Top 10 Things that Can Possibly Help You if You See a Ghost

How do you exactly explain something that cannot be touched, that cannot be said to be a ‘living being’, but can only be felt through our senses? It’s an uncanny feeling. Although to many of us it is still just a myth (the existence of ghosts), but imagine those people who have had a first-hand experience in such matters. Okay, here is a simple situation, when you are in your room and some of your relatives suddenly come in and keep chatting away, staring at you and bothering you, don’t you feel irritated? Now, in this case you can at least tell the relative to leave, but reverse the situation and imagine that you ‘feel’ like you are being watched, you ‘feel’ like there is another existence in your room and you can see small details of unnatural kinds. What do you do then? Don’t you simply creep out? Isn’t it obvious? Well, here are some tricks that will help you get over the fear, take the situation in hand and eradicate the nuisance of such kind.


1. Get the hell out of there

Get the hell out of there

Finally, when all of the above mentioned tricks fail, get the hell out of that place, as fast as you can and never turn back. It will hurt, money-wise to find a new place to stay in such times, but hey, you can’t just live with a spirit around you. It can be really scary and might not be the best living condition for any person. This is for your own benefit. Well, you can get back to the place only when you are ten thousand percent sure that the thing is gone completely and its safe for you to go back there and actually live like a normal person in a completely normal house.


2. In the name of God

in the name of god

God is the exact opposite in nature to the evil spirits, of which we are all aware of. So here is the thing, when the spirit bugs you and scares the living bejesus out of you, you got to scream or even better say it loudly to make yourself heard but be polite and claim that, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ” or at least learn the Lord’s Prayer for your own benefit.


3. Know what you are dealing with

know what you are dealing with

There are categories as to what you are dealing with, and it is of utmost importance that you know the exact cause of the problem. This will prepare you both mentally and physically. The problems go away, or at least you know what to do when such times come. The expert will be precise about their work and it will be less time consuming, also it will be over before any much worse harm is done. As I have mentioned in the previous point, it is will really help in the process of getting rid of your unnatural problem, if you know which of the spirit is actually haunting your place or at least scaring you because each of them have a different remedy.


4. Try to get to the roof of it

try to get to the roof of it

Haunting usually has a purpose and it is important to know why it is happening. All you need to do is try to go to the root of it and the reason for the haunting will be clear and without any doubt the expert would be able to help you with the perfect solution to this trouble. There are very many reasons that might make the spirits come back to live an unreal life here. There are levels of ghosts or spirits around, some may just need help to solve their issues, some may be pranksters and the rest of them are scary and serious and evils. So those who need help can be made to go away once you know why it is back and why it needs to bother you. But the poltergeist kinds are a bit tricky in nature. While those pure evil ones are seriously pure evil. So it’s of absolute importance that you get to know what caused it to come back and simply trick it out of your life for once and for all.


5. Holy water

holy water

Holy water’s importance, I suppose one need not tell anyone. It’s something sacred and it keeps evil out of the human lives and the spirits in control. So holy water is a must when facing such troubles, because this helps and always is the safest weapon to go for. It is not a very hard thing to find and must be kept at all times, even for the regular days. Well, being a little spiritual is not that bad.


6. Sage, salt and clean

sage, salt and clean

Burning bundles of sage and lighting candles and walking around the perimeter of the house is supposedly a good remedy. Since it is about your safety, why not try this method too. It might just help. Things that sound silly are not always silly. You just have to keep faith and try to make it happen. The next option is to put salt on the window panes and on any entrance of the house. This can be messy, but this helps. Those people who have come across the American series about the supernatural activity, they are well aware of the importance of the salt. It keeps trouble at a good distance. Cleaning your place is a must. This does not only keep troubles away of such kind, but also looks good. It’s hygienic and does not attract bad, strong energies.


7. Experience! That would work.


These things are not for the amateur to handle. Such exceptional troubles need the expert help, because they know their way around and they know what to do when and when to do what. So simply consult someone who is experienced enough to take care of the matter in their hands. Ask them to check the place and make sure about what they are dealing with. This solves half the problem, because they may warn you as to what to do and what is the next best option.


8. Leaving would be the kindest thing, please!

leaving would be the kindest thing

Simply ask the fellow to leave and never forget to be polite. Because may be all it wants is to be ‘asked’ to leave. Now, how the hell are they going to know that you are bothered? You might be living in their old bedroom or even sleeping on their couch. So simply ask those people just to give you some space and return for coffee or tea. Jokes apart, yes, it works when you ask them politely to go away.


9. Try not to think a lot

try not to think a lot

The more you think of the existence of the spirit, the more you are encouraging it to stay. So it is always advisable to simply keep the thoughts out of your head. These things stay back in the world of the living people, simply to make some point. The spirits may have some work that they were yet to do before they had to unfortunately leave this world, or may be it still has affection for some material object which holds it back from going away. These are the kinds, which when ignored may go away, without bothering you, but those who are of the wicked kind, needs attention of different form.


10. Chant all you want

chant all you want

The best thing to do, to keep the scary stuff at bay, even if it is just your imagination, just keep chanting your sacred GOD mantra. This will calm you down and keep the spirit from bothering you. These are mainly for those entities, who does not hurt but make you feel its presence. For those hurtful lots, you got to know what to use in the right time, or it might get out of your hand. We have all watched movies, and we are well aware of what to use when, so come on guys, it won’t hurt to remember some words just to make you feel secured.

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