Top 10 Ways To Survive In A Desert

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6. Be alert and protect yourself

death valley

Besides from heat and lack of water, desert is known as Death Valley. It has large and dangerous creatures which bite and sting you and some of them might kill you. Also there may be sometimes thunderstorms and floods. So all you need to keep your eyes on the sky and your surroundings. While looking for a shelter and staying in any place just try to look for its geographical features and try to predict occurrence of thunderstorms and floods. Besides you should be alterative of large animals at night times. Your ear should be very attentive so that can easily know their presence. You can use fire to frighten the animals.


7. Proper dressing

proper dressing

You should be proper dressed for surviving for long time. In desert you should wear light colored clothes because it reduces evaporation, dehydration in the body. Your cloth should be loose enough so that you will get good oxygen and air. In the meanwhile you should be full your covered, especially your head and neck, from sun and dry air by using hats. This is because once your head and neck got expose to the sun for long period then you there would be more dehydration, you would feel thirstier and ultimately your body would stop working. If you do not have hat use other materials like your clothes or large leaves to wrap your head to protect yourself.


8. Find the safe shelter

safe shelter desert

This is the most important factor for survival. Human cannot think their life without shelter for a second. Desert temperature is usually 120 degrees, so it is recommended to take an immediate shelter to cover and protect you. You should not be worry about how to build a shelter. It is very simple one. You can use natural materials like stick, brush and even a tarp or bed sheet if you have it, capable of providing shade, leaving a small opening at the top and openings at the bottom for air to flow. Try to stay in your lovely shelter until sun set down!!


9. An emergency survival kit

emergency survival kit

By preparing an emergency survival kit does not meant it always turn on life and dead situations but it certainly can in the future. So well prepare yourself for such situations. It is strongly recommended to keep a well planned survival kit that can be easily fit in a soap dish. Along with all first aid things like knife, antiseptic, bandage, etc you should have comfortable things like two-one liter canteens, a medical blanket, compass and the things that can be used for showing signals for help. The survival kit should be small and light in weight so that it can be taken by anywhere and anytime without any troubles.


10. Less panic

less panic

Now these days’ people are impatient and overact for simple and silly situations. Panic is the killing factor in an emergency situation. Panic blinds human and gives always fatal results. So first of all you should mentally accept the situation and keep yourselves cool. Then only you can intelligently think and plan how to survive in the desert. Then execute your plans steps by steps. So do not try to hit your panic button otherwise surely you would go into pieces.

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