Top 10 Ways How People Do Self Harm

Harming oneself, intentionally or unintentionally is termed as self harm. We could easily observe people of our acquaintance falling into the trap of self harm because of their nature, behavior or their habits. Mostly people are unaware of the fact that their actions might harm themselves and they continue doing the same without knowing that it is harming their own selves. This state occurs because nowadays, people are so obsessed with their busy lives and hectic schedule that they do not spare few minutes to know themselves or keep a check on what they do. It is very easy to judge others and list out their faults but it is quite difficult to judge oneself. There are also many cases, we come across where people intentionally pose harm to themselves despite knowing the consequences of their activites. You might point out yourself doing the same after reading the following possible ways, in which people generally do self harm.


1. Easily Trusting Others

easily trusting others

People harm themselves by trusting on others very easily who take benefit of their kind nature. Their own kind attitude towards others harms them. As we have seen in many cases, where people dodge those, who trust them. In business also, some people take decisions listening to their hearts and end up feeling betrayed. Also there are many cases of robbery, where servants of house are the culprit that is also due to easy trusting. In intimate relations as well people are sometimes backstabbed by others. Thus, this very good nature of people leads to their self harm.


2. Harmful Addictions

harmful addictions

Addiction to alcohol, cigarette and drugs is the most worrisome problem these days. Every other person is found addicted to these harmful things. It’s not that people are not aware of the consequences of these addictions, yet they can’t help relying on them. Though it is known worldwide, the diseases caused because of these addictions are so dangerous and even life taking; still they do not leave them. Thus, this could be counted as an intentional self harm where the end result is known to be bad but the activity still continues.


3. Bad Company

bad company

It is truly said that ‘a true friend is a boon of God’. Company matters a lot in life, as, friends are the ones, who come along with you wherever you go. This is to say that if your company is good, automatically good thoughts will be sprouted in your mind else you will also become a follower of bad habits. It is very commonly seen these days, how bad company could ruin a person’s life. Sometimes we despite knowing the consequences, fall in the charm of an evil company and do self harm knowingly. Thus, it is quite necessary to choose friends with an open mind and you must use your own wisdom to judge people.


4. Paying no Heed to Parents

paying no heed to parents

As soon as children step into their teenage, they consider themselves so grown up that they stop listening to their parents as if the parents are fool who tell them about what is good or bad for them. Children forget the value and importance of their parents who are the reason for their existence. And the situation gets even worse when children step into their college life. Exposure to a new modern world blurs their view of past and then listening to their parents becomes a matter of shame for them. But mostly even a single step taken against the wish of parents, results in the downfall of a person. Parents have much more experience of life than us and so, by not paying attention to their words, we harm ourselves.


5. No control on Tongue

no control on tongue

It is necessary to keep a control on one’s senses and tongue is one of them. Different varieties of cuisines can easily bring water to anyone’s mouth but holding oneself from over eating is equally important. The trend of fast food from McDonald’s French fries to KFC’s burger has made today’s youth slave of their tongues. These unhealthy eating habits have become the cause of their retarding health, as junk food leads to laziness, obesity and also blunt mind. Therefore, in listening to their tongue’s demand, people are losing their health and thus harming themselves. Hence, it is the need of the hour to make people aware, especially the youths, about healthy food practices and the disadvantages of fast food.


6. Wasting Time

wasting time

‘Time once lost, never comes back’, a very popular saying but rarely followed. Dawdling has become the most widely spread social disease among people. People keep no track of the time they waste. Time wasted in gossiping, chatting on social networking sites, playing video games etc, if utilized for a productive work, would be very advantageous. People themselves get into the chains of social evils sometimes by spending too much time on social networking sites and become a victim of it thereby harming themselves. Also wasting time in playing and gossiping deviates us from our work for which we have to face severe results.


7. Being obsessed with someone

being obsessed with someone

This goes mostly for today’s generation who become blind in love and at most of the times ultimately end up harming themselves. Teenagers these days, may not know the meaning of love but claim to be deeply and madly in love. They cannot make out the difference between infatuation and love but are always ready to become another ‘Romeo and Juliet’; apt to do anything for the person they ‘love’. And later this strong feeling becomes their enemy. We come across several incidences where the so called lovers attempt to commit suicide because of the failure of their love. Not only in the case of romantic love but also sometimes parents are so much attached to their child that later when their feelings are hurt by the same child they end up realizing that they are a victim of self harm. Thus, by being obsessed with a person, one can only end up in harming oneself.


8. Being spendthrift

being spendthrift

In order to get a lavish lifestyle, people spend a lot of money without thinking about the future consequences. Useless spending of money to show a high status in society is nothing but foolishness. People go on buying one or the other thing and even spend their savings for a mere show off. They later realize their mistake when all the money is gone and they are left with nothing. In this way, they not only harm the future of the family but harm themselves as well. Maintaining oneself and one’s commodities is an acceptable thing and careless spending of money for no useful purpose is nothing but self harming oneself.


9. Keeping Unhygienic Surroundings

keeping unhygienic surroundings

In the rush of competing with today’s fast life, we forget our moral responsibilities and duties. Keeping the surroundings clean is one of the most commonly avoided duties of a person. People consider it as a burden and think that others will complete their duty. And since everyone thinks the same, this becomes a cause of an unhygienic atmosphere . Practicing this bad habit leads to the spread of several diseases and the same people who neglect keeping their surroundings clean fall into the trap of dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria etc. Thus, people’s own avoidance of their duty harms them.


10. Narcissism


This is the most common thing found nowadays embedded deep inside a person. It is good to love one’s own self but being narcissist is in no way a good option. Sometimes people become so self obsessed that they forget caring about others’ feelings and though unknowingly, but hurt them. Also with this comes a feeling of superiority and people try to make others feel inferior and suppress them which leads to soreness in relations. With this attitude, people consider that person arrogant which gives a bad impression on others and in this way they sometimes end up in losing something.

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