Top 10 Things That Can Bring Back Your Energy

Lethargy and tiredness are complementary to each other. Lethargy is often caused by boredom, body fatigue, monotonous office work, dreary work environment, tedious traveling, excessive alcohol intake, untimely and intermittent sleep, voluminous caffeine intake, improper eating habits and jet lag. When encountered by the above mentioned activities the outcome is lethargy and body fatigue. If we are tired then it is not all possible for us to concentrate on our designated and assigned task. Lethargy is also responsible for stress, which ultimately results into lack of concentration and deviation from our aim. In case of tiredness and lethargy we are conquered often by mental as well as physical stress. To excel in our designated areas it is mandatory for us to concentrate wholly. And to achieve the above parameters we need to be indefatigable always and keep the words lethargy, tiredness and fatigue away from our body.


1. Exercise Regularly:

exercise regularly

To keep our body fit we need to exercise on regular basis. Therefore it is always advised and recommended by doctors that we should do any sort of exercise whether it is aerobic exercises, flexibility exercises, anaerobic exercises, yoga, jogging, running etc for proper blood circulation. These days Shilpa Shetty’s yoga CD’s and DVD’s are very much high-flying in the marketplace.Also,not to forget Baba Ramdev the yoga master of India whose yoga techniques have become world wide celebrated and famed.. Regular exercise gives fresh oxygen to our heart and lungs and keeps them healthy and increases their longevity. Our muscles and joints are also toned up by exercising on regular basis. It maintains regularity in our lives and increases our stamina which ultimately makes us fit and fights lethargy and keeps it at bay.


2. Proper Diet:

Proper diet

Food & Diet is something which is of paramount significance in the active functioning of our body. In our fast pace life we often skip the meals due to lack of time. In short, this skipping of small meals leads to malfunctioning of our body and imbalances our digestive system .Proper diet is very crucial and that too at proper intervals. Mc Donald’s and Pizza hut have become our choice of brunch. Lethargy is also the outcome of improper diet and skipping of meals. So to avoid lethargy and fatigue it is advised that, we should intake healthy food such as fruits, cereals, eggs, salad, green vegetables, and milk at proper timings.


3. Intake of water should be more:

intake of water should be more

A person is termed to be healthy if he eats well, breathe in uncontaminated air and drink clean water. Water not only keeps us healthy but also cleanses our whole body and as it said if our body is healthy then for sure we will be sincere towards our work. Lethargy can be fought back by in taking proper amount of water at proper intervals. In fact; water should be consumed in plentiful amount to avoid any body fatigue and tiredness.


4. Satisfactory sleep:

satisfactory sleep

Insomnia or sleeplessness is very much prominent these days. It is the reason of tiredness, fatigue and lethargy in today’s high-speed life. Insomnia may occur because of excessive work load, psychological and physical stress, drugs, poor sleeping schedules and interruptions during sound sleep. Hence, to combat tiredness and lethargy it is extremely important to have a sound and plentiful sleep. According to doctors have six hours’ sleep is essential for an adult and if we have slept satisfactorily then our body functions vigorously and actively for the whole day.


5. Say no to alcohol:

say no to alcohol

Beverages containing alcohol is the reason behind lack of zest and energy in the body. Alcohol is a psychoactive drug which plagues our body bit by bit and thrust us into the cavity of darkness and death. Beverages like beer, scotch, whiskey, vodka and other cocktails are consumed in a large scale today that ultimately leads to ennui and enervation. To avoid lethargy we should avoid regular basis consumption of alcohol and go for other drinks such as fresh fruit juices and other healthy beverages to have an active, dynamic and energetic lifestyle.


6. Avoid Caffeine:

avoid caffeine

Caffeine is consumed by humans in the form of tea, coffee, soft drinks and other energy booster drinks. Even though it is manufactured in the name of restoring alertness but unfortunately it is silent killer. Daily consumption of espresso (3-4 cups a day) makes you sleep just two to three hours a day and this at the end of the day results into lethargy cum fatigue. When your body does not get adequate sleep it will for sure work in efficaciously. Caffeine is actually a drug and also a reason to stimulate lethargy, fatigue which consequently leads to incursion of drowsiness and exhaustion.


7. Read a good book:

read a good book

A good book relaxes your mind, helps to release your tensions and cheer up your temper. You all must have had observed , whenever we read our favourite book say its Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code, Gone With The Wind,Roots,50 shades of grey, The Twilight series and etc then we actually get emotionally involved in the plot of the book by heart and soul. We get so much engrossed in reading the climax of our book that it keeps us at a bay from boredom and tiredness. Hence, to wrestle back fatigue instil a habit of reading something fine and significant. . Also, it is believed that reading a book before you sleep gives you a sound sleep. When you have slept plenteous then you wake up bright and sluggishness is nowhere to be seen.


8. Favorite comedy:

favorite comedy

Another way to beat tiredness is humour. Humour will always make you feel fresh and alive again. Watching a good comedy movie like Home Alone, Dumb & Dumber, American Pie, Big Fat Lier, Munnabhai MBBS, Andaz Apna Apna, Chupke Chupke etc or a good comedy show like Sarabhai VS Sarabhai, How I met your mother,Two and a half men, The Big Bang Theory, Ripping Yarns, Kapils Comedy night and more will lessen your fatigue. Watching humorous and comical shows will definitely lighten the mood and inculcate an emotion of bloom and vivacity in our psyche and body. Ripping Yarns, Kapils Comedy night and more will lessen your fatigue.Humour always add bright colors to our lives and make us feel good and energetic.


9. Scribble down your mind:

scribble down your mind

Writing is something which can never make you feel lethargic. It means bucketing your ideas and expressions into words. It is often said that people who have flair of writing by no means get time to feel a dead beat .So whenever you feel a bit tired, get a copy and pen or open your MS Word and let your mind rain heavily all your ideas in the form of short stories, blogs, articles or any other socio-economic issue. I am sure lethargy won’t be able to magnetize itself with you.


10. Socialize:


Socializing in today’s world has become a very important phenomenon in keeping us scintillating and lustrous. In-spite of enclosing ourselves in our four walls of our house, if we go out with our acquaintances, friends, relatives etc then unquestionably we will experience less psychological fatigue. When we socialize then we essentially share our opinion, feelings, experiences, day to day activities with the opposite party. In this way we are relaxed through our mind and as it said a healthy mind is a happy mind. Therefore socializing is an imperative trend in maintaining a yard’s distance with tiredness cum lethargy.

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