Top 10 Interesting Facts of Mahabharat

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6. Abhimanyu


It is believed that Abhimanyu was actually the soul of a demon named Kalyavana. Krishna, earlier burnt Kalyavana to death and captured his soul in the knot of his upper cloth. In Dwaraka, he made sure to stuff it into a cupboard and Subhadra (Arjun’s wife) accidentally opened the wardrobe when this light entered her womb and made her unconscious. This is one of the main reasons why Arjun reveals only half the secret of Chakravyuh (how to enter the Chakravyuh) to Abhimanyu but does not tell him how to exit which was the cause of his death.


7. Krishna


Known to be the most typical and complicated character, without his help, Pandavas were sure to lose in the initial days itself. Krishna narrates the duties of mankind and his Dash-avatar to Arjun for it is believed that Krishna is the reincarnation of Vishnu and Arjun; Narad. It is also believed that Krishna knew that his sister Subhadra and Arjun were in love and also, he asked Arjun to kidnap Subhadra against Balaram and other siblings’ and marry for it is the quality of a Kshatriya king. He has played a number of tantrums and misled the plot of the battlefield.


8. Ekalavya


As the famous story of teacher-student relationship goes, it is believed that Ekalavya was the son of Devashrava (brother of Vasudeva) i.e.; Krishna’s cousin who got lost in the forest. After surrendering to Drona, his teacher; he died protecting his father in Rukmini Swayamvar. Epic says that he was killed by Krishna after granting him a boon to avenge his teacher’s death in the next life. Ekalavya was re-born as Drishtadyumna who finally killed Drona on false pretence of having killed his son.


9. Draupadi


Draupadi known as Indrasena was the wife of the sage Moudgalya. Due to Leprosy, her husband died at a young age. In order to satisfy her desires, she prayed Lord Shiva and when he appeared, in a state of confusion and under the influence of utter sexual desires, she asked she asked him for five times, ‘I want a husband’ and thus, she was granted in her next life for every life, she is expected to be a loyal wife.


10. Dhritarashtra


This story of the tyrant king is that while he once walked in a lake, he witnessed a swan bird surrounded by hundred cygnets. For his pleasure, he ordered his servants to blind the swan and kill all the hundred cygnets. For his accumulated karma, he was cursed to have to be re-born as a blind king and all his hundred sons were killed in the war.

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