Top 10 Best Muscle Building Exercise

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6. The Dead lift

Dead lift

Then comes, The Dead lift , considered to be one of the best methods of mass building. Unlike the previous press technique it has no sidefffects and hence risk free. It is the true measure of the body’s strength. This involves lifting off the ground, a loaded barbell, from a stabilized bent over position.


7. Barbell Shoulder Press

Barbell Shoulder Press

An approach for the similar purpose i.e. the shoulder muscle enhancement is Barbell Shoulder Press. A very simple and commonly used technique. No further detailing is necessary for the same. It is practised very often by the trainers and the body builders.


8. Chinups


Chinups, which is also for the growth of the upper body like the one offered by the press technique. The major emphasis in this exercise is not only on the chest muscles unlike the previous, but also on the complete forward portion of the body which encapsulates the shoulders, upper back and arms.


9. Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Bench Press

Both of these advents were perfectly fine and active but as technology advances our way of life is also enhanced. And Dumbbell Bench Press is the innovation that emerges out of these advancing technologies. Using dumbbells offer freedom of motion that can accommodate rotator cuff’s particular mechanical requirements, which was not there in the barbell presses and hence it came out as an improved variant of the upper body proliferation.

These particular forms of exercises which accomplish the same task but still are different is the most crucial part of the decision making. This is where the intellect or the patience works. Just randomly adopting a technique would surely not do. A correct choice is needed to be taken.

Now, comes the next type of exercise


10. The Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press

At first, making you aware of the most rumours part of muscle building exercise, and that is, The Barbell Bench Press. Considered the most efficient method for chest development, it is just a mirage. Yes, though it actuates the large, big and giant muscles in the upper body, it is not the best option as it pops up various disadvantages like damage to shoulder tissues etcetera due to the excessive stretch done at the time of execution.

A better alternative to this is Cable Chest Press. Wherein the bench press doesn’t challenge the horizontal adduction, this approach overcomes all the disdains of the aforementioned exercise and hence a good option to opt for.


Every work which you start begins with primary action and pleasure notes but as the levels transcends so raises the complexity and hence the hard work, which you need to put to achieve the desired goal.

So, these were some of the methods for muscle building. Any technique, be it complex or easy, dangerous or smooth, advantageous or side effecting, whatever be its nature, the builder has to perform it with clear sense of knowledge about both the act and its pre requisites, along with the capability of his body to handle the stress. Everybody is different and prone to different types of exposures and hence is affected differently by the same things. Thus, there is a need of proper training for the same.

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