Top 10 Things To Do In Keszthely

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6. Festetics Palace

keszthely kicsi

Pride of the Hungarians, the Festetics Palace is the biggest and beautiful baroque castle in Hungary. It was once home to seven generations of the aristocratic Festetics family. Built at first on the foundations of a ruined castle, the Baroque mansion gradually expanded to become Hungary’s third largest with 101 rooms. The palace boasts of three permanent exhibitions and lavishly furnishes a rich oak wood staircase, chandeliers and portraits. Neon colored rooms is the highlight. To add to the magnificence, the spacious Helikon Library, established by Count Gyorgy Festetics has 90, 000 volumes. The beautiful chateau with its ornate wrought iron gate and English park looks fabulous.


7. Shopping Haunt

shopping haunt

Keszthely’s shopping haunt; Kossuth Lajos street named after Hungary’s famous Governor-President Lajos Kossuth is lined with trees, coffee shops and eateries. The neo Baroque buildings are worth admiring. It also houses the Regional Council. Dotted with museums, this pedestrian street is exquisitely designed and is never left deserted.


8. Mountain of Badacsony

Mountain of Badacsony

The 440 m high mountain of Badascony is a geological wonder in itself. The Badascony Mountain looms above the Lake of Balaton and remains a silent reminder of the volcanoes that hit this area millions of years ago. Its fertile soils are home to rare flora and fauna and some rare varieties of grapes are grown such as the white Hungarian variety and robust wine is produced. The mountain has been famous for its viniculture dating back to Roman times. An excellent wine called “Grey Friar” is produced. The terrace of Badascony offers a panoramic view. It is home to one of the most popular restaurants and oldest geological formations. Fossilized lava columns like “basalt organs” can be seen. Vineyards produce excellent wines which go well with the local cuisine.


9. Keszthely Model Railway Museum

Keszthely Model Railway Museum

The city is not far behind when it comes to museums and galleries. If you are a museum lover with an eye for historical details and finesse, do not miss out on the Keszthely Model Railway Museum which exhibits one of the world’s largest mountain railway layouts. Artificial snow clad mountains with narrow, dingy railway lines underneath and the sight of toy trains passing smoothly is a sheer delight to the visitor’s eyes. The model of railway network in plain grasslands with proper tunneling and lighting has also been depicted. Railway network stretching across cities has not been left behind. A rich collection of artefacts is on display at the museum.


10. Fenekpuszta Castle Ruins

Fenekpuszta Castle Ruins

Keszthely strives on castles and the Fenekpuszta castle is a perfect epitome of this. The edifice was built by Romans at Fenekpuszta. In the ancient times, Fenekpuszta fortress served as the center for a 30 km diameter area, where the people buried their dead. Its partially excavated ruins, a basilica, warehouse and gate are still visible. Discovering this ancient monument and unfolding its mysteries while sightseeing might leave you dumbfounded and ecstatic. You better not miss seeing this as it will not leave you disappointed.

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