Top 10 Stupid Excuses We All Make

“The day you take complete

Responsibility for yourself,

The day you stop making

Any excuses, that’s the day

You start to the top”


If we feel that we are in trouble we start making excuses. Excuses are an attempt to justify something that you have done and also there by proving yourself right. Another definition is to release one from something such as a duty, such as to excuse one from going to school. We all somewhere start making excuses at some time but we always forget that Bad excuses are worse than none. You can make excuses, or you can make progress, but you can’t make both if you want to achieve something .We start creating excuses in office, Home, Love Life, even in our school with our Golden Goose Mid Star Homme Friends and the list goes on and on. There is no end to the excuses made by people of every group.

What is the purpose of excuses?

So, really, an excuse is about avoiding some consequent or getting out of something you don’t want to do in the first place. It’s all about escapism. We all know those chronic excuse makers who always say yes to whatever social plan you put forth and then back out at the last-minute with a really lame excuse. It’s like, why didn’t they say they just didn’t want to do it in the first place? Imagine telling your boss that you won’t be in for work because you just really hate your job and it’s so boring and there’s a really good game on.


Consequences of Making Excuses:-

Living a life of excuses can have very serious and lasting consequences. Not only will excuses prevent you from reaching your full potential, but they will also hold you back from recognizing opportunities, talents and skills you might have, to help you overcome your problems.

If you don’t challenge yourself to reach new heights, you will never really know what you’re capable of. New opportunities lie hidden around every corner, however you will never find them if you riddle your mind with constantly finding reasons to make excuses.


Making excuses can also lead to the following consequences:

Lack of responsibility and growth

Self-limiting beliefs

Massive regrets

Persistent pessimistic outlook on life

Bad judgments


Imaginary walls constricting comfort zone

Mental blocks stifling proactive action and creativity

These consequences certainly don’t lead to a fulfilling lifestyle. In fact, they paralyze us and prevent forward movement in all areas of our lives.

To overcome your excuses you must first admit that you are making them in the first place. Sometimes this is difficult to do, however it’s absolutely necessary and critical if you want to eliminate the resulting consequences.


Ask yourself:

• What excuses do I tend to make?

• What am I settling for?

• Furthermore, you must identify the reasons for your excuses. Ask yourself:

• Why am I making these excuses?

• Finally, list down the consequences that each of these excuses has on your life and circumstances by asking:

• How do these excuses prevent me from moving forward?

• How do they cripple my ability to get what I want?

Sometimes we think that with our Excuse we can save our self but we forget that we are breaking the trust of front person may be it’s our Mother, Father, Lover or any one. We make Excuses because Such Reasons like are as follows:-

We don’t want to admit Truth

Lots of excuses spawn from the threat of having someone else find out what we’ve been up to. We don’t want others to know that we have messed up with different things.

Ignoring the problem is Easier

We don’t want to face the reality of the problem when we look in the mirror, we don’t want to admit that we’re actually doing that thing. So we make excuses to ourselves to make it seem like it is OK to do or that we need it for some crazy reason.

Expectations Can’t Be Blurred

In a job we are expected to do certain tasks and do them right. When we break that expectation, do anything we can to make sure our trust is secure and image not blurred. There is a desperate need to look perfect from all angles, so we feed excuses to cover our tracks and make it seem like it won’t happen again or isn’t “us.”

Make ourselves feel better

Sometimes we know exactly what we did wrong and it’s easy to face, but it is even easier if we provide excuses that make us feel better about what we just did, like there was a obvious reason that we did it anyways…even Golden Goose V Star Pas Cher though it is wrong in the end. We want to lessen the Golden Goose Slide Soldes severity of the issue and excuses help us cope with what we actually did.

We Don’t Want to Encounter the Consequences

Similarly, excuses flood early on because we don’t want to be punished for what we’ve done wrong – no one enjoys punishment.

Everyone needs a bit of extra time of occasionally, and all manner of outlandish excuses are given. Here is a list of 10 Stupid excuses that we all made.


1. I Have a Personal Emergency

This one is so vague that it rarely works. It could mean anything from fatigue to an appointment with your hairdresser, and your boss knows it.


2. It won’t work…

Means you lack self-belief, motivation, creativity, patience, perspective and persistence. All of these qualities are essential if you desire to eventually make things work. In fact, these qualities are absolutely essential for everything of value that you want to create in your life.


3. I’m afraid to fail…

Means you lack understanding, confidence, knowledge and experience.

Anthony Robbins once said that fear is nothing more than “False Evidence Appearing Real”. It’s our perspective of fear that frightens us and prevents us from moving forward. However, once we gain knowledge and understanding about the thing we fear, then that is the moment we build enough confidence to move forward and gain some experience. Golden Goose 2.12 Soldes Subsequently with enough ‘experience’ under our belt, we develop even greater self-confidence that will propel us through our fears and towards the attainment of our goals and objectives.

Also consider that the road to success is always paved with obstacles, challenges and problems. Along this path everyone makes mistakes. However, those who fail are those who simply give up and excuse their life away.

Persist, persevere and resist the temptation to give-in to your excuses, gain the necessary knowledge, understanding and experience, and slowly but surely your self-confidence will propel you past your fears and towards your goals and objectives.


4. I Have Cramps

Before you dismiss this one, think about it: Who can argue? “It’s such an embarrassing topic that nobody will ever challenge it,” mostly girls use this excuse – and it works successfully. “It’s one of those things that men honestly have no clue about, and women can sympathize with.” One important point: Don’t use this one if you’re a man. It’ll never work.


5. There’s a Death in the Family

Don’t ever use this excuse if it’s not true. If you create this excuse twice and you forget but front person still remember than it’s create a bad impression and front person completely lost faith in you. So be alert.


6. I am Working from Home

This is an excellent way to give yourself a break if your company allows it. Although you will need to do some work, you can generally get away with a Golden Goose Mid Star Pas Cher shortened day. And you will eliminate your commuting time.


7. I have got a date with my doctor

This is very famous Golden Goose Francy Pas Cher stupid Excuse that we ever made because if we went to doctor so no one can say for work and you get easily relief. This excuse will get you out of work for a half-day or so. Make the appointment first thing in the morning or late in the day, say around 3 p.m. You can leave the office by 2:30 p.m. and get home (hopefully) by 4 p.m. The shortened day will help you recharge, especially if you schedule it on a Friday afternoon.


8. I can’t change…

Means you lack motivation and reason to change. Moreover, this suggests that you lack emotional pain that would help you to accelerate change.

When it comes to our motives and desires we are always pulled forward by the desire for pleasure, or pushed forward by the desire to avoid pain. If you don’t believe you can change, the reason for this is that you simply haven’t associated enough pain to NOT changing. Once you begin to look at all the dire consequences that will result from NOT making a change, then you will soon realize that the motivation was always there.

Ask yourself:

If I don’t make this change, how will this affect my life in the weeks, months and years ahead?

What am I likely to miss out on?

How am I going to feel?

How is this going to affect my relationships with others?

How will this affect my health?

How will this affect my career prospects?

What other negative consequences could result from not making this change?

Having written down all the negative consequences, now make a list of all the great things that could potentially occur if you did decide to make a change today.

Ask yourself:

If I make this change, what could the potential benefits be?

How will I feel?

How will others feel?

How will my life improve today, next week, next month and in the years to come?

What other positive benefits could result from making this change?


9. My head aches

No one can judge or check your head aches that whether truly it’s panning or not this is one of the stupid reasons that we all made.


10. I have to go to the airport to pick up my mother.

This is the one of the best excuse to run from office so no one know in your office that you are telling lie to them just for relax.

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