideologies of the ancient times or the modern superstitions, history has evidence as how ideologies have changed the fates of the societies of a number of nations. A seed germinated in the mind of a philosopher grows into the huge tree with strong roots that provide the shade to the whole society. An ideology can either make a society or break a society. Be it democracy, anarchy or dictatorship; it’s all about the ideology.

Here are the top 10 atrocities committed that have been influenced by ideologies that have changed the face of many nations.


1. Stalin


Known all over the world, Joseph Stalin has always had his way and say in everything. Renowned for his brutal acts, Hitler per say is proven to be as equal as or even worse than Hitler. As his famous quote states, ‘If a person dies, that is loss whereas if a thousand people die; it’s just statistics’. Be his tactics during the world war or his Communist rule, he emerged as a sole leader for he made sure he had no opposition. Blinded with power; he went till any extent to save his nation. The great Famine, which was started by his Communist principles of De-kulakization has claimed countless (thousands) of lives. With the help of his secret agency; NKVD- he ran entire nation. Ideology, too dangerous a term to be used.


2. Hitler


As common as Jesus, Hitler has revolutionized the face of History. Be his atheism policies or his unknown hatred for Jews, his ideologies have costed not just lives but the economic reforms of a number of nations which are still recovering till date. The roots of World War II, the roots of hatred, the roots of devastation of economy, lives and nations, it all germinated in one man’s brain. His sole ideology led to the massive destruction of not only Nazi Germany but the whole world. Millions of people were killed in the holocausts, torture chambers, lives were too serious to be taken. One of the best examples of the atrocities resulted by the influence of the ideologies.


3. Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

One of the eminent and influential rulers, world has ever known. Yet, another leader known for his Communist ideologies, Mao Zedong has revolutionized the concept of the practice of Communism and its consequences. With his sole idea of one party socialist party governed by Communist Government, The Great Leap Forward has taken its roots and has resulted in the deadliest consequences. The number of lives lost has no account. Communism is one such ideology which looks good on theory but has no value in practical approach. In the craze of rapid industrialization, China was asked to stop producing grains and produce only iron and steel. With such unpragmatic solutions, the Chinese have suffered all their lives under one man’s rule. His atrocities had no bounds. Hundreds of thousands of people died of hunger, mal nutrition, over working, torture, etc. One ideology has costed way too many lives.


4. Osama -bin-ladin


One of the most dreaded terrorists of the world. This 27th kid of his mother has created history all over again. He solely shook the whole world. With the effect of world Trade centre in 2001, the terrorist organizations have spread like wild fire. With the American forces sniffing all over the world, his ideology of Jihad, the holy war has shaken the world from its foundation. With the collapse of world trade centre and a number of other blasts, his ideal brain had revolutionized the world all over again. Truly, an idea can change your life!


5. Omar-Al-Bashir


An anti-government socialist whose ideology mainly revolved around over-throwing of the then democratically elected Prime Minister of Sudan, Sadeq al-Mahdi. Once he gained power, he had no turning back. He royally dissolved the Parliament, banned all the political parties; all the ‘democratic’ supporters were shown their place. He was then asked to be known and is recognized as the Prime Minister and the chief of his state. His main ideology was his crave and greed for power which led him breaks his moral principles and slit the throats of millions of innocents.


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