Top 10 Tips To Make A Good First Impression

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“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

You see someone for the first time and wonder how they are so cool and amazing even when you know nothing about them in person. They carry some magic along with them which makes them glow anywhere they go and are liked by everybody immediately! What is that all about?

Usually the first impression that we create is never forgotten and remains intact in a person’s mind. For example, you could have had a very bad day or could have been caught up in a very clumsy situation when you met someone for the first time and that does not mean that you are not a good guy/girl. But even if you are a better person, the very first image that gets imprinted initially never gets erased from anybody’s memory. So, it is always very important to create the best impression about yourself in a person’s mind when you meet them for the first time as it gets permanently etched in their memory.

Have you ever looked at a person and thought “freak” or “loser” and walked past them? Are you afraid that the same could happen to you too?

Making a good first impression might seem to be a very tough task, but it is actually very simple. Do not worry as here are the 10 tips to create the best first impression with anybody at any kind of situation.


1. Be Yourself

be yourself

Do not try to be something you are not. Be yourself. You need not pretend to be humorous. It will not look good and people can easily sense that you are being artificial. The first meeting would turn out to be an ugly one for both you and the other person who meets you. People generally love originality. Show the best qualities that you actually possess and grab a special space in their heart by being your natural self.


2. Talk but Don’t Brag

talk but don't brag

Talking is good. But bragging is a complete no-no! Do not underestimate or put down anybody. The moment you do that, people around you would feel that they are your next targets and automatically move away from you. Discuss with people about positive things and listen to their stories as well. Do not discuss about your past relationships and other bad memories. Share joy and happy moments when you meet people for the first time. You should be remembered for something good and not for something that is ugly, weird or embarrassing. Have a happy conversation and leave with a good note. That is how you a mark a great impression!


3. Be Interested & Interesting

be interested & interesting

When you talk to people, listen to them. Be a good listener. Be interested in what they have got to say. Ask questions, doubts regarding the topic that they are discussing with you. This will express your interest in them and makes them like your company. Find what you share in common and discuss about the same. Be interesting. When you talk about something you like in common, you will be interested to talk more and you will also look interesting to the other person. It will leave an ever lasting impression in their mind about you.


4. Hygiene


Stay clean, neat and tidy. Use good quality perfume. Make sure it is not too strong either. Your intention is not to suffocate people with the fragrance of your cologne. Maintain your teeth, nails and cuticles clean. People would not like to come near you if you look dirty and stink. Make sure your skin is well moisturized, do not let it dry. Shower daily and wear a good deodorant. If you are a girl do not wear too much of make up. Keep it simple and neat.


5. Proper Posture

proper posture

Body language is a mode of communication that explains more about you than the words that you speak. Sit straight and walk with your head held high. Do not fidget or become nervous. Your posture informs people about what exactly is going on in your mind. Do not just fold your arms and stand firmly. It would make you look like you are not open minded to meet and be friendly with the other person. Be casual. Do not groom your hair incessantly or bend your back and shoulders. Most importantly do not bite your nails. Do not look at the clock every few minutes! Feel free to move around and to sit and chat with various groups of people irrespective of their age and social or economic status. Impress them with your body language just by being casual.


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